114. People! You “Are” Living Your Next Life



Dear ones, what exactly does happen following physical death? You have undoubtedly read many books on the subject, but it is highly doubtful any books have recorded that which I do present to you now, both from experience as well as through my scribings from those who have elevated themselves in higher paradisical worlds and shared with us their wisdom. Years as well as months and seconds from our days past do we reteach these fundamental universal values and realities. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds


           Where Does The Soul Really Go and What Happens After Physical Death?

What happens to you "after" you die? It is important to understand that there is no death. At the time of ascension the soul leaves the body as naturally as it entered it. You stand up and walk out. There is nothing mystical about it. Life is as natural as breathing and it is the same with the soul entering the body and then leaving the body. It is all a part and portion of life itself. Breathe in, breathe out.

Just as a leaf in spring time will unfurl, so will the soul enter the body and be born. Then as the leaf in the fall departs from the tree, so will the soul again depart from that body which he or she inhabits.

The soul will then depart for the deva chan, or place of the waiting. And where is this? Upon another planet set aside for the souls. There may be forests with houses, or grasslands......in fact, anywhere habitable which you would find on earth, you will find "in heaven."

The soul, once it leaves the denser body, will continue in his or her appearance and will be solid, molecules vibrating at a higher rate.

Before the place of the waiting there is an interim place which the soul or souls often wait until a guide leads he or she or them to the place of the waiting.

The guide may be unknown, or the guide may be a relative or someone you know, who has not yet moved on. The guide espouses no wings.

In the place of the waiting the soul is given a place to stay, usually a house, not fancy, but still a protective cover where the soul will be given basic foods, clothing, and may stay with others gone before (if they are still waiting to see the Akashic council) or reside alone. Walks may be taken and comradeship developed.

You must understand that the soul is just as solid as the physical body. I will explain.

As the soul enters into a body, that body is made of a molecular structure in which the molecules are close together giving the body a density which differs from that of the soul light body, or soul body which is lighter or less dense. When the soul leaves the denser body it returns to a place or planet where the magnetism of the planet allows the soul body, movement, such as walking, running, swimming, and so on.

When the time of the waiting is over, a guide will take the soul to the Akashic Council. The Akashic Council is made up of highly evolved men and women whose duty it is to guide the soul over major aspects of their formal life, whether to the positive or negative aspects, and suggest to the soul his or her next action. For a soul who has come from a traumatic exit of the denser body, a time may be set aside for their emotional recovery.

When one states that they are not responsible for this or that event in the world's history, due to the fact they had not been born at that time, they are most likely not being accurate. For we are the reincarnation of a past life. This is how the "sins" of the father may be visited upon the son, for one example. We must come back in order to "fix" that which "we broke."

There is much to be said on this topic, but for now, to those who read, this is a beginning.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds