108. World European Union bank YOU ARE THE ONES ALLOWING CHAOS TO RULE





World European Union bank you are the ones allowing chaos to rule


A leader shall ensure that the nations on the perimeter be kept safe and comfortable in order that the national house of the leader remain safe and comfortable too. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds

For those serious contenders in fighting terrorism then begin with the root cause or the source of each nation’s problems. The root cause of all terrorism is financed by the world bank who engage themselves in forcing one nation’s hand against the other. The world bank initiates terror in every land using terror as a diversion from their other escapades of inciting war in other lands, and when the peoples are not looking, the world bank and its HUman collateral strike for the kill, for HUman sacrifices are cheap and fund the stock markets of the world. And to the world bank the gaming table in stocks and bonds and issuance of credit debt loans to nations and peoples until they hang themselves for the world bank as more collateral damage is the delight of those who have proven no soul exists within themselves save that which their DNA-Helix has once brought to the foreground for all to witness their unchivalrous waver not unto themselves and their schemes.

When people are conditioned through media and world bank enterprise to abhour peoples of one religion or another, then no matter who they are or what they say they do, they are also conditioned to jump up and down and throw sticks and stones at those whose home roots they protect at any cost to preserve what they think should be only a pure race.

Delusion takes many forms but the worst delusion that exists takes the form of racism against the principle of that which they do in no wise understand. Without knowledge there can be no understanding and if there be no understanding then wisdom in dealing with any situation does in no wise exist.

Terrorism breeds terrorism; fury breeds fury; anguish of both, breeds subservience to the world bank who incite, watch the climate of their incitement upon world nations, upon the peoples, watching as their next boogyman begins to take on another ugly shape.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds


Whenever the United States hurries directly in to assist a nation in turmoil due to a “terrorist” action upon a world nation such as Brussels of Belgium, one can be assured there lies a hidden motive and that motive to recruit one more nation into “fighting all kinds of terrorism” you may be well assured includes the taking over the ASEAN CENTRAL NATION SILK CORRIDOR AND CANALS which reach high up into Syrian waters. The United States has long been the standing army of the world bank in supporting the agenda of the Black Pope Albino jewry (jewry being a verb an action word and not a noun or a race) of Israel.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds


It is better to remain where we are rather than to sit within a fortress outside of the people’s reach dressed in clothes of finery eating salads and steak whilst the British PEOPLE walk in sackcloth eating spinach with Rolls-Royce sauce.

While you are all dressed in the best finery, the nation is wearing sackcloth and rags and unable to go anywhere. Food is rationed, fishing ports shut down years ago due to the Americans using the docking areas to secretly rebuild ships which had been sunk in the gulf war, as they did not want the American people to know, so British fishermen went bankrupt and the parliament did the rest.

Madame, Margaret Thatcher could not have done more harm to Britain had she been Henry Kissinger. “And the injustice they have done to you is beyond comprehension.”

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds


We may addendum this as the day progresses.


Here is a short message which came to the fore an event ago. This description of life in England at this hour as an English lady views it acknowledges the chaotic mess of the British homeland of her own posturing. We are more interested in the sentiment of the PEOPLES of Great Britain than we are of those parliamentarians who seek to crop the national purse of the poor in order to keep all revolution down when what the PEOPLES are asking for is EVOLUTION of thought and action of all goodly conscience for themselves and of those pressed upon their nation by those who destroyed their homeland.



Uthrania, capitalist in my mind are not the real people ' real people work and pay their taxes by law if we do not we will go to prison , we have no say in where our taxes go, our governments will say to us that there is no more money for health care or for schools and tell us we are broke but then go to war and spend billions of pounds, The trouble we have with the British government when American government barks the British government wags and it dose their bidding , we are so intertwined with America, The American government wants Britain to stay in Europe so they have eyes and ears on what is going on and not only that they will have influence on any major decisions that are made in Europe through the control they have over the British government. But we know don't we that all governments in the world are controlled by a greater power that is quite evil . The British military pilot that you have spoken about here is a victim of the propaganda lies of American government as they were saying that Iraqi government have a weapon of mass destruction ,which we know now they did not, no doubt this British pilot regrets those words now but she is only one person from millions of people in the UK, how can you use one person to dam millions of others , did you not see the peace marches in London of thousands of people against the war did you not know about the MPs that resigned because they were against this illegal war. In truth Uthrania I am completely lost for there is a greater power some call it the Illuminati that control the world order and I am sure their Desire is a civil war across Europe and they can only use the emotion of Fear to control people to drive them to kill each other. Yes you can use my comments Uthrania if it helps . My love to you Ann (Ann Waller a fine English Lady) End Quote.


Note: Please note that if “taxes” which are “usury” are not paid to the banker, the citizens will go to prison. Now, as “taxes” are “usury” and “usury” is against all universal principle, against all Protestant church regulations considering they follow some of what is written by text in their bible (if they can separate the truth from the poison), and “usury,” is against all constitutional processes for “usury” or “taxes” “alms” or “reba” whatever you wish to call it - is “illegal” “injurious” to the PEOPLES OF THE NATIONS ACROSS THE GLOBE including Great Britain and England within, so what good is the English Parliament when it cannot even free itself or many wish to not free themselves and Parliament from the contempt of the international banker and their shopping spree upon the NATION?

When British Parliament set a law, a mandate that the heads of Israel shall be immediately arrested should they venture onto English soil, Mr. Netanyahu and Tibby set them straight and the law was rescinded, for no man, woman, nor child shall dictate to the royal bank of England the subservient branch of the world bank lest the money purse be cut off and the heads of Royalty do without all finery and pomp for they, too, along with people labour for the world bank and its filthy agenda upon the nations.

We remember when the day and the hour came where the war took its toll, the British in Iraq sent to fight a war, near the end, with Denmark doing ill instead of good, the British boys and soldier girls were sent in running shoes.

The Americans had flack jackets provided them from home for no more money was left on the budget just enough to send them home.

Who are the twenty-four who walked out of English Parliament?

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds