OPEC MINISTERS MEETING DOHA QATAR


April 17.2016


Greetings OPEC Oil Ministers and Emissary of Iran. It has been awhile and most certainly, gentlemen and “ladies?” it is a great pleasure to meet with you once again and to greet those who are new to OPEC. We trust we shall see more nations in attendance in the near yet not so near future.


This is a high profile and closed meeting as we knew it would be and as such we thought of our not attending the meeting at this hour but with “suggestions” in oratory we decided instead to conduct our portion in the absence of our giving out more information than is necessary at this event of the “private” OPEC and Non-OPEC meeting.


Thank you as of the earlier hour for the invitation. We write from the Philippines this

hour in the northern portion for a few days and a-half.


We feel that “not” all participants are here today and because of this obvious tenure we perhaps should keep our voices and thoughts at a tentative level. Would you not agree, gentlemen? And “ladies?”


There was a question produced and so as to keep this short with so many participants, we too, shall keep our portion short and to the point for we feel this meeting is going to be only a prelude to the more important one which we hope the ASEAN CENTRAL NATION will be also seated within.


Does production outway the symptoms aggravating the Kingdom, the nations and all potential oil exporters?


When you have a yin yang effect because of fragmentation of process of one oil exporter to the next and where the variance will never work for you due to the cost at hand where each nation faces something more objective from its “citizens” and that means “something” more for themselves, then we could definitely say that the days of the OPEC we knew “are far from over?” More than that, they are gone.


The days of opulence are nearing an end. The “Oil god” is gone in the ways of monetary influences over the Peoples and over the nations.


When oil bearing nations are slashing subsidies and raising taxes, meaning, for our Non-OPEC guests, raising the “reba” which goes against all universal principle and law and against the very Q’ran itself which never altered from the universal principle and law in the manner it was first presented in scribed text and “knowledge” of the Prophet Mohammed, (and this stands for all universal principle throughout every country, every nation, no matter which enlightened One scribed or presented the knowledge) before the hand of the lower man added to it and changed its principle message of UNITY, then we must conclude Sirs and “Ladies?” that you “all” have strayed from the beaten track of good management and council and because you have your nations are all falling to pieces around you and yet some of you still believe that “monetary” oil funds are going to tide you over, which in fact, you are each and every one drowning because your inconsistency in dealing within universal principle and law is going to see the each One of ye bankrupt before the tenure of the year end event of the eclipse is fully up.


You have chosen to exact your oil production capabilities like a group of school children vying for a new report the same day in which someone or another will strike up a deal which will show a balance in the oil cartel books, but gentlemen and “ladies?” our brothers and sisters, let us now consider that just perhaps “the corridor” is not “just gossip” as one internationalist has subtly reported.


Using the oil market is only one possibility for success for each nation is going to have to include all aspects of its previous oil brilliance, and we see Oil Minister Ali Al-Naimi of Saudi Arabia here who is a genuine oil-think tank in this category.


If too many shares are sold in industry, Sir, that will mean that “eventually” Saudi Arabia will have privatized its entire nation to foreign enterprise and in doing so along with upping the output if Saudi Arabia deems it necessary then the amount of oil left in the ground must certainly give way to another and better prospect of “trading” currency the way it was meant to be and that is hundreds if not thousands of glass factories which we had bespoken of in days past. Sand is the base material for glass, stained glass windows, and all manner of the finest designs directly out of the Middle East. New and more brilliant entrepreneurs from within the Kingdom itself; a Kingdom made into a nation with a round table of twenty-four and all DEBTS the Kingdom has at this event or hour will exist no more.


The same strategy for each and every nation, oil producing or not. China can tie the strings of the west in one solid move so as to protect the Silk Corridor from damage and the riches of the world will flow unhindered throughout the nations and all MONETARY DEBT WILL CEASE.


Has it “not” occurred to any of you that when the Rockerfeller family dropped Exxon Oil there was a reason and that was two years past upcoming?


Even they saw the writing on the wall.


Iraq has always been an honourable country with an honourable Peoples. When the events were at the worst long yet not so long ago President Putin of Russia GREATLY ASSISTED President Saddam Hussein but more than that, assisted the IRAQI PEOPLES!




Iran you are not only putting the nation back upon its feet but “do not engage of yourselves” in pipeline running from the Kurdish north through your territory for, dear friends; that is akin to side drilling in Iraq from the southern portion by both the United States and Britain just before the Kuwaitis found Australia took over their farmland and began selling the hay to the Kuwaiti farmers off their own land and of that feed which was transported in from Australia.


OPEC NATIONS AND NON-OPEC NATIONS be good to one another; learn from one another, and know we are your friends as you have always been ours.


Please do “not” worry of ourselves and of “myself.” We survive. The “most” important event will be the event which does not see a caliphate nor any other religious institution but one which serves the Whole and in that you will all build paradise SIMULTANEOUSLY.


Turkey, you will “not” be left out. Not one nation in the Middle East need be left out. You are all brothers and sisters. Look after each other as though you are family. For how can you possibly reach out to another in full brother and sisterhood cooperation when you cannot even follow the simple principles of UNITY AND UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLE OR MISTAKENLY CALLED LAW.


Turkey, we “cautioned” you to not involve yourselves in the European Union as of the earlier days. You are not of that CENTRAL NATION. You belong to the MIDDLE EAST so work together in harmony and stop fighting Russia, for Russia is ONE OF THE REASONS THERE IS STILL AN IRAQ.


Thank you, my brothers and “sisters?” for the day is long and the year short and if OPEC is to “survive” this round then it will only be because you all have made it so through your generous giving to ONE ANOTHER NOT IN ABSTRACT COUNTENANCE BUT FROM THE SOUL OF THE CENTRAL MIDDLE EASTERN NATION which comprises of many more than just Arabs.  Sela.


- Uthrania Seila Sentanta-Ries Cortez, also a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds


Notation: Correction: Rockerfeller family dropped Exxon Mobile, not Rothchild though the families have amalgamated. Our apologies. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds