096.  Daily Memorandum Philippines (Third Part)

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 Analysis: Financial scandals put Philippines on 'dirty money' map


 Just before we begin for the day the questions attributed to the immigration concern in Europe, we would like to contribute to this writing as well. The archaic monetary capitalist system is the “dirty money’ world order which is not new but new in regard to the Original Talent and Purchase Order System as brought to this planet during the first seeding of HUman beings.




 - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds



Foreign leaders respect Philippines’s good governance – Noy


Good Morning, Mr. President Aquino III, Sir, we trust your day shall be illuminated with good prospects in the furtherance of “good governance” through the implementation of the far better system of economics namely the Talent and Purchase Order which each higher order of planets or worlds orchestrate in one voice putting their coordinated hand to one mind.

Furtherance in good governance, Mr. President, Sir, must go hand in hand with freedom for the Peoples. Freedom here, means precisely that not one person fall through the cracks or mechanism of the government as it pleads “further progress.”

Freedom for the Peoples, you must admit, Mr. President, Sir, is only freedom which is not tourniquet through the banking percentage system.

For example, under the label of “good governance” the government still operates under a tie-string which means a budget restraint otherwise known in high circles of contempt for the nations, as sanctions instigated and forced upon world nations by the world bank and its octopus system, which forces nations to hold to their archaic monetary system.

If you set aside a rainy-day cash flow for a committee to draw on in national emergencies, or should you continue working upon a percentage ratio in which to operate each segment of the criteria or programs brought forth, then the Peoples who are at the receiving end of the percentage, say 30 percent of the national budget goes for bridge-building materials and so you need in actuality to build four new bridges per quarter, then 70 percent is going to be missing therein holding up the progress of the other needed bridges with labour intact had better watch their step in crossing over the bridge. Why is this?

Never put bridge building under sanctions otherwise the bridges shall take many events or hours to complete. Likewise, if one cannot secure enough labour at a low wage in order for all costs to fit within the “sanctioned=tourniquet=budget of upcoming expenditures for the quarter, then the government could only see of itself to employ poor engineers and a very slack labour force at a percentage cut rate.

When one governs a nation upon a percentage basis then one actually has already decided against the full support of a 100 percent markup, but not over top of the quota, for example, in construction advantages in not only materials but employing the top engineering technicians in the architect drawing for layout of the schematics for bridges, for example, which will keep the PEOPLES’ safety as a number one concern, and the oversight by engineers during the construction will assure that the number one concern is well looked after.

To further ensure no debt arise to put the nation into the red line of the banking department one simply writes off the debt as the central bank does and all is well with the nation. For where no overhead is crawling down the backs of the People to their empty pocketbooks, all projects may then be seen to begin simultaneously for the full benefit of the Peoples leaving no talent out of work to his or her pleasure in gross volume production.

When the transition is completed the full Talent and Purchase Order System of Good Economics shall be well received and “better than ‘good governance’” in the ISLANDS OF THE PHILIPPINES shall become the trademark off the capitalist system of “bad and hurtful” economics where only the rich benefit.

We have spoken to the Peoples, Sir, especially the poor and they in no wise believe that anyone cares about them at all. We can well understand that for the percentage capitalist-based programs which are held in place today, Mr. President Aquino III, has left the greater percentage of PEOPLES out of the programs designed for the wealthy banking and corporate elite and those who follow after them, and those who do not wish assassinated by them nor their good name tarnished through lies by them. As you know they have quite a string of strategies.

The Peoples also are quite aware that the Americans as foreign visitors are embarrassingly snobby to the poor as are all those who reside in the higher circles of government. We have noticed the same of the Australians and Europeans. We are ONE HUMAN FAMILY NOT ONE BETTER THAN THE OTHER IN THE ASPECT OF RACE NOR MONETARY ACHIEVEMENT. Much monetary achievement in the world has been achieved by stepping on the head of another HUman being.

The poor of the nation observe and feel the contempt of the government in its various formats or offices, and already understand that the upcoming presidential candidates offer more of the same crumbs of percentages to be thrown at them from their own national Philippine table albeit on a different percentage basis where only the face has changed.

This, Sir, is another product of the tourniquet system of international banking practices.


In this wise, the same found in most nations, Sir, the labourers are the “blood sacrifice” of the product managers who want the product at cost cut and force the families into widowhood.

A percentage basis will only guarantee that the nation, any nation, will remain divided and conquered by the world bank and the rest of their fleecers.

We see your soul, Mr. President Aquino III, and in no wise was your intention ever toward anything but the highest principle for those who were sinking in the mire. And we understand that a man with his hands tied behind his back and a cloth in his mouth could do no more at that hour than you do. At least, Sir, you did do something while others did nothing. But now you can begin working in another direction where the PEOPLES of the NATION will be guaranteed the safely they deserve; from toxic gasses in the swelling of the earth as well.

Thank you for your ear, Sir, and should we be of further assistance to you at this hour in your Office as President, then you indeed, Mr. President, do have our ear. Salu.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds




FULL TEXT: Supreme Court dissenting opinions on Poe vs Comelec


Supreme Court Magistrates thank you, Sirs and Madams for your concern for I have made it through and have recovered. In no wise do I hold myself above the rest of the HUmanities, for should I preform to do so what would that indeed avail the poor and homeless who have no voice of their own?

It amazes us no end at the continuance in the wasting of hours over the same subject until one is quite fed up with it. Let us then for the problem seekers of the day explain our Constitution in this way:

If you ever draw up text in such as way as to take away from that text the simplicity of documentation then that text will snowball in on you and the problem seekers will take that text and wind it around the court’s neck. So let us clarify our stand in a less problematic way:

Each HUman being is a CITIZEN of this WORLD, Angorius. Unless the Islands of the PHILIPPINES have seceded from the global community of world citizenry then it only stands to REASON that: when one is a citizen of a larger complex as being the global community, then the Islands of the PHILIPPINES being part of that larger complex immediately grants that the citizen of the WORLD in question, also is a citizen of the Islands of the PHILIPPINES.

Either the Islands of the Philippines are a part of this global society belonging to this planet or they are not. If the latter is true then the Islands of the Philippines are not even a NATION OF THE CENTRAL ASEAN WHOLE. Salu

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds




Philippines: No involvement in joint patrols in disputed seas


“The reported joint naval exercises near the South China Sea, however, does not involve the Philippines in any way. It will, thus, be speculative on its possible impact to the concerns regarding the South China Sea,’ said Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr.”

Thank you, Sir, we will take it from here and upon our new day shall we all continue with the Round Table Conference of ASEAN NATIONS China included.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds




Broker flees with P100 M


The correct and only workable solution in dealing with this issue in the most efficient manner is to DROP THE ILLEGAL MONETARY SYSTEM as was brought to this planet by the Hellions who broke through the rip in the curtain or fabric of space, and transition over to the Original Talent and Purchase Order System of good economics and all capitalist monies will become worthless and be swept up on the street with all the other garbage.

The world banker with all of its arms of treachery has once again duped the peoples into believing that stock market gaming and gambling is the right of the stock-market brokers, which could not be further from the reality of the Talent and Purchase Order Paradisaical System which need to once again exist.

It is amusing to think that a monetary system which corrupts society, quadruples the crime rate, stresses the PEOPLES of the CENTRAL WORLD NATIONS until many cannot take it any longer and commit suicide or murder their families and the people around them due to losing their own minds, is something other than “dirty money” in all of its forms. A transition need be made and then ALL CRIME WILL FALL TO THE WAYSIDE FOR THERE WILL BE NO ADVANTAGE IN GAINING PRECIDENCE ONE HEAD OVER THE OTHER.

How can one thief steal from another thief and it be called any more of a crime than the first offense when stock-brokers of the world manipulate the PEOPLES’ money on a capitalist-based world-accepted gaming table as found on Wall Street or any other manipulation of “dirty monies” throughout the world?

It is akin to arresting a demon from stealing capital currency from the devil itself when the funds all came from stock-market manipulation such as one will find the middle-man doing as he arranges the prices of oil to rise or to fall. It is not the oil producing nations who initiate this but the “middle-man” who plays with your lives upon a gaming table for simple and quick profit.


Which thief then will you arrest and detain when one thief demands the other thief return stolen capital which the first thief stole from the PEOPLES OF THE NATIONS with their capitalist scams in the first place?

It is akin to arresting a demon from stealing capital currency from the devil itself when the funds all came from stock-market manipulation such as one will find the middle-man doing as he arranges the prices of oil to rise or to fall. It is not the oil producing nations who initiate this but the “middle-man” who plays with your lives upon a gaming table for simple and quick profit.

No matter how you look at it, any system of economics which is opposed to the Talent and Purchase Order System of economics which every Paradisaical World within the universes use is nothing but “dirty money” so the transition need to be brought forth as of the immediate hour. Then you will also have no more corporate scams.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds



Philippines impounds North Korea vessel, to deport crew


“The Bureau of Immigration said it has restricted the shore passes of the 21 crewmembers of the ship.

“The Jin Teng was inspected in Subic Bay, a former US-run naval base, after it arrived Thursday from Balembang, Indonesia, loaded with palm kernel expeller – a byproduct of palm oil production and other agricultural products.

“The Jin Teng is among 31 vessels that could be forced to stop trading after being included in an asset freeze against a North Korean shipping company under the tightened sanctions passed unanimously by the UN Security Council on Wednesday.

“The Jin Teng was inspected for the second time yesterday, this time using electronic weapons sensors, PCG spokesman Commander Armand Balilo said.

He added the 21 crewmen were “very cooperative.”

We would say to you this day: do NOT destroy your house of the beautiful Islands of the Philippines by listening to those in the UN who only forge ahead to steal and share of your natural riches and low-labour costs of the PEOPLE of the PHILIPPINES.

The United Nations are in allegiance with the United States and its cooperatives in both the Halliburton American oil giant and corporations for the reparation rebuilding of the ASEAN CENTRAL NATION as it intends upon dragging you into a third WW.

Remember the lessons of the past. For those who forget the lessons they have learned from others are doomed to become the next recipient and exact a repeat of the same injustice.

Remember Iraq among many other nations? Remember the United States gaining allies holding out the carrot of the promised sharing of spoils to every nato member nation who all proceeded to crucify the innocent PEOPLE of the once sovereign nation of IRAQ, kill off their scientists and steal all that was not theirs – sacrificing their own soldiers to the munitions and DU dropped on their heads. And it was NOT DONE BY IRAQ. They could never return home incase they “talked.”

Ask the American Generals what happened when they tried to get the word, home, to what exactly was going down in IRAQ and when the GENERALS forged together to save their soldiers from certain physical death, they WERE NOT LISTENED TO, BUT RATHER THEY WERE ARRESTED, LOCKED UP and THREATENED.

Not every American wanted to be in IRAQ.

At our Round Table of NON-DISPUTE we do not impound a part of the CENTRAL ASEAN BODY because a virus tells us to. For the body likened to a car motor must run on all circuits and automations otherwise the house will fall and the PHILIPPINES ALONG WITH IT.

The united nations are NOT AN ALLY of the Great ISLAND OF THE PHILIPPINE PEOPLE NOR OF THE CENTRAL ASEAN WORLD but rather are a “cooperative” of their own in “allegiance” to their own kind and NOT an ALLY, we repeat, of THE PHILIPPINES.

Be careful when you choose your “friends” for certain “friends” may just turn out to be your very undoing.

The United States of America has presumed and blackened the eye in world view upon North Korea making North Korea their next “foe.” Again.

The North Koreans did not prove to be anything less than “cooperative” because they are no threat. They want to live within a paradisaical society and economic system far apart from the world bank, as contributors to the Whole, every CENTRAL WORLD NATION INCLUDED when their hour comes.



You see, once the banker owns all mineral wealth just as the gold of the nations was locked up in fort knox and other designed realms, so has the banker long gone after each and every SOVEREIGN NATION’S WEALTH.

Does the banker bother going after nations who have nothing?


Therein treat your North Korean brothers as “guests” and treat them as you would your own body, for you are ASEAN and you are ONE PEOPLES OF A GREAT CENTRAL ASEAN NATION!


Good Day.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds





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Pacquiao poll ratings drop after comments vs same-sex marriage


Sir, we see only People and nothing else. Of what their life journey at this present hour consists of we would say to you: If they have not injured you nor anybody else with their lifestyle then we fail to understand your concern.

Boxers, on the other hand, Sir, injure each other every day, do they not? How is that any different from animals been pitted together for the gain of a few pesos by their handlers? We see, of course, no point in either event for in the former, your present vocation, Sir, it rattles the bones of contention and the bones of the physical body. The end result is a pocketful of money for attracting private investigators and investors.

Though your pockets are clean, Sir, for the most part, no private investigator is needed. However, how is one able to run for office entirely based upon a boxing career leaving the brains scrambled event after event, as the final offering to the Peoples of the wonderful Island of the Philippines?

Each Nation, Sir, is a house. A house provides a home for all. Within each Nation, Sir, there are many rooms within the house and within those many rooms live many People of diverse evolutionary status. And within each Nation or Body, the “family” who resides within the same house yet living within their own rooms, or provinces, or states, are all a viable part of the HUman race as you are. And as a viable part of the HUman race they are important contributors to the Universal Whole.

The PEOPLES OF THE NATION, each NATION upon the globe, which is a much GREATER BODY are diverse in their nature, each progressing in their own hour, learning, correcting mistakes, helping others, and most of all, Sir, “cherishing” each other that they may better learn “equalization” of one another and learn that within all life-journeys we must, each one, be provided a “home;” a home within a NATIONAL BODY where we “ALL” feel wanted, loved, and secure.

Many souls need to work through their lessons a little longer and others do not, all depending upon their lessons in this lifestream. It may surprise you, Sir, to learn that this is where religion proves to be the greater barrier to the growth of the HUman soul H=Holy=moral and ethical, U=Universal or All-Encompassing Total rather than proving to be the standard of the Higher Evolved Paradisaical Worlds.

Some religions also forbid the action of their priests to join with a nun, for instance, and of course when this occurs, and the life journey of both wish to complete each other, the lessons of both shall be stymied and put on hold. When this occurs of course, then physical-emotional necessity will turn in another direction just as it does in penitentiaries throughout the world. In this wise, again religion is blocking the lessons of the HUman race who seek for the UNITY and NOT SEPARATION.

While you have much talent left in you, Sir, and much to offer the whole of society, which you do, you would be better in choosing a vocation which allows the growth of the soul standard in understanding and accepting People for themselves.

Assisting souls in their growth, Sir, is not something which is done overnight, so to speak, but rather which is a constant and continual evolution of not only their souls but that of ourselves.  Salu.

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds