098. The Rewriting of History by The Masters of Disguise (Part One)


3.17.2016 9:44 AM Thursday


The Rewriting of History by The Masters of Disguise


 With each and every generation there seems to be an icon of mirth and subjugation when recognizing in caricature format or cartoons some of the nastiest Recorded events in the history of the HUman family. History has seldom been written, however, in the manner it actually unfolded. And why is this?

Simply because the “victor” always rewrites history or gives a false account as being “his” version of the “story,” for the “victor” is the world bank and the world bank is a controller of media press, economics, great and small militaries of the world.

Anyone whose “story” differs from that which the world bank “demands” people to bow down to as the “golden cow” are demonized by the world bank’s very stroke of the pen into ashes before the world populace.

We wish to unfold the understanding of which the many upon this planet including the Hebrew “victims” themselves, “victims” in the sense that the Hebrew race was made both honoured and despised before the world populace by the Albino jewry (jewry being a verb, an action word, and not a noun nor a race) in their being set apart as “the chosen ones” of G-D, when in fact they were chosen by the Albino jewry (jewry being a verb, and action word, and not a noun nor a race) and their GOLDEN COW monetary one-eyed GOD.

You see the word "jew" which is an action word, a verb, not a noun nor a race, was falsely attached to the Hebrew-hybrid as a name, to protect the Albino jewry (jewry is an action word, a verb, and not a noun nor a race) themselves and their banking system. The word was set to describe them all as working in concerted action to be recognizable by the world bank. They could be merchants, teachers, it did not matter what vocation because they could all be called upon to do the bidding of the world bank. Many Hebrew-hybrids did not like this and they were left to face an ugly physical death sitting in the cold, homeless with no food nor water. So when someone was labelled anti-Semite which is also a false label for Semite pertains to Arabs, it simply meant: do not touch, speak, nor condemn the "gollywog" of the Albino jewry (jewry being a verb, an action word, not a noun nor a race) agenda.

The Hellion jewry (which is an action word, a verb, and not a noun nor a race) forbids anyone who is not a chosen Hebrew-hybrid to say that they belong to ISRAEL as one of them.

This elitist view of themselves made many Hebrews both arrogant and submissive to the one-eyed G-D honourary myth who cashed them far above all other HUman beings in the global community. We will continue with this portion a little later in our hour. The Hebrew-hybrids are among the most victimized peoples on the globe but not in the manner in which history has demanded it be written.

When the DNA of the Hebrew people became mixed with pure Albino Hellion DNA the Helixes multiplied, they split into two parts, one positive and one negative and that created the new Albino race. This was necessary for the distinctly different featured Albinos, themselves, to finally have a race of peoples with which to quietly integrate themselves within to avoid stringent recognition.

Yet there were still some problems unforeseen at that hour of the day. This was solved by medical science which has always been on the fast-track of breakthroughs as much today as in the beginning.

Lab technology was brought in to handle the problem. Through lab technology at least “some” of the underlying features which would have given them away were extracted or burnt out. This same lab technology is also used in instances where grave DNA fluxuations of bad genes which affect the HUman body negatively are removed and a healthy fetus is then born.

What actually transpired is held in the Archive Records upon far away planets which you call “Heavenly Records of Each Person’s Life Experience” as well as within the libraries upon our great starships in your “heavens.”

The following is what actually had to transpire in the minds of the Albino banking jewry (jewry being a verb, an action word, and not a noun nor a race) in order to create for the Albino jewry (jewry being a verb, an action world, and not a noun nor a race) a pristine homeland which they felt would serve their purpose the best.

Subtitle one: The Great Golden Cow Or The Great Gollywog?

The WWII Holocaust was actually brought on by the Albino banking jewry (jewry being a verb, an action word, and not a noun nor a race).

The true gollywog is not inherently a racist depiction yet the holocaust which the Albino banking jewry (jewry being a verb, an action word, and not a noun nor a race) created through a compromise of “wills” (lands left in to the British colonies for a gestation period of five to ten years in their hand to do with as they liked in return for “a small pleasant little favour – Mr. Mayer Rothchild” became known as the Belfour Declaration of nineteen hundred and eighteen made sure that should anyone speak against the “gollywog” agenda it would be akin to the most raciest slur ever manufactured by pen or paper in their courts of law they keep a close eye on. The “gollywog agenda” was to be taught in schools and universities and promoted in films and books and Sunday afternoon chats. It was to bring the world populace down to its knees where they could never win over the world bank without severe repercussions. World leaders must also show their allegiance to the world bank by bowing down to the “gollywog agenda” and of that shall we go into shortly.

And those “wills” were backed by the Rothchild in world banking practices of which strategy became a carefully knit hand-in- the-glove received by Hellion-hybrid British legionnaires with France, the French governor at that hour of the new day, for what became the US. Out-reach military base of Israel.

(Notation: The spelling of Rothchild is not Rothschild. Rothschild referred to the brainchild of the Albino world bank religious agenda)

Great Britain became hamstrung by its own precepts with the legionnaires of France but the culprits at the top of its own government were the sixteen-year-old legionnaires, the little sacrificial blood-stained lambs sent off to uphold some of the most gruesome banker’s wars this world has ever known. Gaunt little white starved faces marching off both Italian ranks with little more than plowshares, and the Irish were sold to the plantations world-wide, over two-hundred and fifty thousand of them and little has been known. They were more plentiful as slaves than even the Africans which some Arab tribes of that day had festooned to and shipped off in short to large amounts of cargo-moving boats.

England had had the stage set by the Albino agenda for the great “gollywog,” centuries before even Queen Victoria, remember, took council to meet her family member at the summer of the Lieutenant Governor’s Estate.

And England became the “other” most “victimized” nation in the world. By lock, stock and the barrel of the gun constantly pointed at the heads of Parliament, no law, no rule, no word spoken by the Queens were allowed unless the Prime Minister of Parliament wrote what we would call “the script.” The English gentry had been well silenced and the days of the Throne was long centuries gone.

Figureheads remained unable to voice any concern which differed with that of the banking Rothchilds or Albino jewry (jewry being a verb, an action word, and not a noun nor a race) with the golden frock.

The other Hellions who travelled through the accidental rip in the fabric of the space experienced no difficulty whatsoever and are described in many texts as coming in the appearance of angels of light. But their parallel universe saw the Hellions in the likeness of each prominent race of HUman beings upon this earthen plane we have starmapped long yet not so long ago as being as Angorius.

This the Hellions did in order that when their banking monetary economic system with all its religious delusions were set up that there would be put in place a negative force behind each leadership which would keep each nation in constant chaos because they knew that when the day came when the PEOPLES would begin to understand the schematics of the Hellions’ agenda against the entire HUman race the Humanities would be too brainwashed and tied-into the banking system to even know how to change it back into the Paradise the Hellions took away from them.

The day of knowledge came and with it came rage from the global community. The Hellions of which there are but a handful left with pure unshared DNA genetics, their number low in comparison to the global world populace of over seven billion strong, began the next step of their agenda and that by global starvation after they altered the weather, inoculations mixed with deadly serum, chemical trails of aluminum-barium dust particles, white phosphorus in wars unaccountably by the united nations which they set up to serve their agenda, drug wars, and unaccountable other Hellion manufacturing which history has recorded before the Hellions try to change the face of their agenda once again and the records are burned along with the libraries as was the fate of the once Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt.

(Part two in continuance shortly)


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds