129. To HM Queen Elizabeth the Second and the wonderful Peoples of Jamaica with regard to Cannabis




Jamaica To Legalise Cannabis And Fire The Queen




Good Evening. The answers to this “interesting” absolution in regard to the Queen, our fine Jamaicans, is, since Jamaica has obtained its independence in the year of nineteen hundred and sixty-two AD your concern has already been dealt with.


The world bank is the one you should be looking at in regard to “firing,” for a Queen is not “hired” but is kept as a figurehead “until” such event as the Queen shall undoubtedly equip her own nation with a much better format of governance.


The reason, our Jamaican friends, that the Queen, Elizabeth the Second, HM, is being upheld as a figurehead over certain former occupied colonies (for England once having entered into the unseasoned activity of brandishing already convicted “criminals,” whether they be innocent or not, to such states as Jamaica and Australia and obtaining at certain hours a slave trade of their own kin the Scots and the Irish in days past) is due to the expense given to the once occupied nations in changing the currency out of British monopolization; for certain currencies holding the image of the Queen saw the governments and the Peoples being unable to afford the change of image in the mint, therein the world bank was able to keep the colony, in a sense, psyscologically speaking, as a staple of England which today is run and operated by the world bank and its prestige colonies called the Brackenbachers.


However, as this is not the concern Jamaica is bringing to the forefront, we would certainly feel to not subject Jamaica “to further upset,” and do as such enter into “a firm apology” to the Jamaican government and its Peoples for England’s past intrusion into the affairs of those who had been unfairly invaded and occupied.


Therein, the solution to this series of concerns mentioned or unmentioned, is that Jamaica is its own country and as being its own country (set apart in a wise from the Peoples it first seeded with in their own once CENTRAL NATION) has no further need for recognition of a Monarch which has her own business to attend to.


Upon the issue of cannabis as being of a medicinal use only, we know it should be legalized not only for Jamaica but throughout the world as a cure for cancer and to alleviate the wounds of soldiers as compresses to drag out the poisons of gunshot wounds using also as an anaesthetic along with a multitude of other “medical” concerns. Through the advice of holistic doctors, cannabis like any other drug must not be abused.


Thank you and we trust we have assisted both the Queen of England, Elizabeth the Second, HM, whose wisdom would indeed be in replacing her Foreign Advisor and Defence Secretary, amalgamating both offices of the Queen and setting the parliamentarian Mr. George Galloway in such office and whom would immediately “offer apologies” to those nations which saw Great Britain inciting violence on behalf of the world banking cartel.


Secondly, the Queen, would immediately recall all British troops from foreign destinations save those whom are “invited” in foreign nations to remain for the “specific” helpmeet of “rescue” missions ONLY.


Thirdly, parliament, and upon the cusp of transferring England over to the Original Talent and Purchase Order System of good Economics for the PEOPLE, MUST be dissolved, and we believe there are a group of “twenty-four previous parliamentarians” whose favour toward England was no less than “honourable” and who would immediately “fill in the gaps” until review can be made. This is their chance to show what they are able to do toward the good of the country and to the excellence of the “PEOPLE.”


We trust we have been of some assistance, your Majesty, at this hour in our entwined event.


Thank you for your ear. We had not picked up on your concern before the hour of the past.

It has been a pleasure once again.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds