World Views and Our Position


The concept and practice of the “time belt” which the hellions brought with them to critique the number of hours the people would be expected to dedicate to their world banking jewry (jewry being a verb an action word and not a noun nor a race) or “event-taking” religious system, has provided the noose around the peoples’ necks for millenia in returning nothing but “stress” of life back to them. Their reward is never joy, contentment and mirth, but rather a “forced” fixation upon that which the World Bank monetary system has them all at, shall we say, the greatest disadvantage. Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds





Candidates of the glorious ISLANDS OF THE PHILIPPINES! Our brothers and sisters, it is so very wonderful to see each one of you exacting a total of ONE! We have watched and listened to you and we feel your souls are gravitating toward the better and higher understanding of working as ONE UNIT or ONE HUMAN BODY, and of that are we most “proud” of ye all!

Candidate Miriam, when we read 2% do not allow that figure to bother you, for you are a most beautiful woman as is Candidate Grace Poe in that you both have a tendency to not disturb the ranks around you as men sometimes seem to “get in your way.”


To all candidates, the rosy smiles upon your faces save that for Candidate Binar? give way in demonstrating to us and to the good and wonderful PEOPLE of the ISLANDS of the PHILIPPINES that indeed with encouraging one another ONENESS IS YOUR GOAL.


However, candidates, your tendency to exact only a percentage of the national budget to each cause within the nation as you try in thoughtful fashion to find your own way in eliminating poverty and crime you “will find” that poverty and crime will fall by the wayside with the transition to the Talent and Purchase Order System of economics and societal higher moral and ethical societal structure, and when it the capitalist system falls by the wayside that is the hour when the “national budget” will also be granted its demise, and at that particular hour or event, you will have all learned, each candidate, that to put any nation upon its feet, it MUST be done in a simultaneous fashion, therein, not one head above the other neither as candidates nor as a PEOPLES OF A NATION.


Remember, dear ones, it is ONLY the “national budget” which elicit in keeping the PEOPLES in poverty, squalor, and misery, and your helping one or two at one sitting of parliament or congress, so to speak, accomplishes, you must admit, very little. For the one still sitting on the street without bread, shelter nor water which is the RIGHT OF EACH AND EVERY HUman being, does not even have his or her rights met, and is therefore most discontented and unhappy within his or her own national HOME.


When a house provides shelter that is one thing, but when a house is no longer a home to the entire national body then the laws of the nation must shift and stand aside for the ONE System for ALL HUMAN BEINGS to prosper physically, emotionally and mentally, and that is, our dear friends, our dear brothers and sisters, “The Original Talent and Purchase Order System of economics” which holds no budget to constrain the “freedom of movement.”


For when a budget is held over a nation the result is that the nation has, placed upon it, a tourniquet, by the world bank capitalist system, and that tourniquet is placed upon each and every nation save that of Iceland, who, as a transitioning nation of purity of thought toward its citizens as well as themselves, has no further debt to the banker, and having no further debt, the tourniquet is off the neck, the arms, the legs and so on and the river of life flows again. Yet Iceland’s system of economics can only go so far.


It is important to remember, candidates for the ONE UNDIVIDED CHAIR , that the national debt is purposely created and then placed upon each nation as a tourniquet by the world bank in order to force the nation to borrow from the banks and when the nation cannot pay back the loan to the loan shark world bank and its many tributaries, the nation then is blackmailed or convinced to go to war against another nation by the world bank who works its capitalistic wonders through the militaries of the world of which most of them the world bank also “owns.”


You the bright-eyed and wonderful candidates in sharing ONE CHAIR as ONE portion of a leadership of twenty-four gather together, CANNOT RUN A NATION ON PERCENTAGES.


For a budget set on a relay system of percentages will not foster reclamation of putting a nation over the top and out of all slavery to poverty.


Whenever you have one citizen or one person sitting on the street with no place to go you have already failed the nation.


How have you failed an entire nation?


Because the NATION IS A HOUSE AND THE HOUSE IS A HOME AND THE PURPOSE OF A HOME IS TO SHELTER ALL PEOPLE LIVING WITHIN THAT HOME from the storms of life, from slavery to the world bank corporation, from hunger, thirst, starvation unto physical death, from toxification and drugs of every nature, from crime, and most of all, dear ones, from being “unwanted.”


Would you rather not give to all of your children the same advantage toward ensuring they enjoyed “equally” the best food, the best education, the best clothes, the best health care, and so on?


Or would you sleep better at night knowing your very favorite children had the advantage?


You mean to tell us all throughout the NATION that you have “preferences” of wanting the best for one child over another?


Which one, which citizen, which visitor, which guest, which Universal HUman being would you not wish to enjoy the same advantages as each of your other precious children? We are ALL first a part and portion of a living organism known as the HUMAN BODY. And of that HUMAN BODY we all likewise serve a function. And our HUMAN BODY RESIDES AS A PART AND PARCEL OF THE UNIVERSAL TOTAL.


Therein, 30% for the Mindanao region, another % for the pension budget, yet another % for climate control, another % for something else and so on. Do you see, candidates exactly how much of each budget is missing for each cause? So then how many children in the house will not eat for a year nor drink clean and unpolluted water for a month?

You see there is no way to lead a nation under a system which places a tourniquet around your necks before you even hit the CHAIR TOGETHER.


You cannot serve one without serving the other for if you do you will eventually destroy the beauty within the house which is - the home.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds