128. OUR SUBMISSION Sir Francis, Sir, of the Holy SEE and Jesuit Investigators



The following is presented as asked by the Vatican Jesuits. Our notation is that we do not wish to be engaged in such work for our work is to enhance the civilization of the HUmanity of this world and in doing so do we not wish to any further engage of ourselves in the scribing of criminal aspect. Because this case is so important as a precedence we have taken it on, but as we have stated we wish to move ahead with the reestablishing of our Original Talent and Purchase Order System of good Economics for the Peoples, and in doing so universal principle will once again be laid and criminality and all which goes along with anti-universal principle will recognize karmic law in its stead. Thank you. We will now present our entry. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds


OUR SUBMISSION Sir Francis, Sir, of the Holy SEE and Jesuit Investigators

Former Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, is a man with a large-enough history of child abuse in ten major states of the Americas, Brazil, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia on top of those islands which the Vatican last was subjected to.


Because there is no death, Sir Francis of the Holy See, Sir, it would only stand to reason that retribution must be made in another way. Circumspect that Jozef Wesolowski, the Archbishop was kept in solitaire confinement in the bulkhead of the breezy as it was called by another in another time, the Jesuit Priest began his liking for young girls as well and we must now see to it that Priests (as they are called until the hour of all religious persuasions exist to the detriment of the Peoples) be allowed to marry as nature created them to be with their other half and temporarily with a spouse of likeminded graciousness one to the other.


What to do with these pedophile Priests is an anomaly to say the least, Sire, but with much distinction it must be allowed to be understood that when one demands that nature by mere principle is gone against, the universe of the creature or HUman being shall not work properly either and therein run amuck.


But what to do with the damage so carelessly done to these young ones whether it be for the cause of lust or not, is proactive winnowing which is not going to stop these nuns and priests from helping in a holy or Humane manner, those who need it most.


Saints cannot be made, any more than Priests can be made to keep to themselves. For how can Saints be made when they shall soon be on earth, this one or another, in a new life as described by the bible of the lamb of God seeking birth through the blood and the water, “and for goodness sake, Jim Lawless, how on earth is the holy church going to arrive at such a false conclusion that it will not happen again and again and again?


Jim Lawless: Let the man go, Pickering. (But Pickering would not).”


So, you See, Sir Francis, the abomination of the very church you serve is one where the gold for the one-eyed G-D is stored “and risqué, Jim Lawless, is the very poncho you once described to us as being the very epic of ‘where is the love?’


“A seasoned HUman being can now see such objection was arbitrary and because of it only the good survives as you both have come to know and so with no further adieu we sign off this creature letter and activate a séance to try to find the culprit himself who in terms of the overdraft of heaven so to speak will never negate his place among the stars because not only was he a brilliant man but “look under his chair with the rubies, rubles, and diamonds, Sir Francis and Jim Lawless, and you will see a mortar on the stick. Open up the pariashute (i pronounced long-e. Uthrania) to the inside and a graft is made and within that segment of Jesuit *Jewry there will ye both find the “pinsnippers” the Archbishop used for the archaic countenance engrafted within the great library of Alexandra of Egypt and within the *swor is another chamber and within the red window-box the shrubs play with a nauseous look upon their face for the great Archbishop of Canterbury can most certainly acclaim that the baby found within the butterbox upon Prince Edward Island was none other than a “Hamish and McDonald” of the tired ol’ regime of Hamish himself, Prince once far removed from his home in Wales.


How a mother could bereave her child to the dogs in this manner was to save his life but the priests and nuns could not save the wee lass either and in all conscience back in the early lives of the centuries, dogma was set strictly that the catacombs underneath the very slylocks of creation saw none other than the church of the infidel so to speak, was not the Lutheran after all but the conscience of those Priests, High Priests and Nuns of the early centuries who would never have battle rammed it down speaking of the door of the parasite church of the quincits (I do not know the spelling – Uthrania) in order to even baptize the baby butterbox infants out of their lethargy ‘before’ the Priests told the Nuns even half of the story.


(*Jewry being an action word, a verb, and not a noun nor a race. *swor is a word complete. I do not know the spelling of it though so I have scribed it in phonetics. Thank you. – Uthrania)


Sir Francis, Sir, of the Holy See, it seems that your parishioners are most concerned with the issue of abortion and as we walked through the hospital today we were met with signs which demonstrated this issue and an even more troubling one concerning a mother who apparently murdered her own child and yet speaks upon the ills of abortion to others. This is an issue which need be further attended to and for the most part, the place is clean, tidy, and well run. No action need be taken.


As for your decision on other pedophile priests and nuns (one percent), you may want to consider an examination of each one of them who offends in such manner and delegate them to far-off regions to assist the peoples with their water sewage, crop attendance, and this “after” certain surgical alterations have been made to “assure” such wanton activity will not happen again. Therein they may learn from the People, mercy, compassion, and above all how a normal family life is to be run. After all, Sir Francis, let it stand that it is the complete fault of the religious doctrine in itself which keeps normalcy from happening when both Priests and Nuns are forbidden to join as one unit within the very creation which first set in motion, procreation.

Prison shall serve nothing in this wise for the lesson must be learned in a place where a soul understanding shall be presented and then the outcome or growth of the soul is entirely at the discretion of that soul of itself.


We trust we have been of greater service than we were on the last morrow. Salu.


- Scribed portion in italic by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds