123. Is Reincarnation Really Necessary? (Part 1)



Is Reincarnation Really Necessary?


(Part 1)




In the beginning there were many roads to peace. So, many thought. But indeed were there? And where did the yin yang come from? Does anyone know? The thought occurred to us the other day that a basic tenet or principle of the universe we live in is not quite understood by even those who say they understand the principle of universal reincarnation.


The reason for reincarnation in the first place is to exact “experience.” For without exacting “experience” how is a soul able to grow and learn lessons of the universe and cultivate what they are into a higher evolved man or woman? Can one life “experience” teach a man or a woman to play the piano like a genius? Can one life “experience” teach a man or a woman to become the most pronounced scientist in astro-physics or a brilliant engineer or a genius in some other category or discipline? Or can just one life “experience” be enough for a man or woman to learn a lesson or two to perfect themselves in intellect, personality, capability, and conscience?


Long ago the lifespan of a man and woman were long and now they are short. If only one life is expected to be lived under such conditions then is it possible to “experience” every lesson in the universe in one lifetime? Would this one “experience” within one “lifespan” allow a man or woman to grow into souls of high ability, high conscience, enlightenment, knowledge, integrity, morality, ethics having a complete understanding of physics, engineering, science and medicine which exist within the universe a man or woman resides in? Or even upon the world the man and woman resides upon for “one lifespan?”


In the beginning each first cell which became the soul was touched by vibrational energy. Each dual soul began as an atomic-molecular cellular creation. “Equality” belonged to each soul duality existing everywhere. This is because “equality” knew no adversary when the cellular structure of each soul-pair was created. And yet “equality” is not guaranteed when soul evolution begins.


As each soul pair of man and woman began life, “experiences” were placed in front of the soul pair. The soul pair began as an “equal pair,” or rather, on the same footing as one yin yang. Due to the success in “experience” the dual soul began to progress in diverse levels of achievement. The dual soul split off from one another as these lessons continued. Both dual souls were of the positive nature but “lifetime” achievements moved the “equality” of success onto different levels.


Each new “experience” for these yin yang souls and the millions to billions of these dual souls came to be known in a simple term as “re-incarnation.” “Reincarnation” is simply the “re-entering” a “new experience” in order that the dual soul should continue in its progress of exploring his or her home or universe in its totality.


We shall continue with part 2 of : “Is Reincarnation Really Necessary?”


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds