We stood up for His excellency Donald J. Trump’s right to a fair election which he did not get. This shows the magnitude of corruption in Washington and the United States in general.

So now Patriots of the United States, you must be wondering what happens next now that a great opportunity was lost by His Excellency Donald J. Trump to clean up the swamp not only of pedophiles, war criminals, banking establishment and every form of crime possible against the born and unborn children, and how to end this war rampage from Washington sacrificing yourselves and your sons and daughters in even more endless wars.

Work together as One but each state secedes from the capital of Washington D.C. which is not even American soil, but it is the military wing of the triad with the City of London being the financial center of the world and the Vatican being their religious control center. You are their only military fighting for the bankers and their corporations.

See Hidden Secrets and Lies: The Vatican City : The City of London : The District of Columbia : Best Kept Secret for evidence of the above statement.

Form your own little nations and work together as the friends and family that you are.

Each state set up your own government of good and righteous men and women but do so in Councils of twelve to twenty-four so one man or woman will not have all the power. Power is also a corrupter of the nation or nation states.

Let the Patriots form their own military upholding the second Amendment.

Clean each state from Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics and all human trafficking.

Remove the power of the banks.

Control your economics trading from one seceded state to the other. You are not divided among yourselves but this will set each nation state apart from Washington and its glorified crooks and allow you the Patriot men and women of good standing to quickly protect yourselves from Washington’s endless wars, featuring yourselves and your children as the main meal. And this will allow, thanks to the 2nd Amendment the safety of your children from Planned Parenthood, spirit cooking, pedophilia and human trafficking.

You will need to drop your U.S. dollar to get out from under Washington’s thumb.

Along with dropping the U.S. dollar, you, the people, will no longer be responsible for the trillions the U.S. regimes have put you into starvation debt with.

When you are ready you may wish to trade in Asia on the Silk Road.

It is wise to supply each nation state with their own worth. For example: if you grow cotton do NOT import cotton from any other nation state. And if your nation state happens to be Idaho you do not need to import potatoes, but you may trade the excess potatoes for instance for cotton. You get the picture.

Open your empty buildings to the homeless and arm them to strengthen your military.

Have your guns safely locked away in each home so when you rise up you do so as one.


As many of you know, dear Ones, we have a new constitution, and blueprints which you can draw upon should you wish.


BLUEPRINTS - Federation Of Free Planets

-          Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary World NATIONS