121. Let us Not Chew on the Same Bone All Over Again


Notation: Of this portion have I concluded in a short editing of mine own. Thank you. What is the universal reality of this day, hour, and year, does not diverse of the reality since the beginning of creation and all diverse life forms. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds


          Get Off That Wheel!


August 11, 2012

There are times every now and then when you reincarnate, you find yourselves reading all about yourselves in history books and you may even recognize items which served you in one of your previous lifestreams. You may feel a certain affiliation to a nation or a peoples and not know why.


As you know you cannot take with you any of your acquired riches, beloved ones, into the next lifestream, nor can you always retain the same positions for those of you who hold power today. Maybe that lesson is not needed for your next set of lessons in the next life.


You will be then reborn again of "the blood and the water" speaking of childbirth, bringing along with you accumulated knowledge, much of which is carried in your subconscious. This is the intuition. Intuition is subconscious remembrance as encoded in the DNA.


This subconscious remembrance can also act out a negative remembrance of someone you did not like in another lifestream. It is because of such remembrances, subconsciously, that you either like or dislike someone whom you have just met. And you will know them by their soul essence.


The more astute will even be quite adapt at reading the aura of others which is the electrical field around a person which shows also in colours. Brown, gray and black suggests illness, whereas the brighter colours are a study unto themselves.


Others yet, will read the electrical field in ways which are incomprehensible to most, in that the present life speaks its own story of the problems and successes of that certain person and those related to him or her.


Now, when higher evolved ones reincarnate, for instance, into lower class family situations, in order to assist others, and their brilliance begins to show at a young age in their lives, through talents or remembrance of certain lifestreams, these brilliant ones will find, that sooner or later, they are being ridiculed and demeaned by others, jealous of them.


Thus come the saying written of such individuals: "What?! How can you be this or that?! After all look at your life fraught with the most serious difficulties and look how you live in poverty!"


Most wise and talented ones do live in poverty or near poverty while others of the enlightened people live in riches. They are, many of them, also placed in positions of power and wealth to assist the higher evolved people who work in the arts, scientific fields, or even come with the blueprint once again speaking of the need to drop the monetary system right upon its knees.


If, however, you have done little to nothing and have compromised your values away, then of course expect to reincarnate in your next multiple almost endless lifestreams in the opposite direction, which means after the fullness of the passing of the Great Equinox, you will be not reincarnating upon the planets whose inhabitants have brought about a real change in the lifestreams before, or who have suffered to bring about such change, or who have done all they could to try to bring about such change.


If such in leadership positions would have only realized long ago, that when you join the Federation of Free Planets, you are losing nothing. You are building paradise for yourselves as well as others to reincarnate back into.


To those who attain power and riches of the world and who do not assist their brothers and sisters, the next incarnation might not be what you expected. You can never be assured a place of power and riches the next time around so it is always a bad gamble to think this is the only life you will ever live.


Those, however, who fight to reverse the corrupt systems of capitalist warmongering control over the governments will see paradise this very day in the eyes and hearts, minds, and souls of all those who have gone before you.


Many of those dear ones, are yourselves.


"Thus have we stated so long ago that those of this same generation will flock back to meet with us again and hopefully by that time all will have grown considerable in order that we may once again reclaim them for our own.' - Commander Higgins."


You will all have prepared a place in the global house for yourselves and all who love the Original Talent and Purchase Order System of Paradisicial Economics, and those who work doubly-hard in transitioning its enlargement throughout the entire global complex will reincarnate into such a system of Paradise upon one world or another in your next venture upward.


- Scribed portion in bold italic by the Hand and Pen of I - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds