Greetings, we are constantly working on our website FEDERATION OF FREE PLANETS.


Our website contains blueprints of the Original Talent and Purchase Order System of Economics which is not money-based, nor holds to any digital system, cash system, chip system, cheque system, money-order system nor any other system presented by the banking establishment of today.


But BLUEPRINTS in detail along with the Venus Project in Archetecture of amazing schematics as remembered from other worlds are not our only offering back to the HUman race in recovering and transitioning their world from one of servitude and slavery to the banking establishment and religions to the ORIGINAL SYSTEM OF TALENT AND PURCHASE ORDER SYSTEM of Paradise.


SCRIBINGS OF FILES AND WRITS as given by Starship Commanders, Admirals, and Captains, from our Archives, as well as the writs save one by the Mancharians, along with many other writings are now available on our website as well.


The CROSSOVER FILES are true-to-life accounts from the lips and mouths of those departed souls as they give their permission for us to record and present their stories of where they actually do go from the hour of leaving their bodies to the event of crossing over into the place of the waiting.


The EXTRAORDINARY! with a peak into paradise as a beginning to the seven part Mini-Series will leave you quite fascinated as what you, the reader, once understood unlocks further insights, shall we say.


FINALLY, “THE SEEDING” which we have presented to the HUmanities is UNLIKE any history you, the HUmanities, will have been taught. “The Seeding” explains why you fight with each other and within yourselves. The reality of creation is explicit in the UNIVERSAL TOTAL writs which you shall find in the “MORE” dropdown button at the upper right hand corner of each page.

2021 - MANY NEW ADDITIONS  have been made.


We thank you and have a goodly day, evening, and remainder of this, your present life-journey, each and every One.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds