093. March 3, 2016 10:40 pm JST China's political elite converge on Beijing with cold feet




 President Xi Jinping, Sir, we must apologize for the lateness of the hour. It was sometime, so to speak before we had even noticed your request, Sir, and then of course you became aware of the extenuating circumstances over upon our own doorstep with our ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Conference of which the attendance of CHINA has been exploratory. Offsetting all this was then mine own situation of health.

Thank you for being mindful of the chair, Sir.

Mr. President, should you still wish of our attendance upon the morrow with this far overdue concern of a manual, we would indeed be at your service to assist in a few suggestions.

The first concern at this hour, Mr. President Xi Jinping, Sir, is that you do NOT TRAVEL ABROAD TO THE UNITED STATES FOR YOUR NEXT MEETING AT THIS HOUR.

Tomorrow will be a short day.

With great respect and honour at also having been asked to your Conference, Mr. President, do we leave you for the moment.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds





Good Morning, Mr. President Xi Jinping, Sir. We trust we have not exceeded the lateness of the morning hour with our entry back into your pen and as we do understand your liking of extreme formalities “are not the greatest ‘achievement of men’ and women alike” we shall not spend your time in observing them.

Let us begin from our end to state that it is the PRINCIPLE, Sir, of all capitalist policy which is downsizing the amount of currency in circulation of the Renminbi and NOT the PRINCIPLES in compliance with all universal workings or acumen.

You see, Sir, that corruption in itself begins and retains and promotes of itself a head-start by simply adhering to the capitalist system of economics. Therefore we must also understand that anti-corruption MUST BEGIN by recognizing that source of the problem and of which way and from where it stems. So now we are sitting in the “which way” has corruption gone? Throughout the provinces, Sir? But where indeed is the source of corruption? We shall answer this as we go along into part two.

The root of the plant is corruption. Corruption is nourished throughout the stem of the plant and then the stem of the plant divides itself and spreads corruption throughout the leaves. So one must need to dig up the root and throw away the entire plant (the plant being corruption and not people) otherwise running from one place to another in arresting and locking up leaves and branches will do little good resulting in even more monetary hardship upon the people. More taxes to uphold all these extra prisons will be taken from the people whom the majority have little currency in the first place and what you, Mr. President Xi Jinping, will be left with is a house disintegrating around your feet.

The monetary capitalist system of economics is exactly what is blackmarketing and destroying its own house. Its house being in this particular context whatever ratio of currency is pitted against the background of any other world currency. And when a house is being influenced and maneuvered by currency control from a foreign enterprise such as the United States who has in the past been the dominating influence over the world currencies resulting in the national currency of CHINA, the Renminbi, which then fluctuates on a daily diaphragm, so to speak, then the house is being rocked to and fro like a drunken sailor upon a hedge and a live deck of cards will only play the game for as long as CHINA allows it to.

A house CANNOT BE ROCKED NOR TOSSED AROUND in the waves if the house is built on solid ground. If CHINA continues working with a trading system which is monetary or capitalistic in any way and continues playing the circuit of gambling houses which are the world’s trading enterprises, then the house will never stabilize, Sir.

For how can a house stabilize when the stock markets of CHINA as pitted against the stock markets of the world fluctuates? This also, Sir, brings uncountable stress upon the peoples of the wonderful brother-sister ASEAN NATION OF CHINA?

The world stock markets in their ping-pong effect with one another are also counterproductive to stability. And sitting on top of all this is the New York exchange rates which in its overall daily motion plays the nations including CHINA, Sir, like marionettes.

If you eliminate the source of that problem which is destabilizing the house of CHINA then, Mr. President Xi Jinping, Sir, and only then will you have cleverly eliminated the source of that which is creating bankruptcies, crime, homelessness, food shortage, contention between other brother-sister nations of the world and in essence, you will have rid CHINA of the entire problem nauseating the world.

The only way to accomplish this great feat, Mr. President Xi Jinping, Sir, is to “TRANSITION” over from the Renminbi to the American dollar by trading “both” in on their archaic system to overlapping at this hour with a quantitative easing which will guarantee that no citizen will go under whilst the currency is being subtracted from the whole.

This will happen when you take one currency from one nation and another currency from another nation and REPLACE the both with quantitative easing while you transition into NOT MODIFYING YOUR MONETARY SYSTEM INTO ANOTHER FORM OF CAPITALISTIC USELESSNESS BUT RATHER ELIMINATING IT ALL TOGETHER? This is a part and parcel of “REARRANGING THE HOUSE FROM THE INSIDE OUT” without one bullet being fired among nations.

When we say REPLACE BOTH CURRENCIES we simply mean to REPLACE the Renminbi with a temporary quantitative easing while transitioning to the Original non-aggressive, non-warring, non-digital Talent and Purchase Order reliable system of economics. When you do this you will REPLACE the American U.S. dollar currency by NOT following its precepts in taking its place among the nations but instead will be a leading contributor to world peace, and world power will once again come to those with the best thinking minds in good and wholesome objectives bringing the world back into balance.

You see, Mr. President Xi Jinping, Sir, we must not allow the Silk Canal or Corridor to be used as another battle ground. I, myself, had no prior knowledge that this had ever existed before, yet when this pen found this out concerning the Silk Road, we can say that the great mind of the Han never once meant to build of himself a dynasty. Those were the words of another to twist the excellent project which was the same as this one. The Road was always based on PEACE and never ever war. The nations of the world were asked to join hands in friendship and not to try to war over the Silk Road for it was to belong to the ASEAN NATIONS carefully watched over for their safety by the guardian house of CHINA whom the surrounding tribes at that hour and nations at this hour were to participate in assisting the Han in protecting the rights of ALL THE PEOPLES TO SHARE IN THE HAN GIFT WHICH THEY ALL CONTRIBUTED TO AT THAT CERTAIN EVENT which would have brought back their PARADISE.

This is why the United States (those portion who want war) spread lies throughout the media concerning CHINA. No it is “NOT” wise to go there yet. Please wait of yourself Mr. President Xi Jinping, Sir, for the hour is not yet so late.


Many think that the stipend or banker or banking buildings must be removed. Well that sounds good on paper but unless another system is in place what good will it do? Nothing will change. It is the system of capital itself which “MUST” be removed “RETAINING” all gold and minerals and precious gems within the NATION for the beautification and electronics and so on for the benefit of the PEOPLES.

The American dollar is sitting upon the world currencies rocking each house back and forth at will. The American dollar is sitting upon all governments heads ever threatening, ever posturing, ever buying out those who only “think” they have no power without it when in actuality they have lost all power with it.

Mr. President Xi Jinping, Sir, the United States currency under the capitalist franchise system of the world bank and IMF has brought most nations to their knees and those governments simply do not own their own national house any more.

 The marionettes have to cut the strings.

(Part two – Is quantitative easing a criminal act?)

(Part three – The manual)


Mr. President Xi Jinping, Sir, we shall have orchestrated the other two parts into place for your presentation as of the immediate hour and before the day is through.

 We are pleased to have been of service to you, Sir, and look forward to our next encounter.

 Thank you for your great patience in awaiting the first of these entries.

 - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds