111. From The Many Forms Of Terrorism Lies Even One More - The HUman Crucifixion



Pinoy nailed to cross prays for Belgium, ME


If one wishes to speak about "terrorism" here is new kind yet one as old as the hills and practised in South America as well. These forms of “terrorism” are practiced by the deluded and the fanatical and this is what religion has dealt them. If one insists upon re-enacting that which never did exist except as capital punishment during that hour and century of other peoples who hung on crosses, then this is not enacted properly, because people were never nailed to crosses through the palm of their hands. This is because with the weight of the body the nails would have torn though the flesh.

What the executioners did do was place the spike (not a nail) between the two bones in each wrist so the flesh would not tear. Nails were never used in this type of capital punishment.

Any hour you witness men or women flogging themselves bloodied and spiking themselves to creosoted wood, one must remember that the bible account stated that "Jesus" was hardly recognizable.

This could only have happened had he been stoned to death. And upon a capital punishment of stoning, the person was placed spread-eagled on the ground with rawhide strapped over each wrist and ankle and a huge bolder was then pushed over the cliff directly on top of the sufferer.

In such instances, of course, the man or woman could not have been recognizable. So anyone could have been then spiked to a cross and noone would have known who he or she had been. And that is exactly what happened.

But this did not happen to the man you call “Jesus” for India saw the man whom was not crucified at all but had travelled into India and taught and learned many realities there and procreated a family. And one of the main teachings was "reincarnation" of the soul into a new life or body.

A teaching which the scribes of the day hired by the lawmakers carefully cauterized out of the so-called holy text called the bible of which has now so many different versions of tamper-with text that it is nowhere recognizable nor authentic in nature as being anything a “christed” or “enlightened one” had once penned or alluded to.

Does not then the bible say to keep your bodies as you would a holy temple? Well then, why are ye all flogging yourselves bloodied and hammering yourselves to piece of creosoted wood?

One other event was missed from the “story” but should we remind ye ones you might just do it next year should you remain of the deluded mind.

Any teaching requiring the blood and flesh sacrifice of any animal or HUman being is a teaching right out of behind the rip in the fabric of space and brought here by the Hellions and NOT through any teaching of universal principle by ANY ENLIGHTENED HUman being from the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds.

You have learned nothing of the manner of the universal creation and the manner of which you as dignified HUman beings are to treat yourselves as well as one another.

Nobody is going to carry your “karma” either to the positive or the negative and the sooner each one of you recognize this “FACT of LIFE” which is a fundamental principle within all universal principles and workings” the sooner you will each one evolve OFF the WHEEL OF LIFE.


Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr., Sir, just because a tradition such as Easter has been forced upon you for hundreds of years it does in no wise make it reality. It simply means that the Hellion DNA-Helix combined with your own and that of countless others has made it difficult for the HUmanities to overcome the negative principle and place the positive principle above in even recognizing the “crucifixion” as being of a viable nature which had to be first believed before the Easter story could be believed.

You must understand, here, that this inner war each soul experiences is what every “christed or enlightened” man, woman and child had always spoken of. There indeed is a war going on within each soul and that war is a war of the mixture of Hellion DNA-Helix with the HUman H=holy=moral=ethical positive nature and that is why it is so difficult also for those on drugs or alcohol to kick the habit.


Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, Sir, Any tradition which deals in any type of blood sacrifice is a tradition which came from HELL=Hellions and in no wise belong to any holy man, woman, or child. The “resurrection” belongs to every man, woman, and child, because “resurrection” into a new life, is the reincarnation into a new body of which each babe who comes into this world through the blood and the water of the womb of the woman can well attest to before many forget from whence they came.

Thank you for waiting, good man, and once this tenet is finally understood then “no evil” will be able to exist within the soul, mind nor actions of the body toward the enlistment of another capitalist system delusion and that second delusion lies with capital punishment for the sacrifice of the HUman body in one form or another. Salu

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds