099.The Rewriting of History by The Masters of Disguise (Part Two)




The Rewriting of History by The Masters of Disguise (Part Two)

The Albino jewry (jewry being a verb an action word and not a noun nor a race) in their search for a homeland decided to tie-in the Germans to England and then in order that the new English gentry would never talk England was used to decimate Dresden, an historical German city. But guess where the real blame lay?

Likened to Yemen the eighth wonder of the world, their historical city was also threatened with destruction and that was the only value Yemen had to show for itself at that hour to the world. This is a pattern which the world bank uses which shall be nondescript in later years.

Mass concentration camps in Canada held thousands of German prisoners who were all left to die and never released following the end of the war. This is a hidden history and a forbidden topic. Winston Churchhill, another Hellion jewry (action word, a verb, and not a noun nor a race) placed leader was one whose entire soul makeup was of charred bodies and a gram of mercy was not his companion. Adolf Hitler, the demonized leader who refused the bankers destruction of Germany through monetary headwind, had mercy and released the British solders saying “these are my brothers, why should I destroy them?”

Both Germany as well as England were actually allies in the war against the world bank but due to the headwind of jewry (being a verb, an action word, a template, and not a noun nor a race) the world bank pitted the two nations one against the other. Strategically and historically speaking Adolf Hitler was in no wise making bombs for the purpose of invasion of another nation any more than Saddam Hussein was in Iraq, yet the victor’s accounts in both cases were exactly the same because strategy of the world bank is based upon their making the people believe media-presumptuous curricula whereby the tendency is then already formed in laying the groundwork for a worldwide brainwashing. This was by course of action the simplest and most foolproof method in non-relaxation of the charm of the marionette politicians whom are the ones put in power after a CIA based underground coup on any said nation.


A politician is not a stateman nor stateswoman. They are the banker’s aggregates.

Socialism a mild form of capitalism cuts the world bank out. Socialism in all of its forms is the next closest agenda to setting up paradise for the people save that socialism still works upon the precept of social credit which means monetary banking credit toward the peoples. But when one issues any form of credit that means monies ahead and the equalization suggests that somewhere up the line there is a debt held. All formats of monetary conjunctions will never bring paradise around simply due to the fact that wherever there is held any form of standard such as gold, silver, or copper for instance, the standard shall be eventually taken from the people and replaced with a type of worthless note or chip.

Social Media Brainwashing Sets The Tone For The Next Series Of world bank Invasions and Occupations. When a rat is used in lab experiments there is a regard that if the rat is given the same mouthful of poison in its diet enough hours, the rat will begin to expect it’s diet to remain the same and the rat being brainwashed into knowing no better will begin to enjoy the diet.

When conditioning of the people through recognition of strategy being upon the same level of experimentation of cause and effect, the rationale of the people then begins to click-in to recognize the same strategy being used by the world bank and its media in all case scenarios.

The world bank having initiated the same strategy over and over again saw the people heavily brainwashed into recognizing as being “wicked leaders” those men and women on the world bank blackmail, demonetization of, and hit list.

At that same hour the peoples’ conditioning then also recognized that those who bring a system of creating a paradise for the people are really the “wicked” ones because they go against all world bank standard. The gold standard. The golden cow standard, the standard of the one-eyed G-D.

After the Hellions made a pact with England who had occupied Palestine the Hellions blackmailed both Great Britain as well as France into signing another secret document apart from the Balfour Declaration stating that if Germany wins the war, the throne of England will be disposed of entirely and made into a living Republic of the People of French ancestry.

Coupled with Russia and China the Rothchild would own it all. They needed the waters of the gulf for security incase the banking system ran out. In that way they could still control the national defence of the Middle East and the Gulf Arabs. Strategically the bounty lay in the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers of Iraq but the mouth was upstream in Turkey which they already had, they thought, well under their control. Syria was next. When the bounty ran out, the Middle East would be dry and sell everything it owned in national resources such as the oil and gas fields just for the next tank of water.

Drip by drip the Rothchild would bankrupt the nations and dry gulch memorabilia was the next project well under way.

When one understands the very nature of why the world bank demonizes certain world leaders, the people will begin to recognize that the criteria is always wealth and power over the leaders and peoples of the nations.

Each leader and nation which the world bank has both demonized and gone to war against is based upon SIN. The Social Insurance Number or percentage of all the people’s goods and labour would have been taken out of the world banker’s hands and given to the peoples in a form of a great relaxing of the chains which bind them in every facet of their body.

(Part three to be continued)

 - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds