094.  Is Quantitative Easing A Criminal Act? (Part two)

                  March 3, 2016 10:40 pm JST China's political elite converge on Beijing with cold feet





(Part two – Is quantitative easing a criminal act?)


Mr. President Xi Jinping, Sir, with your permission shall we now continue. It is known far and wide that quantitative easing is being a hidden concept in work from the people since the Hellions first invaded this planet. In fact, Mr. President Xi Jinping, Sir, the nature of quantitative easing was not set to bail out banks but rather to balance the books in the favour of the world bank jewry (jewry being an action word, a verb, and not a noun nor a race)


It is necessary to remove the fear of implementing quantitative easing which the world bank jewry (jewry being an action word, a verb, and not a noun nor a race) has placed upon each nation of the world including CHINA, through the outlawing of such practice should such knowledge be discovered.


Since the world bank and its central branches work with a deficit autonomy, they, of course, at the beginning needed to protect themselves while gathering all the gold, silver, bills, gems of all description and locking these items of trade away from the people in their estranged vaults of concrete, platinum, (one might think not), iodized chambers, and so on.


When a virus is created such as the zika which can infect the brain and distort the HUman embryo; a virus which is now being spread throughout the United States due to the fact that the PEOPLES are gaining too much knowledge and understanding of what is being done to themselves by the world bank jewry (jewry being an action word, a verb, and not a noun nor a race) who will go to any lengths to protect their power base which is the capitalist monetary system we can also well understand that each viral genetic which is being then manufactured for the headwind over the PEOPLES to infect and change the frequency of certain DNA-Helix modules, are NOT going to be aired out publically WITHOUT the virus first having had a serum injected into the arm of each participant and their upper-echelon co-workers.


So with banking the quantitative easing is the serum. But no one is supposed to find out that the poison, you understand, the slow poison of banking etiquette does in no wise give the serum which is quantitative easing. Both the serum for the zika virus as well as the serum for quantitative easing are FORBIDDEN to the PEOPLE as well, Sir, as their knowledge of such.


So, then going by the standard of using quantitative easing which the world bank holds and shields for itself, is it then against the law of any nation to implement such standard? Or does any international world court stand reason which supports and glory-stamps the world banking policies in their EVEN THINKING of passing ANTI-QUANTITATIVE EASING laws against any nation or PEOPLES since the PEOPLES are trained to follow the rules of the established world bank?


You understand, Mr. President Xi Jinping, Sir, that a band-aid methodology of credit creation for eliminating the national “manipulative digital debt load which the world bank created for the nation” also places “each nation and government and peoples in a tourniquet” before forcing each nation to pay such as serfs back to the estate which is the world bank. Serfdom has never left the dark ages.


It is imperative that governments claim the same rights as the world bank set up for itself, through implementing quantitative easing for their entire nations and be comfortable with that same privilege WITHOUT FEAR OF world bank retaliation.




Each loan to each nation is one more tourniquet placed around the necks of each government and each citizen by the world banking establishment, its conglomerate corporations, their middle men who set the oil prices, as well as high-rise tower executives.


Each tourniquet are actually sanctions and those sanctions ensure each and every nation remain on a budget no matter which leaders is elected or appointed.


The capitalist system with all of its branches and leaves interwound throughout the nations like tributaries is the infection which need the serum of quantitative easing at the onset.


But most of all the ROOT which destroyed PARADISE IS THAT WHICH NEEDS ELIMINATED FOR THE BENEFIT AND GOOD POLICY AMONG ALL MEN, WOMEN, AND THE CHILD, OR CHILDREN TO ENSURE THAT NO MORE POVERTY, WAR, CRIME, CONTENTION and so on, shall ever again exist upon this planet we so long ago yet not so long ago starmapped as being called “Angorius” a planet of Peace.


Mr. President Xi Jinping, Sir, it is necessary at this stage to write into law quantitative easing.




The world bank will then try to sanction CHINA as it did IRAQ, NORTH KOREA, and many many other nations, BUT THE world bank CANNOT WIN THIS WAR WITH GUNS AND MUNITIONS WITHOUT gunners, soldiers, hatred, greed, fighters, sacrifices of the children of each and every nation, IF PEOPLES AND THEIR RESPECTIVE GOVERNMENTS REFUSE TO COOPERATE INCLUDING THOSE PEOPLES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WHO HAVE FOUND THAT THEIR SONS AND DAUGHTERS WHOM THEY WERE TOLD WERE KILLED IN THE LAST WAR OR TWO OVERSEAS (YET WERE TOLD THAT NO REMAINS WERE FOUND TO BE SENT HOME), find that their loved ones were sent back to the United States of America in long silver tubes and under the dark of night their flesh and bones were buried in Arlington Cemetery with no flag and no ceremony, while other deceased American soldiers were transported back in the same manner. They were quietly loaded and airlifted from American airstrips in Iraq, also, into the mountains of West Virginia and buried there. Unmarked graves. No flags. No salute.


Over 2 million Iraqi perished under the occupation, and over five thousand more American and British servicemen and women were flown to Greece and quietly buried there, but it was not the Iraqis who killed them all, it was their own government at that hour as marionetted by the world bank.


Chemical white phosphorus, depleted uranium, and so on, and all brought into Iraq by the Americans. The Iraqi themselves had been so sanctioned they hardly had food. They were sanctioned by the world bank media, the u.n. the world bank and so on. These are placed before your eyes, Sir, as an example, because I cannot forget the pictures of headless limbless children all freed from every part of themselves in this horrible horrible occupation. We do in no wise wish to ever see this again and so we work doubly hard to ensure no more war fall upon any nations of the Silk Corridor this hour.


And when this pen told what had happened, Greece was THREATENED BY THE world bank WITH FORECLOSURES of its own government, AND THE world bank went to Germany and told the German government that they owed debt to Greece and Greece in the meantime was to agree that Germany owed much debt to Greece.


The next move by the world bank was to monetarily tourniquet Greece for digging up the British and American soldiers who were PEOPLES CHILDREN and made Greece force Germany to become bankrupt. One might think one knows the actual reason behind this? Not all is quite as it seems.


This is the reason, Sir, that we asked that General Carter Faris Ham would be asked of his good nature to come to the Silk Corridor because we knew that he was such a man who would never sacrifice American soldiers in a useless war. We knew this because the President of the United States had the General arrested for going against a useless law which forbade him from rescuing American soldiers.


We also knew that he was such a man as upheld the dignity and good will of the brother-sister ASEAN NATION OF CHINA due to his former talks before, Sir.


Therein, did we know such a man of good conscience toward the Chinese would not strike CHINA even should he be sent over with strike forces.


The General would never bite the hand of friendship with the brother-sister nation of CHINA on behalf of the world bank and leave the United States of America completely out of rebuilding Paradise.


Though the United States will be spending much of its events in heavily assisting those nations they have bombed to destruction, we know there can never be world peace with every crime, every evil, being brought forth into courts and more court and on and on and on and on for almost every nation within this global community has engaged itself in world bank wars, so where does it end otherwise? You see our point here.


Mr. President Xi Jinping, Sir, this is the finality of Part two. We will continue in the shortest of hours and moments with Part three – the Manual.


With deep respect do we take our leave of you. Thank you, Mr. President Xi Jinping, Sir.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds