130. Mr. President, Peoples, and Candidates of these Great Islands of the PHILIPPINES May we Please Have Your ATTENTION

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Good Evening, Mr. President Aquino and Presidential Candidates. We apologize to have taken of ourselves so lengthy an hour before we speak. There is a reason for that but nevertheless are we here now.


Tomorrow, our good friends, is a most important day for ye all and that is because tomorrow is the final hour of your candidacies before the election. And we wish you all well, each and every one, for each of you have given so much of yourselves toward the reclaiming of good posture and toward that of the utmost caring toward the great Peoples of these wonderful Islands of the Philippines, and for that do we congratulate the each one of you at this hour.


We are sorry we are unable to attend with you for the reason of imparting our own enthusiasm toward your last speeches but there, unfortunately, is no possible way.


Therein, may we encourage the each one of you before you “hit the stage tomorrow,” enthusiastically and reasonably, to “remember” that as long as each one of you are willing to share your chair after elections, and the presentation which you will be awarded, of over P40,000, you will then have shown the Peoples that you do intend upon putting them before your own objectives. And by this we mean, our dear friends, that whatever perceptions you have, each one, within yourselves, always remember to measure your ideals by reminding yourselves that the Peoples must “all and each one” benefit from any decision or action which you pronounce upon them and do not be afraid to change from the old way of thinking to a more formatted and reasonable manner of thought projection, for when you do this, candidates, you will “never find that your hands are tied” and that you can no longer breathe under the tourniquet of monetary hindrances placed upon yourselves and the Peoples in the format of a budget.


A nation with a budget is a nation always kept in turmoil and when that happens no number of courts, lawyers and judges will solve those problems and those problems will persist and when those problems persist there will follow much bloodshed and the security of the nation will be altered and when the security of the nation and the security of the Peoples is altered then you already have lost your seats.


The Peoples of the nation of these great Islands of the Philippines, must never again break universal principle or law, as you could have it called, by your shouldering them with taxes.


Taxes will also break the back of the nation and the nation and the Peoples will then never find paradise nor will they survive well in day-to-day life.


You must not, likewise, allow churches to gather usury from the Peoples, for what precept in “holy” meaning “moral and ethical” organizations, would either force by doctrinal threats or encourage though subtle means the breaking of universal principle or “laws” in issuing envelopes or bread-baskets for the reason of collecting the People’s few pesos or more?


A nation, our friends, Mr. President, must be governed upon the precept of not breaking down the laws or principles of the universe for once laws or principles of the universe are broken no cogwheel is going to run properly no matter how many loans of adversary you take in the Peoples name from the world bank, nor the number of promises you make upon behalf of the Peoples who never agreed anyway when fitted with an empty wallet because of your mistakes.

In not breaking universal principle and law, you will not make mistakes.


Finally, and though there are those of you perhaps in disagreement, we say to you that Philippine security is not going to come through military force but through the understanding of diplomatic measures in applying the simple precept of good brother and sisterly favour and not always talking nor listening just to reply, but to “really listen” to what the Chinese brotherly and sisterly nation are saying “and thinking” and then to coordinate with them in all reasonable fashion.


Candidates, if you cannot stand upon your own two feet in analyzing a situation and making a decision which may just be unpopular with the Peoples at that hour; a decision which will not sell the Philippines and its Great Peoples out but will also “ensure” that not one drop of blood be spilled and all honour be retained in Filipino and world distinction without breaking the unity of the CENTRAL ASEAN NATION, then you have won over much more than you could have possibly imagined, and promises made and kept under universal law and principle will ensure that the Original and Purchase Order of “good” Economics for the Peoples of these Great Islands of the Philippines shall become the norm of your good conscience as a candidacy of one presidential chair and you will win over every problem which has plagued administrations and presidents for years.


This, our dear friends, Mr. President, is the correct way to secure the great Peoples and Islands of the Philippines and to enhance the best way forward without the added expense in purchasing old outmoded war equipment which then the Peoples must pay for in further taxation which means you would continually place the nation under further obligation to the world bank increasing even further the debt mortgage and at the same hour placing further restrictions upon relations with China of which “good” manners all around must begin at home.


Good Evening and we wish for you all a most courteous and promising day pon the morrow.


Thank you, President Aquino, for all your good will toward the allowance of our pen here upon the gracious land of the Philippines in all good will. Thank you, Sir.

And, Good Evening.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds





Good Evening. One epic or topic we have not spoken upon to a greater extent concerns the Filipino family.


Harmony in Consciousness is the societal structure of the Original Talent and Purchase Order System of Economics. The greater wisdom negates the present inharmonic structure of society and that of the family.


In other words, when the insurmountable stress of everyday activity; the job, the school, the medical concerns; taxes; duties; mortgages, loss of houses, loss of land, electrical cuts, water shortages, droughts, vehicle expenses, pensions, hunger, loneliness and hopelessness are the everyday concerns of the family then how on earth is a family to find harmony among husband and wife, relatives, neighbours, leaders, and people around themselves? The harmony because of stress cannot last for long until blame sets in.


The values belonging to ethics and morals begin to erode and because of this erosion of values the union of relationships later see parental obstructions placed in the stead of parental instruction which is the blind side of both of these diverse unions.


The present – day monetary capitalist system of taxation and usury produced in different forms is there to ensure that the family be divided with stress and strife, the outcome.


When more income is needed to ensure the family live in dignity then the capitalist system will ensure both parents work leaving their children either unattended save that by a slightly older sibling or bringing themselves up on their own.


The family then become divided in this way also.


With your Original Talent and Purchase Order System of People-loving Economics, these problems evaporate on the wings of all goodly council non-divided in itself. This is the chair or bench of the twenty-four enlightened Ones who work alongside the People and not over the heads of the People.


Nothing is kept quiet nor in secret chambers from the Peoples because the Peoples need to also relearn the Original Talent and Purchase Order System they had so long and yet not so long ago, forgotten, and instead taken up a system of economics which placed them into a tourniquet; a system which disquieted the family; a system which took away the harmony and altered the conscious structure; a system which divided the family and society at large; a system which turned paradise into hell for all save that of a few.


The Oneness of UNITY had been destroyed. The family need it back. The family need the trust back; the family need their happiness back; their stress gone; and the money system eliminated.

A short period of transition need be applied, for in this present-day grueling system of bad finance and economic instability the family cannot survive without the use of money until the Original system is back in place. But it must be a short and quick transition. Monetary stability does not exist. It does not exist even upon the stock market gambling coups of the day; one of the most stressful workplaces in the global community to attend.


The capitalist system and its parental schooling teaches the children not to gamble yet when the children grow into adults they are then praised for good stock marketing sleuthing initiating their own monies, and the monies not only of themselves, but indeed in higher academics or grading of governmental and corporate job placement, these adult children are learning to gamble with the money of the nation.


The placement of any national or governmental position, as you, the Peoples, tend to call it, must realize that in the same non-strategic continuance of governance or corporate gaming houses (foreign enterprise) such implementation shall always put the Peoples of the Great Islands of the Philippines, last, and never first.


Therein shall ones who vie for the highest placement in the land and wishing themselves a head or two above everyone else, never share their chair, and little improvement shall be calculated and never made no matter how hard they try, for the ONE value they will have missed is the very value which will grant the Peoples more than a decent living in a year or two, or a month or more taken to eliminate crime unless they transition the system of hard-knocks economics, for freedom from the dire grip the capitalist system has had on the Peoples for generations and millennia. Each candidate is capable of great achievement, but only if they work together and change the mindset of not only themselves but the nation in which they as a ONE BODY work within. Thank you.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds