107. 5 takeaways from the 2nd presidential debate - Philippines Presidential Candidates




5 takeaways from the 2nd presidential debate


When we read “you share” it warms our soul in a way you, the candidates could never know. When you “share” the Presidential Chair you have already succeeded in your goal toward the best council you may provide in the days, moments, and hours to come. We have a feeling of great sadness when we see the fifth candidate Miriam Defensor-Santiago with her image not present.

The great lady stands as One within the Whole so her image should stand along with the each image of the One of the Total.

Perhaps the each of you would consider embracing your sister in active conversation, holding her up as you, each One, would expect of the graciousness of each other should you find of yourselves to be in the same position.

Candidates when it comes to the issue of "divorce" please remember, it is the world bank and its tourniquet who both "sanction" through religious "persuasion" of the peoples the institution of marriage and that of tourniquet the couple once the sanctions have been made. It is the world bank who place "sanctions" upon people and nations to ensure the peoples are never happy when a wrong match is made.

Now, instead of saying to yourselves that if you go against the rule of church and state on this “touchy subject” the big boys or girls in the back will not support you, or the church, will through the back door, make life difficult for you, or the present court system will rule its wares against you, you must be prepared to always think first of the PEOPLE who have these impossible sanctions placed upon them by church and by state when impossible situations arise.

Any type of bondage is not freedom.

Sir Francis of the Holy See is most approachable. Perhaps then it is the Bishops creating the lower form of tourniquet right on the ground where you are enslaving the PEOPLES against their own will and not indeed against the will of any “God” simply due to the fact that no enlightened being would ever embrace a philosophy of “sanctions” upon a PEOPLES whose lessons are still in the process of being learned.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds