102. Daily Memorandum Philippines (Second Part)

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Pacquiao poll ratings drop after comments vs same-sex marriage


Sir, we see only People and nothing else. Of what their life journey at this present hour consists of we would say to you: If they have not injured you nor anybody else with their lifestyle then we fail to understand your concern.

Boxers, on the other hand, Sir, injure each other every day, do they not? How is that any different from animals been pitted together for the gain of a few pesos by their handlers? We see, of course, no point in either event for in the former, your present vocation, Sir, it rattles the bones of contention and the bones of the physical body. The end result is a pocketful of money for attracting private investigators and investors.

Though your pockets are clean, Sir, for the most part, no private investigator is needed. However, how is one able to run for office entirely based upon a boxing career leaving the brains scrambled event after event, as the final offering to the Peoples of the wonderful Island of the Philippines?

Each Nation, Sir, is a house. A house provides a home for all. Within each Nation, Sir, there are many rooms within the house and within those many rooms live many People of diverse evolutionary status. And within each Nation or Body, the “family” who resides within the same house yet living within their own rooms, or provinces, or states, are all a viable part of the HUman race as you are. And as a viable part of the HUman race they are important contributors to the Universal Whole.

The PEOPLES OF THE NATION, each NATION upon the globe, which is a much GREATER BODY are diverse in their nature, each progressing in their own hour, learning, correcting mistakes, helping others, and most of all, Sir, “cherishing” each other that they may better learn “equalization” of one another and learn that within all life-journeys we must, each one, be provided a “home;” a home within a NATIONAL BODY where we “ALL” feel wanted, loved, and secure.

Many souls need to work through their lessons a little longer and others do not, all depending upon their lessons in this lifestream. It may surprise you, Sir, to learn that this is where religion proves to be the greater barrier to the growth of the HUman soul H=Holy=moral and ethical, U=Universal or All Encompassing Total rather than proving to be the standard of the Higher Evolved Paradisaical Worlds.

Some religions also forbid the action of their priests to join with a nun, for instance, and of course when this occurs, and the lifejourney of both wish to complete each other, the lessons of both shall be stymied and put on hold. When this occurs of course, then physical-emotional necessity will turn in another direction just as it does in penitentiaries throughout the world. In this wise, again religion is blocking the lessons of the HUman race who seek for the UNITY and NOT SEPARATION.

While you have much talent left in you, Sir, and much to offer the whole of society, which you do, you would be better in choosing a vocation which allows the growth of the soul standard in understanding and accepting People for themselves.

Assisting souls in their growth, Sir, is not something which is done overnight, so to speak, but rather which is a constant and continual evolution of not only their souls but that of ourselves.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds



Wildlife Day: Tusks turned into monument


As you know, animals including everything that walks, talks, swims, flies, crawls, and so on, are very close to my soul. Chinatown in Manila enterprises a vegan-vegetarian tofu based store which is visited by so many People that the store needs many more hundreds if not thousands of outlets in order to satisfy the meat-cravings of the Peoples with NON-MEAT PRODUCTS OF ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT QUALITY AND TEXTURE THAT ONE CAN SCARCELY TELL THE DIFFERENCE, and allow the animals to live in comfort and peace.

We further submit that such an “enterprise’ would indeed facilitate many if not all ASEAN NATIONS in coming together and working strenuously at the offset together as ONE HOUSE to bring into each ASEAN NATION trade using the Original “NON-DIGITAL” Talent and Purchase Order System of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. In this way, freeing the ASEAN CENTRAL NATION from the monetary grip of all archaic monetary scams which bring war ships, war planes, experimental weapons and “dissension” to a HOUSE occupied by a Peoples of a different culture, demanding in a covert and subjective way in that they perceive you to be their “subjects” therein, they the masters who will “permit” your rise as a Peoples of the CENTRAL ASEAN NATION albeit only through their overly perceived control.

People such as these are the true invaders of the Silk Corridor, with aim to only cause dissension, sanctions on those who do not see it their way, and threats. Hardly people of enlightenment to the positive. They are here, the Americans, to support the World Bank and their grandiose paychecks, for under this old outmoded archaic system: those who do work for money, don’t eat.”


Even PETA and PAWS when the “transition of coordination” over to the Original System of Talent and Purchase Order economics has completed itself, will offer not even one position based upon the old outmoded world bank archaic system where even the wealthy greatly tend in their obstinate operating of feed houses and slaughter houses in the WEST and battered camel, and other domestic animals, fish and fowl in the most torturous methodology imaginable.






We submit that the Zoos of these NATIONS of ASEA be closed down in favour of placing them in such a World Sanctuary as will one day soon exist in YEMEN for the blueprint they have had for years but also they were “abridged” by American power-brokers who did not want anything free to exist for the Peoples nor the Animals and so the sanctuary was put on hold. You may read the blueprint in our new web-site location at the top of the page concerning this WORLD SANCTUARY of which Prototypes could be set up.


Both the elephant, and the dolphin (the latter which lives in a tank scarcely larger than itself), needs IMMEDIATE FREEDOM.

We also submit, Mr. President Aquino III, Sir, that a “free license” be mandatory for each citizen to obtain after the PSPCA or PAWS visits each home unannounced to ensure the animals who live there have their needs well met for the enjoyment of both the animal or animals and their families. And should the needs be seen not to be met then, of course, schools need to be offered “freely” in order to better educate the people. Animals who do not bite are animals who are happy, so it only stands to reason that all animals have an “equal” chance at life to be happy and fulfilled. Therein will the at-hours, unthinkable and SAVAGE ABUSE OF ALL ANIMALS END. Thank you.

As Singapore and China have been fast-tracking drawing up a Regional Code of Conduct for the Seas, it would be “a wonderful accomplishment” to include an ASEAN Code of Conduct drawn up for the rights and protection and the security of all animals, whether they crawl, swim, fly, climb, run, and so on, for the other CENTRAL NATIONS OF THE WORLD TO TAKE THEIR PROTOTYPE FROM.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds

The Manila Zoo Has Failed Mali


 “Dr Jane Goodall recently joined the effort to help Mali by writing to the Philippines president to support his directive ordering that Mali be reviewed and considered for transfer to a sanctuary.”


15th January 2013



Friday, Mar 4th 2016



Who's going to find me some friends? Mali the world's loneliest elephant wants to pack her trunk and go to Thailand after 33 YEARS on her own


http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2267223/Mali-Manila-Zoo-Campaigners-demand-worlds-loneliest-elephant-sent-Thailand-friends.html#ixzz41u4ZRo7m Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook




SC to deliberate separately on Poe citizenship, residency


Magistrates of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, Sirs and Madams, as toward our further comment, we believe it necessary to perhaps view this issue from a very different perspective.

While we have all been observing Constitutional “law” as it applies today, we have been missing a most valuable criteria and that criteria is this:

IF the Constitution of the past remained as it was, passed by lawmakers of centuries ago, then today would we not be deliberating and placing our judgment upon a law which, today, is no more applicable in its nature, since a “law” on the books pertaining to court situations a century or more ago, say if they existed, could not possibly relate to the circumstances we rule upon today with the changing of the guard or System, so to speak?

Therein, where Comelec and others are so quick in disqualifying Senator and Candidate, Grace Poe, a woman of such character, of which I, personally, have not seen for a very long hour in the events of this century, such graceful and “pure” light emanating from her entire being, we feel that indeed, we should not be putting such a generous and hard-working “libertarian” under lock and key nor subject to any further surveillance, but rather we should be “examining” the present Constitution.

If the Constitution dulls in the light emanating from Candidate Grace Poe, an easily recognizable higher evolved woman, then let us work diligently to ascertain exactly what precept within the Constitution still exists in creating this “conflict” within our very ranks and that of Comelec and come to an agreement which not only satisfies the court but makes complete sense in light of the newly soon-adopted Original System of the Talent and Purchase Order “reliability” toward the freedom of the People and of that of “assuring” the each one of you that your pensions will still exist in a coherent manner as you reach the age of retirement which also would serve your pens to consider, early, should you wish.

When a mandate such as placed upon certain individuals as Senator Grace Poe, for example, to fulfill her work for the Humanities here in the Philippines and abroad as any President would be seen to do, we perform the big chair into a “sharing” prospect among not only all the present candidates but indeed shall more from the realms of the Public, themselves, be seen with the proper criteria, be selected to fill the chair of twenty-four, and of these will the five candidates be seen to search for and select upon that great day when the elections have “guaranteed” each one of them the same chair as each wishes for the other.

For what greater service can we, do, your honours, than see the Philippine Islands with a system beyond all other precepts of the past in observing the right to contribute to the whole and when we pass such observance “law” or “principle,” does that not make us sleep well at night?

Magistrates, the present Constitution of the Gregorian year two-thousand sixteen needs amended and when the transition from the old outmoded monetary system is complete, the Constitution should not remain bipartisan but be replaced with an entirely new one which works and upholds the Talent and Purchase Order System of economics and societal structure. You do not mix the old wine with the new.


Candidate Senator Grace Poe must not be put aside to run, as observers suggest in the next election of 2022 for we “need” to avail ourselves of such strong workers now and must not deny the Peoples of the great Islands of the Philippines the “advantage” of Senator Grace Poe’s intellect, insight, and agility toward the work ahead of us all.

A body, your honours, which is lacking one part, does not work on all circuits, is that not a physical, mental and emotional fact?

Inasfar as our holding separate deliberations on the citizenship and residency issues of Senator Grace Poe, an “amendment” of the present Constitution to fit the “wisdom” of the hour would settle the issue SIMULTANEOUSLY.

The NPC has also stepped up to the plate and where the fly-ball is caught before it hits the ground is the hour we should accept in our deliberation of this case, that when a dove flies high with its wings, do in no wise clip them, for if the wings become clipped, the soul of the dove might just be crushed and if a soul is crushed in such manner of deceit against her, by others, the nation might just never know just how well their lives could have been improved by her very contribution.

Our vote is in, magistrates. We submit to the Supreme Court a temporary amendment of the Constitution of the great Islands of the Philippines where Senator Grace Poe may for once and all be considered a legitimate HUman being of this planet, and indeed a full citizen of a nation and a government and a peoples who are more than “fortunate” to have such a lady caring about them in the manner she does.

We do not care, Comelec, whether or not Senator Grace Poe is three months short in your estimation, for she came with the first seeding as a citizen upon this world and indeed was born centuries “before” the inception of the very first Constitution of the Philippine Islands. What we do feel is an “apology” from Comelec for its discrimination against one of the first seeds of the Philippines, Candidate Grace Poe, we do believe is in order.

Your honours, should there be further deliberation upon this part we shall be present at your request.

Thank you for the update, Philstar. We shall be further advised when the voting shall take place, for your gallantry in excellent news-reporting of the highest degree is unequalled in our eyes. Thank you.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds



Palace: UN court ruling must be respected


Presidential Communications Operations Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr., with all due respect, Sir, the mountains of “laws” put forth with intent upon subjugation of another, and with only one aspect of enlightenment available to the nations and their insurmountable “law-makers” at that point in their past events; “laws” upheld distinctly by a “United Nations” which has been proven in a consistent manner to uphold those committees such as produced the Escrow Account on Iraq (it would be wise to check the other sanctions on nations and their “Escrow Accounts” as held by the United Nations) with many hands dipping in the pot and even after the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was removed from his chair, the Escrow Account held by the United Nations had not been released. This was probably due to the fact that there was nothing or little left held in the Account at the UN for the Peoples of Iraq, left; Then there was the United Nations UNICEF Branch whom upon investigation were found that the majority of monies collected for “all those poor and unfortunate peoples of the world” actually went to funding accounts of the UNICEF Administration with ‘little’ funds collected from the world’s population in their labour of love toward others, left, will be well enough left alone until such hour as a “new and better one” is considered.

“’At the recently concluded special ASEAN-US summit, President Aquino called upon all countries that believe in the rule of law and in peaceful dispute resolution to follow and abide by the decision of the UN arbitral tribunal on the Philippine petition,’ Coloma said.”

With further most due respect to President Aquino III, when it comes to a statement of law which has been upheld by the United Nations of all precepts to the banking attire of themselves, we prefer to distinguish those who “believe in the rule of law” from those who “understand universal principle or law and implement it correctly.”

It simply does not make sense to us to ask for the upholding of “laws” which few understand in the first place when “new” information is presented without that new information at least being heard. If the position of those who wish for such “laws” to be upheld are concrete in their views, then why the sudden rush?

When one systematically “confers” with the “laws” made by some sort of philosophy on the consensus of those whose entire etiquette is placed upon a memorandum which in the best of hours is produced at the United Nations as what we would call “a mess” then perhaps many here today, as we are at this hour prone instead upon working with the Mindanao situation, would appreciate just “a glimpse” at these “laws.”

Respectfully, Mr. President, do we submit these to you.



 - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds



Mindanao and the BBL



(Notation: Candidate Duterte, in our overall combined effort in assisting all within this great nation of the Philippine Islands, it would be “wise” to remember, that President Aquino III has put in hours of legwork upon cultivating this ground in order that it may produce fruit. Thank you. Instead of tearing down another, for none of us are perfect in all we do, let us instead look at the “positive” which others do and work hand in hand with the realization that as we all do so, the “positive” will only serve to react to the betterment of the Nation and its Peoples, as a Whole).


To the People of the Mindanao and All Philippine Regions, we greet you this new day:

When one “thinks” “all is lost” nothing could be further from the truth inasfar as the Mindanao BBL is concerned. That which congress would not be seen to pass and ratify only means, People, that “something” far better looms upon the horizon, and we had been of the understanding that this issue would be held over unto the next administration.

President Aquino III and Candidate Mayor Duterte, have been on the inside story, the President for many months of the year, and coupled with yourselves who have followed the President’s insight into forming eleven communities ready for the next event in setting up the best system to coincide with the transitional system of which we were actually waiting for the placement of the next one chair administration, nothing actually has been put on hold.

In fact, you will all find and come to understand that the passing or not passing of the BBL shall have no effect on the outcome of your building a Talent and Purchase Order System in your sector and of course this, “extending” to the sector in the north.

Putting the West Philippine-South China Sea issue to one side for one more day in allowing our pen to consider that which you, a segment of the Peoples of the great Islands of the Philippines, thought lost, shall be our focus on this day.

So Good Morning, to you all, and in order to generate a “complete” criteria and overall picture of events, we shall be speaking with the Israeli Ambassador to the Philippines who is anxious to join into our discussion, for not one voice upon this table shall be placed asunder.

We are all ONE PEOPLE upon this earth, and being ONE PEOPLE, that which most benefits the ONE will always serve to benefit THE WHOLE ENCOMPASSING THE TOTAL OF ALL UNIVERSAL ACUMEN AND PRINCIPLE.

We do not sanction “one candidate” above the other – we want them all – EQUALLY to WORK AS ONE CHAIR giving to the Peoples of the Philippine Islands the ONE SYSTEM which will NOT segregate the wanted from the unwanted within the population.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds



Filipino candidates, ladies and gentlemen, the days are long for the each of you, and the nights of preparation for the days following, even longer. But not a one of you are in the process of a wasted hour for the good news is that no matter which one of you take the big Chair, you cannot “lose” IF you learn to work together, learn to “share” the Chair, for not one person alone will be equipped to govern the nation without a clear telepathic channel to the starship commanders in your skies. Do not laugh or we shall have a small demonstration.

Candidates, the duty of bringing together all aspects of a democratic=heavily fragmented nation is, to say the least, an overwhelming task. This will take lifetimes so let us cut to the chase, and work with one chair with twenty-four seated. Instead of fighting with one another which also demonstrates to the nation that none of you are “qualified” to lead the nation of the Philippine Islands singularly because you cannot even get along with one another for any length of an event.

Would it not be more “productive” if each of you came together and took the “positive” each of you are so well endowed with within your personalities and talents and threw out the “negative?”

Now you may each ask: “But how do we understand the “negative” within ourselves? We see it within other candidates. But ourselves?”

The method in determining the “negative” aspects is: “What rubs you the wrong way concerning other candidates which are all a part of the same body, so to speak?”

Secondly, you might ask yourselves: “Is there anything I, myself, promote which does not line up with universal principle nor will truly benefit the people and really benefit only myself?”

For those of you who stand now and again in being denied the opportunity to run the last stretch either due to court rulings of non-understanding universal principle or candidates facing financial barrenness, it really does not matter in the end, for the candidates upon the ballots are few and the chair seating for twenty-four needs many more.

And yet one’s name is found no more.

For instance, we have observed that the Supreme Court deemed one man as being “a nuisance.” When we tried to access that link upon several occasions, we could not access to ascertain exactly why the “wise” and “honourable” magistrates of the Philippine Supreme Court has ruled against this individual.

Candidates, reality will prevail and goes a very long way toward establishing a concerted effort in working in the ONENESS of all congeniality, not taking the entire nation upon the shoulders of just one person, but “sharing” the work, the “labour of love” toward your brothers and sisters of the nation and putting all “ego” aside.

Where there stands “ego” the darkened forces will drag you down and mire you, each one who stand alone, in a quagmire of chaos. So bridge the gap and know that the Filipino citizens out there love each one of you, so give to them your all, and your all is to come together in a fashion of sensibility and comradeship and wish for the other candidates, that, which each of you wish for yourselves, and by sharing the “chair” you will each have met the others’ needs.

 For where ego in statesman or stateswomanship exists there can exist no hope for the Peoples of the same land.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds



SE Asian foreign ministers voice concerns on South China Sea


Thank you, Sirs. Foreign Ministers, in your concern over the “disputed” seas, allow us to shortly put each of your minds at ease. Normally we would hold a “round-table” of non-dispute conference, and we may still do so. However, we do have Part three of the Security Council “concern” also to complete, and we feel with your patience in the next day or two that you will find yourselves, “satisfied” with the conclusion.

Please “be assured” that China does not want war nor does China nor the Chinese President intend upon placing any dictatorship upon the ASEAN nations. To the contrary, China, has perhaps in their realization that the Silk Corridor in the West Philippine-South China Sea belongs to you all, has just a little more foresight than you might think.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is “wiser” than you might surmise.; “In a fatherly way ‘OVER’ the nations of ASEA?” you might quip.

Fatherly, yes. Over, no. Side by side, jointly WITH the brother and sisterly ASEAN NATIONS. Perhaps when you learn of the “complex,” yet, when revealed, “non-complex” principles of the “Freedom of Navigation” Act in yet another prior case, and the better intent of China, par se, your curious minds will be well allayed of all fears.

The United States has their “concern” as well, and of this concern shall it be dealt with at the same hour and after all is put on the table, you may then, gentlemen, Foreign Relations “advisers” as well, play your cards to the top of the bottom deck.

Thank you, gentlemen, for your patience. Our presentation will be shortly but held upon the Memorandum of Assistance to the Nations from the Philippines.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds



Lowering of senior citizen age to 56 sought


This is a well-thought-out piece of information. Under the present-day monetary system of utter slavery upon the majority of the People for whose nation they have laboured, so many of them, as cheap labourers worth only a few pesos a day, likened unto the beautiful Filipino Flag these patriots (for all Filipinos are patriots standing for a cause they believe which will best serve all Filipinos), these parents, these mothers and fathers of the nation, of many of the children they brought of themselves into the nation, DESERVE to be HONOURED NO LESS THAN THE FLAG!

But with so many “pensioners’ pensions” so outdated in monetary returns how is the present-day monetary system of “illegal-tax-based” pension programs able to give back these most deserving men and women the “pension” they deserve without cutting the pension program to even a greater loss?

It is not the pension program which is “illegal” but the fact it is “tax-based” throughout their lives of paying into it.

Therein, in a wise and calculated move, this “thinking” man has come up with and understood the solution. Only a system of economics based upon the Talent and Purchase Order Blueprint will provide adequate compensation to all pensioners by, in a way, giving them a “Key” to their own home, the Philippine Islands, in return for their continued support to the Whole though the imparting of their Talents. For what retiree would wish to sit and do nothing unless they are ready to leave this earth?

Supreme Court magistrates, “honoured” citizens of the Philippines, Sirs and Madams, the day may well come when your pensions shall no longer be secure and up for barter by others.

Some say, “Laws are put there for a reason.” I can tell you that reason. Some Laws are put there because that was the only level of enlightenment the lawmakers had at that time.

Your Honours, where the law is an ass, change it.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds



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Though the talk and application was for the Nation of Iraq which when this was written for the healing and future rebuilding of that Nation due to the proclamation by HUman Rights World Powers at that hour that no other nation on earth had ever faced what had been inhumanly carried out on the innocent people of that Nation; an injustice so grievous that the very DNA of the People of Iraq would take generations upon countless generations to heal; military service men and women of the United States of America, also included, their DNA shifted so that their children, as the Iraqi, when born, were barely recognizable as HUman beings.

Many of these servicemen and women were never allowed home. Other horrendous injustices were calculated in forcing the hand of the Philippine President Gloria Arroyo that day in sending Philippine forces into Iraq and into serving the American agenda (but not only their agenda).

Many other Nations either volunteered or were forced into the invasion and occupation of Iraq by such a duping by the powers-that-were that it took quite some events to unravel the whole entire near-genocide of the Nation of Iraq. A genocide where the exact figures have never been recorded in western media press but rather “severely” under-recorded.

Many of these leaders who refused to comply with the western agenda were blackmailed, framed, demonized in the press, assassinated or locked away.

Iraq, like the Philippines embody one of the finest peoples ever discovered upon the face of this earth, and so as the writings have been long ago addressed to the Iraqi in their hour of horrendous heartbreak and trauma; a Nation whose innocent outstretched arms in smiles and welcome and love met instead with a bullet and grenade, white phosphorous and pretty coloured bombs of bright blue and yellow; little pretty ones falling from the skies for the children whose legacy from the invaders we can barely stand to look upon. When the pretty little blue bombs took of arms, feet, and heads and the bombs were many and they were called “sorties,” and when world outrage broke out, the Pentagon laughed and sent its “hilarious pilots” back over the nation of Iraq but this time with little pretty yellow bombs. It worked. Children love pretty colours do they not?

This nation, Iraq, invaded and occupied due to a powers-that-were “sanctioned” crime in their agenda which Iraq did not commit, Afghanistan did not commit, Saudi Arabia did not commit; Iran did not commit; Syria did not commit, Turkey did not commit, you get the picture, are now a decimated people and we do not wish to see another war front in ASEA nor anywhere else in the world. We will work day and night to prevent it.

These writings are addressed to ALL Filipinos and inhabitants of this globe for what they suffered as well in Iraq for their forced service; for what one wishes for themselves one wishes for all People in grace, good fortune, and a happy happy life which many Iraqi shall never be able to see.

Notation: The link HAS BEEN INSERTED. Thank you all, gracious and kind people of the Philippines, including your present leaders and candidates who are a fine group of men and women, for your extreme patience in waiting for this your new entry.


 - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds





1986 people power: Philippines’s gift to the world


Mr. President, People’s Power is “good” and at certain hours it is “necessary,” but replacing martial law with the outmoded schema of “democracy,” which takes away the power of the People through fragmentation and confusion is never a wise transference.

Unless, the People are given the opportunity through the leadership of men and women and even the prodigal child who understand both sides of the coin of how to keep the country safe and clean and healthy, each tenet synchronized with the other, then one simply transfers one type of unhealthy governance to the next.

Some say a balance must be found. Yet how can a balance be found between two extremes of such different nature? Does one then extract the best of each branch or philosophy or doctrine of governance?

Mr. President Aquino III, you have, along with your family gone though horrendous suffering in the not knowing of whether your own father was alive or not. Many other families indeed can relate to your extreme pain of those days, a pain which in the short run does not relinquish, but a pain which teaches us all that the “center ground” is not going to provide the stability of a nation “unless” that center ground is one which leaves all the chaff or unworkable once-thought-solutions from all present schematics and disciplines of government activity within programs of governance already known out of the equation.

Is it not then reason and intelligence enough for one to wish to gravitate only toward fastening the cords of the nation with excellent stewardship of a “normal higher evolved system of economics and societal structure,” rather than refastening those cords of martial law to the cords of democracy which acts in a way of its own martial law?

For what democratic law system deals with the cause or source of the problem? The entire system prefers rather to deal with only the effect of which results in locking up too many innocent people. For when cause is not addressed to the greater extent then the effect will continue to aggravate the national purse in excess taxes and usury of different sort in order to keep the ball in the court of the present-day operations of the banking establishment.

When we talk about People power, we must remember it must consist of more than the grassroots up, would you not say, Mr. President, Sir, for the leadership present within the country if being of good character and conscience came from the People, themselves, therein power from both the top down working hand in hand with the bottom up (grassroots) will always present a united force and that united force, Mr. President, is when the foundation for a good readiness to move on in the acquiring of a higher evolved normal system for the nation shall be the most pronounced.

A revolution whether it be peaceful which is the better choice, or whether it lean toward another governance of martial law which we would not advise, is absolutely useless in obtaining the better consistency of normal rule or governance, without a plan; a plan in detail, Sir; a blueprint.

In order then, to eclipse the crime in the country of the Philippine Islands does then it not make all the more sense in not gravitating “back” to either format of martial or democratic law, but rather understanding the mistake of both systems and the People choosing wisely next time a system which now has been presented to them in the Talent and Purchase Order of excellence?

After all, why would one not choose that system which was, as people could call it, made in heaven?

Thank you, Sir, for your wise ear and we always wish the best for you at all hours of the day and night.  Salu.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds



Noy worsened poverty, debt burden – group


There is only one way to break the vicious cycle of “money laundering loans” to governments, otherwise known as “giving out loans” to governments where the people are indebted to pay it back with interest or usury which is against all universal principle, and that is not the revision of the present-day monetary system but rather the immediate transition over to the Talent and Purchase Order Original system which this planet was first seeded within.

In the shortest of days and hours will we be ready in our presentation of a solid blueprint well thought out with other Federation blueprints of slight diversity to follow upon our newest website.

Without the tools a change or transition cannot be made by any government leader no matter how high up the scale he or she is, nor a newly elected President.

– Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Salu



P-Noy raises government pay sans Congress approval


The approval rating of the act of money and its action must be seen to also eliminate poverty from every sector of the globe including the “action” of hamstringing the forces of despair upon the tables of those people, those citizens, who hold no position at all.

On the other hand, those hamstrung ones will be given another opportunity to contribute within the Talent and Purchase Order System should they wish a second chance. Only in replacing the present-day monetary system with the Original System will this be at all possible.

To give to one means that the one shall be able to give to another. This is the law of karma and it is a good working universal principle.

We have no objection to the pay raise, Mr. President Aquino, Sir, as long as the dividing of funds belonging to the nation of ONE HUmanity can be seen to be divided equally in ways which will best serve the people in their entirety whilst the transition from the old outmoded monetary system to the Original Talent and Purchase Order System is being enacted, shortly.

The more one has, the more one is able to share. If one shares nothing of one’s good fortune then the good fortune will not last for good fortune is more than monetary means but enters into the soul of both the giver as well as the receiver and in this wise the soul of both will have gathered the true riches of the day.


If it does not hurt to give then one has given nothing. But there is another way of giving also where the well off give on the spur of the moment to another, for when one gives to another in this wise also, one gives to that part of the body of the whole which is oneself.

The key here, is to give and show not your face, for giving should not be sporadic to one’s own glory, for we tell you, that will be the only reward one will then receive and will indeed not add to the cultivation of the soul in any way through addition to the DNA storage Helix memory which credits, discredits or adds nothing to the soul evolution at the hour of the Councils in the “Heavens.”

In the same wise shall the “pension” of the elderly and infirmed not take on a reducing fate of itself while others who remain at this hour of their lives still “employed” in government service or otherwise be given the accreditation that their service is more “viable” to the whole body than that of their predecessors?

 And who are their predecessors but those who worked any job description whatsoever while living HUman beings of this wonderful nation of the Islands of the Philippines.

Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Salu



SC urged to immediately rule on Poe’s DQ



Magistrates of the Supreme Court of the Philippines. Sirs and Madams, Good Day.

We trust all is now in order to effect a rule of universal principle in this Gregorian year of two-thousand sixteen AD, as you say, and to not carry into this new year a rule of an outmoded and very outdated law of jurisprudence which for that very reason alone should be well enough left to the scholars of history in deciphering codes within man’s limiting laws which were written and passed by those whose enlightenment and understanding came to somewhat of a juncture in relational habits. These limiting laws were for the purpose alone of limiting the movements and actions of the people, or in this case, to cauterize a certain candidate from the presidential race.

These men and women who first set these laws must not be blamed, however, for their folly, for how could they have possibly written more cultivated and sensible laws by their own hand when having no inking nor understanding of what universal principle even consists of, for their memory as does the memory of many seem to lapse during the hour between inclement birth and their adult years?

We understand the data upon the COC of Senator Grace Poe is a thorn up the side of Election lawyers Edgardo Carlo Vistan II and Romulo Macalintal, and former Integrated Bar of the Philippines national president Vicente Joyas who seem to not want to see her name upon the Comelec list. And why not, may we ask?


Is it because of some gloomy backroom deal with other candidates or is it a tie-string upon the navel of jurisprudence for all “female” candidates including Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiagos whose “party” seems to go “missing” off the roll call?




Senate President Franklin Drilon and Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. also urged the SC to act expeditiously on the disqualification case of Poe.

Drilon said he was happy that the oral arguments have been terminated after calling on the SC to speed up handling the case for weeks.

“At least they (SC magistrates) listened because it’s important for the nation that this issue be settled for the sake of Grace Poe and for the sake of our elections,” Drilon told reporters in Quezon City where he joined Liberal Party presidential candidate Manuel Roxas II in meeting barangay leaders. End Quote


(Notation: All italic and bolding are of my own hand. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez)

For the sake of “Grace Poe” and the nation? Or for the sake of “other nominees and their concerns?”

Let us look a little further.

Fine, our explanation of universal standard principle did not ride well with certain “commissioners” shall we call them who are most expedient themselves in hurrying along the Supreme Court Justices in making “the” decision in their favour.

Well, this is a social issue and much more than a social issue. Why is this? Because this decision to carry or destroy the entire career of Senator Grace Poe must lie upon one of two criteria: Either to make a ruling consistent with universal principle OR inconsistent by carrying over the outdated law written by those with little insight during the previous hour of their decision in the ruling of this new hour.

When events move throughout history we move with them and are not stuck in the mud and quagmire of dulled insensitive minds whose only present career move sees them like a pack of wolves hungry after the career of a hard working and caring woman such as Senator Grace Poe whose first liability is themselves, and indeed not whether or not she is a citizen of the Philippines and for the required years based upon a law which has absolutely no bearing upon any civilized nation in the twenty-first century AD as you call it.

The Supreme Court is not present to pad their own accounts as the injurers of others present in their dictatorial objectiveness and cunning to only themselves, seem to be.

But Comelec will go on and without the assistance of the prosecutors by name throughout this benedict of kangaroo court lesion of which we can most assuredly exponentiate that the Supreme Court Magistrates, each and every one, will set aside as having been “modified” from the dark ages of the mind.

So you clamor for the head and career of Senator Grace Poe? You want a decision ruled as “law” by the Supreme Court? Well, the Supreme Court does not rule upon inconsecutive laws which would no more pass the bar in their enlightenment than stand present in light of all universal principle.

So let us tie this up then from our “point of view” vs. all the “wolves’ point of view” shall we? But ours is based upon an “active and workable principle” while the Electoral Commissioners’ base their position upon an “inactive and unworkable law” which passed its usefulness since the 14 to 18th century AD, as you call it.

IF you say Senator Grace Poe is “not” eligible to run for the presidential seat of power then we would surmise that President Aquino who is presently in California U.S.A. at the ASEAN-U.S. Summit also was neither invited nor sits in the company of the United States President Barak Obama, for he, likewise, had been faced with, and overcame similar obstacles which by their own tendency made no sense whatsoever.

So, the ruling upon Senator Grace Poe stands likewise and shall the rule of law be instead determined by the universal rule of principle which states:

In dealing with any, which certain ones deem, for the peculiar notion of enhancing their own particular agenda as being an “irregularity” of conduct by that of the Senator, Grace Poe, justices and members of the court, one must first come to the high realization that we are all here upon this once newly seeded world as “visitors,” for each one of us within this global community has come from another world within this great wide expanse of the universe. Yet along with that invitation to inhabit this once newly-seeded earth, each one of us has been also granted global “citizenship. In this wise how is one to define the status of ”citizenship globally” by cauterizing one nation from the body of the whole?

THEREIN shall we ask ourselves in our deliberation as a sequel case:

Is the President of the United States Barak Obama a legitimate citizen of the United States of America or is he not?

If he is not then who is President Aquino visiting as sitting President of the United States of America in this Gregorian calendar year of two-thousand sixteen?

Be careful in your dealings with the Supreme Court and Magistrates of the Philippines all ye rabid ones lest you find yourselves in the outmoded state of relinquishing your very own seats of that “power” which each one of you “think" you hold.

We had written of the earlier hour these words:

Will then the “rule of law” outweigh the “rule of principle?” For laws made by the hand of man and woman alike which dually take on a scent of “oneness among themselves,” often and in their “practical way“ of only intending in following after those “whose full interests are indeed in not copulating…

We rest our case. Good day.

Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Salu




Mr. President Aquino, Senators, Candidates. Good Afternoon.

When “peace” is thrown out the window and the squabbling resorts to a political bloodbath, is this indeed the thrust of political observance? Or is political observance nowhere to be found? Indeed, for the thrust of political observance is all too well entrenched. And why is this? Simply due to the fact that political acquaintance with the ruination of one nation after another by the unstable sand-bearers whom are “only” the people whose platform is set upon a shifting sand, blown every which way by the wind, in making decisions which they believe will best conform to their getting “elected” or becoming a head above everyone else are such ones main and first objective.

Indeed, and how will they then “keep” their BIG CHAIR? After the electoral process? Simply by selling out the remainder of the nation’s resources including the land and the peoples themselves to the capitalist system. And who reaps the most? The highest bidder of course.

But the gold will weigh down their pockets and the squabbling will continue until the crossroads will bury them deep within their own dark caverns of controversy and when that happens, the national home of the Philippines and all nations around them will be lost.

Watch the new building projects and whom are the signatories.

And “who” indeed will benefit the most.

And “who” will be left out.

Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Salu



Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of the cousin region of Japan. We welcome you not only into the Philippines but into the very soul of the nation as well. Today is the final day of your welcomed visit and we wish you both a relaxing and comfortable flight home.

You are two of the most kindly and considerate people we have yet encountered upon this world and if the soul dictates the conscience then let history always be remembered as our lessons to be learned and let us then move on with the present in building paradise for the ASEAN regions to ensure not one hand lifts the tuning fork of purgatory against the other again.

It is our wish therefore, that as the ASEAN nations join in good will toward one another that the strength of good policy and excellent character between the Philippines and Japan no longer subtract the Chinese cousins from their own cousin races. It is your inherent right to work together in bringing the Oneness back into the ASEAN House as a whole.

Grandeur is not what the seat of the nation is about. Grandeur between peoples is exactly what does divide a nation into class liabilities. It is for this reason, precisely, that the Original Talents and Purchase Order System be not only recognized but implemented as quickly as possible.

Forging ahead is what makes steel strong and iron likewise. Doing nothing with the likeness of bitterness only serves to suggest that more lives given to “duty” on all sides would be the most applicable route, which indeed, you must agree, is a policy unforgivable.

We must all learn from the errors of the past and no longer synchronize them into the present.

We trust you enjoyed your stay. Salu

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds Sela



DND forges P2.68-B deal for air surveillance radars


Mr. President Aquino, Sir. We are at your service. It seems that last year the corporate powers have tried to hog-tie you into doing their bidding. Of course, we all know that should such a design of power be signed into motion, it will, nevertheless “not” pass by Congress.

“Thank you, Sir…”

If that “deal” with Israel were to be be signed and ratified by Congress, then four events would happen:


1) Israel would “own” the Philippines because the Philippines “without quantitative easing” would actually hold a “death wish” upon the nation through back-arcing a “mort-gage,” for the World Bank “know” that the Philippines cannot even feed the poor adequately. In other words, Mr. President, you have been slandered and used as a backdrop or shield for the wrath of people to throw their heavy slingshots at. We have more to say about this as well.


Strangely enough upon hearing this video again it seems to have altered. Governments do not have access to “quantitative easing” otherwise President John F. Kennedy would have not been assassinated for implicating the “creation of new currency” enough to put adequate into circulation. Neither do politicians have the authority for writing into existence, the same.

IF the Central Banks “refuse” this “quantitative easing” as being “legal” then indeed they must suffer the consequences of their own laws in legality, otherwise, in granting “quantitative easing” among all peoples, governments and nations, they would in fact destroy their own monetary system and thereby “assist” in the setting forth the system which they destroyed and that is the Original Talents and Purchase Order System.

Little banks are used as a “catalyst” for “tricking nations into giving even more of their money of which governments and citizens have so little” when all the World Bank “jewry” (verb) “action-takers” need to do is “allow” the smaller bank managers to “write into existence” which is the maneuver of “quantitative easing” in order to balance the books. Israel, for example, could easily “give” the Philippine national house their surveillance “weapons” which they basically export for free from the militarist complex of the Pentagon which is under their grip but then they could not “officially” own the Philippines and all of the smaller nations of ASEA and continue in demonizing the Chinese.


Now, this is no way for the west and Israel to “share” in the Talents and Purchase Order System of which we have a “surprise” for all of you before this day ends its hour.

2) A war with chemical and experimental weapons by the Americans as well as experimental weaponry held by the Chinese would leave a catastrophic effect upon not only the Philippine “home” but for every nation within a radius of…well, remember Vietnam and Japan?

3) The United States of America would immediately cordon “off” all oil and gas production and supply in the south China west Philippine Sea. With full core production, the gas rates throughout ASEA would triple if not quadruple. Big industry along with all of its pollution and need for space to build not only industry but housing for themselves employing very “few” Filipino nationals, would no long try to slip in though the back door through their setting up of the IDLO (International new law court) for the “real” purpose alongside of bringing Monsanto in to destroy the food of the people in order to make them weaker, to prosecute any person, group, or nation who dared to speak out against the new “owners” of one of the most “significant sea corridors of the world.”

4) The Philippine Island “home” in no wise is even capable of such a defense even “if” Mr. President, you have strategic defenses of monitoring. That would do the Philippines little good for in no wise are the brave men and women of the Philippine “home” any match for the two world superpowers.

Sir, we wish to present this portion of assistance toward your ears as of the immediate moment, therein we ask of you, Mr. President, to avail yourself in the shortest of hours to check back for the continuation of this, our service, to you, Mr. President Aquino, our other “good man.” At such hour shall we have corrected our grammatical errors. We have little space in this event for bolding or italicizing. We do apologize.



You see, Mr. President, a fact which you may or may not have had the event or hour at your disposal to be aware off, as many leaders are often the last ones to be informed by their “Staff,” is this Sir:

Whenever, the World Bank cannot find its way “legally” (under their own concept of law which runs contrary to all Universal Principle), they set up new courts when de Hague does not work in their favour of ruling an exploitation gag upon other nations. In addition to this the ISIS-A was set up to “allow” (1st principle) the CIA and FBI to remain in Russia upon covert operations with the CIA and maneuvering its assets into a trouble-making coalition in Chechnya and Russia in days gone by leaving disharmony and bloodshed in the midst of anarchy.

Under the present International Law Based groups which Israel and the West Operate, the CIA and FBI are able to “legally” maneuver in Russia and set up covert operations spinning the “money-giant” infront of “poor immigrant” farmers, and leaving out the poorest among the Russian poor, hiding them from world view press media which they operate as well, who are the “Russian-Hebrews” whose life is so intolerable that when they asked Israel for compensation and to take them out of their dire circumstances, Israel turned upon them in disgust.

You see, ISIS-A was a front for the real “intent” and that “intent” was to completely “demonize” the nations round Israel. The Christians were already on the side of Israel through unscrupulous lies being “brainwashed into their minds” and physical “visions” been given to some through “project blue beam” throughout the centuries for technology is “not” a new thing which has occurred in the 20th to 21st century, by far.

Where did ISIS initiate from and why did the GCC Gulf COOPERATIVE Council say nothing when asked if they would support action in war against the outfit? Because they “knew” who had set ISIS up and the reason why.

Fringe groups who had lost their relatives and loved one though the barbarism of NATO and the west joined this ISIS and further demonization of the “Muslims” was well under way. So the ASEAN nations had been demonized through proclamation that “Communism” was going to take over the world; “Communism” was going to take over America.

Whenever a nation “refuses” to submit or agree to this “blackmail” and “threats” by the World Bank then all of a sudden ISIS is brought into the picture that somehow, they were threatening another nation and so the nation had better respond favourably to the west and Israel before ISIS-A sent ISIS into their nation to demonize the “Muslim” community there and create “hell on earth” for that nation, bringing the nation to its knees before it completely evaporated in front of the world public eyes.

With owning the world media this was not a difficult job. Money talks and no one likes to lose his or her physical life.

But there were other bogeymen used for the catapult to frighten world nations out of their minds and join the Bankers nightmare wars, and of this shall we speak further.

Of course not all of the Middle East are Arab for many of the nations are non-Arab or mixed cousin races. So Israel needed to conduct a survey and decided the “Muslims” would be their next victims.

These crudities were “not” conducted nor approved by the Hebrews themselves but by the Albino jewry or “action-takers.” That will be all for today. Thank you, Mr. President Aquino for your ear. Salu

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Sela