089. US left out as Asia Pacific nations strike world’s biggest trade deal

ATTN: Your Excellencies, Gentlemen, and Ladies of the ASEAN CENTRAL NATION:

Good Morning.

We are "most" gratified to hear of your latest successes and are most pleased that the ASEAN FAMILY OF NATIONS has grown.


After all, in the past seven years we have managed to pull together as ONE FAMILY UNIT and as for tariffs which we shall address later, who, indeed, charges any kind of tax to another family member?

Is this not so?



We had not received this portion and it has just arrived at our doorstep so to speak, today. It is long overdue, yet the tenor of the message is lasting and as we work not on a timeline but on events, it is still timely today.


We notice it has been updated to include the name of  “Mr. Joseph Biden” the media-elected president who is not paying off trillions in debts to the banker with other people's national resources but strives to cash-up another trillion U.S. dollars in debt for the American's to also assist in paying off.



Ten members the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and five other Asia-Pacific countries, including regional leader China, have inked the world’s largest free-trade pact that covers nearly a third of global economy.

It took the Asian nations seven years to hammer out the accord, which will now have to be ratified by the signatories in order to come into force. It covers some 2.2 billion people with a combined market size of $26.2 trillion or 30 percent of the world’s gross domestic product. The agreement aims to reduce or remove tariffs on a wide range of goods and is said to give the economies a much-needed boost to recover from the pandemic. Apart from setting trade rules, it covers also other spheres, such as services, investment, e-commerce and copyright.

However, the US runs a trade deficit with the 10 nations of the bloc and other countries, including China. The trade imbalance was one of the reasons for the simmering trade war between the world’s two largest economies.



Remember, tariffs are the bane of each nation’s recovery. If you do completely away with tariffs and do completely away with the pandemic hoax which was meant as a non-reconcilable trick of the West against the Chinese economy, and secondly, the Russian economy, of which both were growing at a rapid rate, then your CENTRAL ASEAN NATION economies shall become even more fruitful overnight.

Keep your mega-armies together as a viable force not for attack but only for defence.

As you know and as has been proven, His Excellency President Xi Jinping has the best interests of the entire CENTRAL ASEAN NATION at heart and will continue to protect the interests of each nation against those who wish to barter the resources away.


The mega trade pact was initially supposed to involve 16 countries in the Asia Pacific region, but last year India backed out of negotiations amid mounting concerns over cheap imports that may flood the country, especially from China. However, the door remains open for India to join the agreement. Ahead of Sunday’s summit, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said that Tokyo would support broadening the deal, including India’s possible return.


Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, Sir, the approach we would strongly suggest you take with India who “needs” the ASEAN nations to stabilize its economy is the same approach each ASEAN nation which includes the surrounding nations, is, to only import those goods which are needed and in turn to also export those goods which are needed by others without running each nation short in their own house; this will bring about a great reduction in the purchasing price for each individual of their own national house.

Your Excellency Xi Jinping, Sir, with regards to the Yuan’s rise to power, we would like to congratulate you yet remind you that Huo An, the Commander of the Protection Squad of the Western Regions of China  understood that any type of currency would eventually destroy the SILK ROAD and it did.

And this is still an underlining concern of us all.

With regard to Australia, Your Excellency, domestic animals should never be shipped out of the country unless it is for the purpose of gathering wool in a humane manner not taking the shearing down to the very skin leaving them with no warmth in the cool season and no protection against the heat in the hot seasons. Many sheep physically perish as they are transported in the greed of those receiving monetary wealth for them.

Now the Australian government wishes to murder one-hundred thousand kangaroos for which purpose we have not found a sensible answer to.

Outraged wildlife carers 'in tears' over new kangaroo kill plan (yahoo.com)

Perhaps China would like to house kangaroos for tourist attraction such as we have outlined in our Blueprint for Yemen which the West and Saudi Arabia are now destroying to ensure the Yemeni dear Ones not taste a paradisical system either.

Australian kangaroos, not in a zoo but the outlying regions, for curiosity, and to add even more beauty and intrigue to the countryside of China.

This would provide more jobs of pleasure for tour guides.

Happy New Year to you, Your Excellency, your family, and the Chinese People!

We wish each of Ye Ones well as always,

- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary World NATION

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