131. 175 states sign landmark Paris deal on climate change



Our apologies for the lateness of the hour, General Assembly, but with good reason had we such delay. Please, therein, ladies and gentlemen, bare with us whilst we attend to this intriguing gathering on climate change. We do believe we have a few thoughts for the consideration of the nations here today and those not signatories as of the hour, to consider, if they should find interest. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds


175 states sign landmark Paris deal on climate change




Good Evening from our end, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Sir, General Assembly of nations, and of those in particular who bring to the attention of the global community this worth-while cause of Climate Change.


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"The world is in a race against time," U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in his opening speech. "The era of consumption without consequences is over."


"Today you are signing a new covenant with the future. This covenant must amount to more than promises," he said. (end quote)


“The agreement will enter into force once 55 countries representing at least 55 percent of global emissions have formally joined it, a process initially expected to take until 2020.


But following a host of announcements at the signing event, observers now think it could happen later this year.” (News report)



Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Sir, General Assembly of Nations, those here today with us and those not here today with us, may we present that which we believe might shed further light bringing further consideration upon this topic which most believe among the Peoples of the Nations, to hold, shall we say, little water.


In light of such heavy emissions whether it be of industrial nature or otherwise, the nations are correct in discerning that “action” in this signed agreement “MUST” be a working action no later than by the end of this year.


For those who think they can wait and drag their feet until somewhere between now and the year two-thousand twenty, we can tell them there is no such hour left before the Peoples and their councils of twenty-four which must be set up in order for proper governance to ensue, are no longer able to breathe.


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is no longer a practicality of whether there is climate change or not. This criteria has evolved far past the gravestone of nuclear transaction and even if it is worth the noting in nations’ resistance toward good governance of stopping climate alteration by chemical weather altercations through the utilization of chemical trails which have progressed to the point where entire populations are being poisoned because the governments are told to do so in even equipping their passenger planes with “bullets” or chemical weapons girded on the underwings of the jets, we believe it is the hour of the event whereby if every nation does not take into consideration that it is not just fossil fuel emissions we need to concern ourselves with but indeed in order to make sense to the nations not in attendance at this hour yet watchful of the proceedings, just why it is that in the necessary and good calculated move away from fossil fuels, the issue of chemical trails and destructive weather altering HAARP is not a consideration at this meeting of national heads?


We are pleased that the European Union is so pronounced in presenting themselves as an overachiever in this wise and hope to see in the near future the European Nations ratify an even more important criteria and that is to begin a CENTRAL EUROPEAN NATION for a more serious trade along the CENTRAL ASEAN SILK CORRIDOR “without” the monetary system in any of its formats bringing usury into the equation.


Now, should the European Union not be found subjective any longer to the world bank, then “emissions” will no longer become a continual projection into the future of being any part of the problem; and if every nation “understands” that climate change regulations do “not” just deal with fossil fuel emissions, then the expenditure shall of course not be controlled by the world bank and its parasite of armaments of the continuation of the procreation of their war industrial complex.


We would like now to offer our suggestions based upon the past reluctance of nations in the UN providing any working solution solely due to the fact that expenditure and world bank forced budgeting had always stood in their way.


What a few of the largest oil producing nations are concerned about is that an interruption in resources may leave them destitute. And they are correct.


As economics stand in this present day of monetary correctness in the full application of world bank credit, loans, housing mortgages, and so on, there “must” be an alternative to radioactive and nuclear fuel which fossil fuel including coal and shale mining shall not be an impediment to the real thing. Most of all the changeover to electronics, electric vehicles, broadband width motorizing of train cars, for instance, instead of putting all the strain on the engines even with velocity to pull to ease the strain, will cost a fortune. Battery powered cars and all the old inventions which have been keep for decades on shelves away from the Peoples to benefit from, shall always produce in one way or another a cost factor.


But there is a better way. And that better way is magnetism. Magnetism not from man-made production but garnered from the earth velocity itself in a natural push-pull momentum. Let us tell you how it works for upon other worlds it not only works well but traffic accidents have been eliminated.


I remember one world with its highways and city roads. They were luminescent green. They looked exactly as our roads here do, except there was a separate traffic lane for great motorized semi-trucks and large vehicles. Then a space between the common vehicles which travelled in one or two lanes either side, both also separated slightly by a space, just as these roads are.


Now the only difference when I asked why the roads were completely green was because they were magnetized and the luminescence of the roads were not just lined but provided excellent driving conditions at night. Therefore, street lamps were no longer needed.


Yet there was more. The vehicles had what we would call “bumpers” all around them and these vehicles were magnetized and hovered approximately one foot off the ground. Should another vehicle come too close and gently sizemic as they called it or “hit the side” of another vehicle then the impact was gentle and not as the bumper cars at one of your fairgrounds is made to be.


Now at the crossroads there were built-in colour strips into the roads and each vehicle had been equipped with a sensor which activated at the stop consol built into each side of the road. That handled night drivers who may have fallen asleep. The vehicle would then immediately shut off.


The most interesting thing about the road was that it worked solely on the magnetic push-pull theory of exactly how gravitation is a physic of this planet. So that eliminated not only fossil fuel, electric powered cars, cars powered on grain or water but better yet this natural elimination of all toxins helped in solving climate change occurrences and once the transition was made to the Original Talent and Purchase Order System of good Economics for the Peoples, the transitioning over to the magnetic road system proved a challenge to the engineers of such discipline as well as each CENTRAL NATION in their learning to coordinate their resources outside of the monetary system which operates today as a parasite of the nations, into a joint but wise and clever venture which orchestrated much fun, adventure in automation and engineering, teaching the nations that cooperation is a lot more enjoyable and productive than that of piece-mealing an effort as we see today with much good will and intent, yet not enough leeway to fullfill those good intentions without much hardship on the nation and confusion among governments on how to do so putting another light on climate change.


Fossil fuels will always be on the market and will always be needed but that topic is for another day and as production runs on a magnetic train, the cars themselves, each equipped as noted above, so will the issue of where to put fossil fuels for the good and no ill capacity of world stock brokers and their middlemen and ladies conjecturing the market of royalties adrift to no Peoples good benefit shall be no gloomy day for the oil rich nations.



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"We have a once-in-history opportunity to create a new, shared, inspiring and sustainable world," Professor Nicholas Stern, who heads the climate change institute at the London School of Economics, told a luncheon hosted by the secretary-general. "If we delay, it will be gone."


"If we do get it right, we will launch a new wave of dynamic innovation and growth in the medium-term," Stern said. "The consequences of getting it wrong are unthinkable.” (end quote)


Gentlemen, in order to accomplish the accomplishable, you will have to leave your world banks and their tributaries to another past age and join again with the living.


Thank you Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Sir, General Assembly of nations, and French President Francois Hollande for hosting the meeting.


We firmly believe as the transitions occur to the good of the Peoples and surviving councils that a transition must be made from the United Nations to the Inter-Nations as they are known upon other more successful worlds whom have come through their chaotic turmoil and won.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds