090. Scribing of Admiral James T. Galiac January 31, 2021

3:55 pm 1/31/2021

Admiral James Galiac: Are you on board, little duck?

Uthrania Seila: Yes Admiral, I am.

Admiral James Galiac: Good. Then let us begin, shall we?

At the onset of pride, Lucifer began again what he started and little then did the people know or realise the pompous behavior of the clergy of different dioceses and realms exist.

Are you with me?

Uthrania Seila: I am, Sir.

Admiral James Galiac: Now why is this great reminder so very interesting to watch in the White House and in Georgia with all the fraudulent tickets?

Because the hen house with all the endangered roosters, though they know it not yet but they will shortly, (keep your eyes on our work please Uthrania) hee haw at each other as they change tacktics right in front of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s very cryptic “eyes.”

Now the ones still engaged with pedophilia are each to be summoned by the worst of them and yes Epstein IS still alive and well and receiving every kickback from each of them.

Barring that, the good ol’ Fellow will be knitting his own soiled socks in prison up the Georgia fair-a-way.

That will be all for now, Seila. Sign out for me please and lock-off channel frequency 4.2 double A.

Uthrania Seila: Locking off channel for Admiral James Galiac at Farpoint Jessica multi-lateral fissure 2.4 in 4.2 Double A @ 4:06 pm