088. US Pacific Commander Admiral Harry Harris, Sir, Good Evening (Part 1)




Philippines: No involvement in joint patrols in disputed seas




Good Afternoon, US Pacific Commander Admiral Harry Harris, we do not believe we have personally met. As we do not allow aggressive behavior within our “312016 Round Table Conference of ASEAN FOREIGN MINISTERS INCLUDING CHINA Requested” on any subject, and due to the fact, Sir, that you had not invited but two non-aggressors, Japan and India and the extremely “unwilling” Australia also to participate in the new meeting you wish to call, we of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds thought to take it upon ourselves to include you in our little off-the-side dialogue, shall we say. Are you interested?


Good. Then let us cut to the chase.


You are in our waters. You are in the waters of the sector of the CENTRAL ASEAN NATION and due to your aggressive behavior at all hours of day, night and evening, you are not wanted here. A plain and cold calculated simple fact. We want you to leave.


When this planet was seeded long yet not so long ago by the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds, you were somehow among us. The Hellions who broke through the accidental rip in the fabric of space came to the world, and eventually, the majority of them, holding the same race features as the majority of the people upon this earth, save that of the Albino jewry (jew being a verb and not a noun. A verb being an action word and not a race) infiltrated and integrated themselves through procreation forced upon the Federated Seed People who knew at that hour they had lost their paradisaical way of life as held in the Talent and Purchase Order System.


This resulted in the pure races of each planet now holding a cross-section of the hybrid DNA-Helix with the Hellions who travelled through the rip in the fabric of space which had been accidentally created by our Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds.


The Albino jews (the word jew being a verb and not a noun nor race) needed a race of their own because they could not integrate into any of the seed races as their Hellion brethren had done due to the extreme differences in their features, so the Albino jews (jews being an action a verb and not a noun nor a race) adopted the Hebrew race and made them their next victims. The Albino jews (jews being an action word, a verb and not a noun nor a race) conducted wars and stories of wars and great conquests and deluded the Hebrews into thinking they were “God’s chosen people,” and then the Albino jewry (jewry being a verb and not a noun nor a race let us be perfectly clear on this) with their religious-based system by that hour of the day, a system based upon “blood sacrifice” decided to make the Hebrews their next “sacrifice,” and in the process of this new strategy to secure the Albino and their Hebrew victims a home of their own the Albino created a holocaust of which we shall discuss further at a later hour.


We are not prepared to see another holocaust in the CENTRAL ASEAN SECTOR for we are here and this is our home among wonderful non-aggressive people. Do you understand us here, Sir?


Good then allow us to continue. We are almost done.


Many seed people managed to overcome and retain the upper hand on their Hellion-DNA-Helix mix and this is why the two-helix strand approximates such interference and annoyance for the peoples of this world to deal with upon a daily basis.


You, Sir, are one who has not, it seems, approximated of yourself either toward the goodness of your own soul nor goodness toward those souls around you who wish the CENTRAL ASEAN NATION to evolve economically and naturally under the Talent and Purchase Order System of good economics toward every HUman being they deal with globally as brothers and sisters belonging “equally” to the entire HUMAN BODY OF CENTRAL NATIONS.


Please do not waste their precious hours, days, weeks, and months backing the United States who were tricked into joining world war two in the cause of the Albino banking jews (jews being of an action word, a verb and not a noun nor a race) and their own demented agenda (jew being an action word, a verb, and not a noun nor a race) in another third world war just because the United States is run and operated by greedy bankers and greedy corporate powers that soon once were.


Is Halliburton ready on the sidelines as well? Bet they are.


“Correct.” Admiral Harry Harris


It is NOT that we do not like you, Sir, for you, too, are one of our seeds. What we DO NOT LIKE is your attitude.


You, Admiral, are of a most belligerent nature. You are arrogant, as well as quite amusing at certain hours if you think you are going to take it all and share the spoils with whom? Israel?


Because no one wants to join with such a one as you who forces, intimidates, blackmails, frames, and threatens your “allies? ”


If you did that to us we would not even let you in our house.


Never mind our home.


We remember our past lessons.


But we shall overlook that. It is better to forgive. But even forgiveness has a price and that price is to not see the same deeds done twice.


Are you reading us?




If, Admiral Harry Harris, you and the United States as it stands at this hour, wish peace with the rest of the world, you will adhere to our words and quit threatening the CENTRAL ASEAN NATION WHICH INCLUDES CHINA.


The Chinese rescued a Philippine fishing boat which had sunk. Then the Chinese left.


The Chinese are watching out for their brothers and sisters of the ASEAN CENTRAL NATION because the United States are renown for subversive and secretive underground attacks on nations and blaming their latest bogyman in order to create adversity, hard feelings, and contention within the soul of the nations against their latest bogyman in one final attempt to gain the support of the nations to back the thieving world bank scam hoping the nations will flock to join the United States and their latest pranks.


This is part one. We shall adjourn ourselves for this portion, Admiral, and we do hope you will discuss this latest episode of the United States Navy before you lose out on the best deal of your lives which is the opportunity to for once not dig yourselves any further into the grave but stand with the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds IN reclaiming back “THE PARADISE” which was so long ago and yet not so long ago STOLEN, Sir, from YOU as well.


Otherwise, your children and your children’s children will grow up in a world you would, Sir, not like to any longer be a part of.


If you choose not to be a part of the solution, Admiral Harris, then just step aside and stop being a part of the problem.



- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds