135. Is Reincarnation Really Necessary? (Part 2)






Is Reincarnation Really Necessary? (Part 2)


“If the bible were the ultimate truth then we would have no need to learn anything new from the universe.” – Reni Sentana-Ries


When reincarnation “strikes” so to speak, the consciousness of the infirmed of thought, reason, professing doubt in all things then just remember these words of sense, for what teaching behooves the People if that teaching leaves out significant realities, peacemealing only a part and portion of reality in one small package expecting the HUmanities to pay for extra “enlightenment” through the tithes and hole in their pocketbooks, only to find in the end upon their crossing over from this life to the next that they had been severely duped over and over and over again.


So then just “why” is reincarnation necessary and not only one lifestream of experience as being enough before you physically die and as you are taught, “go to heaven?”


To encapsulate, this is because each HUman being must first experience life’s lessons in order to substantially “grow” in talents and to overcome the Hellion DNA-Helix which is the negative action within yourselves, each one, entirely due to the procreation of yourselves by the Hellions who travelled through the very fabric of space when an accidental rip in the curtain, so to speak, was initiated.


The Hellions invaded this world and procreated with the good Humans belonging to the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds.


Hellions is where the word “Hell” is derived from. Hell is not so much a place as an attitude which brings about through “actions of the negative DNA-Helix strain being the second Helix,” a climate or manifestation of a Hellish place, which upon reincarnation, a soul may be rebirthed into; the deciding factor being: what did the man or woman do in their lifestream to rebuild the paradise they had lost?


Do ye ones not see yet for the blinders constantly over your eyes and minds?


Your bible was altered. We ones throughout the centuries never wrote a bible nor any other religious text which leaves out our very words of caution and critique and compassion for each of you by bringing the HUmanities back into reality; the reality YOU ALL LEFT.


It was not “sin” which lost HUmanity their paradise upon this world; it was a combination or grafting of Hellion DNA-Helix within each man and each woman which brought about a contamination of their seed and egg, as well, and paradise was slowly eroded and in its place bondage upon the peoples.


With the loss of remembrance and the tainting of the HUmanities who were transported to this world from many paradisical planets, bondage to money and religion and drugs took the place of contentment, happiness, and ONENESS among the seeds or HUman races of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds manifesting throughout the paradisical frontier shortly after the Hellion invasion and occupation which has lasted unto this very day, moment and hour.


When the Hellions arrived upon this planet they shortly replaced the Original Talent and Purchase Order System of good paradisical Economics with their corrupt capitalist monetary system of usury (resulting in bondage and death for the people) and when the peoples begin forgetting their heritage from the paradisical worlds, they were given religion in its place. This, we cannot speak of ourselves often enough.


It was not the good HUmanity from Paradisical worlds who “sinned” before a one-eyed G-D, it was the Hellions, themselves, who took away from “the seeds or HUmanity” belonging to the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds, all traces of paradise.


The Hellions copulated and spread their seed and received with their egg the mixing of those with positive DNA-Helix and lost the seeds or HUman races first brought from the distant planets within the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds, their new earthly paradise;


first through force in hunting down the ones who had retained all the knowledge of the worlds which you call paradise.


If ye ones have questions, please ask.


If you are here to fight then please do not bother.  Sela


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds