120. US to ignore China air defense zone over South China Sea - Entry In 4.8.2016


Senior Colonel Yang Yujun, thank you, Sir, for the floor. Let us look at this objectively, shall we? Or at least try to in regard to the ADIZ. Sir, we think the proper role in diplomacy would strongly suggest we temper our enthusiasm when referring to “other nations” for our concern here is that the NATIONS within the CENTRAL ASEAN NATION may “misinterpret” your intention and the intention of the brother-sister friendly NATION OF CHINA, the “protectorate over all” and think that CHINA does not wish their input. As we all are well aware, the apt “skill” of communication won more wars before they became frontal wars and won, likewise, a greater achievement for all to admire. Sovereignty in this case, Sir, is the absolute; belongs to the absolute meaning the CENTRAL ASEAN NATION is the ABSOLUTE or universal Total of the Whole.


In addressing once again the rockettering front of all graveyard diplomacy, US Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work, who has so unequivocally stated:


“US forces will ignore any Chinese declaration of a secured airspace as this does not have any basis in international law.


"We've said over and over we will fly, sail and go where international law allows,’ Work told the Washington Post.”


"I'm concerned, in the sense that I would find that destabilizing and provocative,’ Admiral Harry Harris said.”


Admiral, we similarly are still awaiting a reply as to just “why” the United States do not impose the same restrictions upon their military base of Israel when Israel continually breaks “international law?” Still waiting gentlemen and ladies for a reply. It is long in coming. Is it therefore coming at all?


In your cowboy style diplomacy which irritates everyone but yourselves, we may henceforth say unto you that the United States has no authority in the ASEAN region at all and wonder exactly under what pretext are you even there? We know the reason but we are beginning to wonder if you do? Why are you so ready to sacrifice your boys and girls in-arms fighting the Chinese over a canal in the ASEAN SILK CORRIDOR which not only does not belong to you but is not even your own home territory? Shall the banker then pay for the rest of the American coffins? We are sure the Peoples of the United States of America have no more money after Afghanistan and Iraq and countless other invasions and military occupations for the banker to tie-up wealth and power-base themselves further into the loop.


"We would ignore it, just like we've ignored the ADIZ that they've put in place in the East China Sea… (Secretary of State John Kerry) asked China to not declare an ADIZ [over the South China Sea],’ Harris said. “


Admiral Harris, well then, we are positive that everyone concerned will also IGNORE the desire of the US State Department in setting up a defence shield in Syria also. CHINA, you see, has EVERY RIGHT to protect what it has built to share in the inclusion of the CENTRAL ASEAN NATION itself. You did not build the SILK CANAL AND CORRIDORS so why do you think you should own it which everyone knows is the reason you are actually there.


Your own house is falling apart and you are thinning out your hair so to speak with troops worldwide, tired and fed up, committing suicides by the dozens in Afghanistan, Iraq and around the world. Have you checked as of late what your troops are doing in the Ukraine and Azerbaijan?


We are “trying to help you” before you try to lay waste in a place where we can assure you that even with your experimental weapons, you will “not survive.”




Sir, we “know” you have been verily affected by the physical loss of the paratrooper and the way to save lives, Lieutenant General John Toolan, is to stop all combat acquisitions for they will only result in more untimely physical deaths on all sides. Please join the Generals who understand that Peace cannot be achieved in the SILK CANAL AND CORRIDORS through the undermining presence of invaders and occupiers. Hans was not building an Empire, Sir, he was “gifting” the SILK CORRIDOR even to Rome orchestrating the Peoples and Nations around his cause for the upholding of righteousness in morals and integrity and in no wise, Sir, General, was Hans ever using monetary influence into his realm. He was like you Sir, a great warrior, but the games of war were played out in a square where only one man was chosen of each side and great “respect” played out a serious part and each warrior of that day shouldered his brother’s harm so that injecting a playback in artificial war was one which brought forward not artificial peace but the real thing.


Grab your brother’s arm and be ONE with him and do not fight your brother for he is ONE WITH YOU.




As a last entry, may we remind ye all that this is not Afghanistan. “Mortar rounds?” You are kidding!


We are trying to save lives here on all sides before it is too late. Do not send home more coffins for the most shall be your own. Please stop before it is too late.




- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds