086. “Rearrange The House From The Inside Out”


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The Catholic Church does not want people to donate "dirty money" earned by abusing low-paid workers, Pope Francis said on Wednesday.


"Some donors come to the Church offering profits from the blood of people who have been exploited, mistreated, enslaved with badly paid work," Francis said during his regular weekly audience with pilgrims at the Vatican.


"I will say to them: 'Please take your money away, burn it'," said Francis, who has made safeguarding the poor and cleaning up Vatican finances central tenets of his papacy.


"The people of God... do not need dirty money, they need hearts that are open to God's mercy," he said.


“The pope has branded money "the dung of the devil" and condemned the evils of unbridled capitalism, prompting criticism from some U.S. business leaders.”

Good Evening Sir Francis of the Holy SEE, It is a pleasure in speaking with you once again. We trust you are well?


Sir, when grave and serious misconduct arises, let us first calculate the root cause behind that misconduct and where the conduct of one or more is inexcusable such as pedophiles who prey upon the little children, those ones must need to serve their lives in months or years or decades in reparation to the one they have injured and of those whom they have harmed. Laundry, cooking, and so on; whatever is necessary for reparation and the working off of karma (working out one’s own salvation) is the best avenue. No jail expenses paid for by the people, and no deterrent toward the working off karma in the progression of their own souls.


The one of grave conduct toward the one severely injured in the progression of their entwined life-lessons “must” see that in reparation toward the other as we have bespoken of it ourselves long ago, the working out of the offender’s own “salvation” in good deeds instead of the opposite should immediately be adhered to.


We do not want anyone left out, Sir Francis of the Holy See, but in some cases for the growth of the NATIONS and that of our own souls we must some-hours rearrange the house. The house has many rooms and the many rooms are the nations and within the nations the peoples of the nations need to benefit and they cannot benefit with either continued recognition of capitalism put forth as only one of the many monetary agendas of the world bank but also the peoples cannot profit from religion any longer for when religion stymies their evolutionary growth they are going to continue lifestream after lifestream to repeat the same old outmoded lessons.


The Aquarians have guided many in days past, your Holy See, but in days to come the much sought-after Original System as known and loved upon other higher attuned worlds of the galaxy and indeed holding all universal precepts, the Talent and Purchase Order System “NON-DIGITAL” President Putin, Sir, “we extend our congratulations to you and your wife this day,” should not be denied the people of the house of any nation, race or creed, or belief system, the opportunity to see for themselves that the Paradise which was taken from them can indeed by their own hand, each one, can be restored in a matter of a few months.


We are not speaking about a church here, your Holy See, nor a temple, synagogue, mosque, but rather A WAY OF LIFE.




David’s coats of many colours are the nations in their representation of all universal races which were seeded this day of long yet not so long ago. An eternal race is the race of ONE and not the race to the finish line of which nations will conquer it all and become one nation over all.


We are NOT here to BUILD CHURCHES, Sir, we are here to REBUILD THE ORIGINAL WAY OF LIFE FOR THE PEOPLES WHO HAD THEIR LANDS AND FREEDOMS STRIPPED FROM THEM at that fateful hour when the Hellions broke through the accidental rip in the curtain or fabric of space and the world learned to at that hour only view each other and life through a dark glass of trouble and misery.


I will tell you of a vision, Sir, of places I was taken many many years ago.


I was guided and protected by the one who told me I would need to go through four abysses, to look and understand each one. I saw terrible things, people in such agony, burned by chemical products, their skin was no more and the flesh burned through, hanging in red flesh as thought they had been skinned. The sound they made was not human, not animal, indescribable, and horrible. They were each screaming reaching for me. Each abyss became worse, that one was the last.


In the third abyss were rivers of lava, burning running streams of the colour of lava deep red and orange as you would see in any pictures. In the second abyss I had difficulty crossing over on the large and small stones, and strange flying things came darting at me but my guide watched silently and motioned me on.


In the second abyss it was so dark that I could not see and so I stopped. I looked around but could not see the guide who was wearing a black hooded robe. I called out to him and moving colours of brilliant oranges and reds and blues and greens and purples and lilacs showed in diamond shapes all over the walls intermittently. The guide quickly motioned me onward lest I lose my way in the dark.


In the first abyss the stones were all different along the walls and water ran between my feet and between the rocks. This is where I was taken. This was the beginning of my journey and this had been given as an encouragement to my soul that the abysses were not going to last.


I was led out of the fourth abyss into a wide open field with gentle slopes and beautiful wild flowers mostly little daisies.


Before I left the mouth of the cave or abyss opening, I turned to the man who had been my guide and asked him who he was. The man did not answer even after I had asked him several more times.


Finally, the man turned slowly his face hidden by the large caped hood he wore on his long black cloak.


I asked him again: “Sir, would you please tell me who you are that I may thank you for your protection?” “Sir, what is that place?”


The man then spoke in a deep voice and said “I have taken you by the hand through the four abysses of your life so you would survive to tell the story and stop the horror from happening again. My name is Michael.”


He led me to the very mouth of the cave and told me he would go no further but I was to go into the field of flowers and bright blue sunny skies and I would meet a young boy there and the journey would go on. “There will come a time,” the man said speaking deeply and slowly, and very intently, “when you will have to go on to a land far away and in that land you will make a decision a decision we are watching to see the result.”


The man then told me to go. As I stepped out into the sunlight, I turned around to wave and thank the man once more, but he was gone just as he told me he would.


As I walked in amazement gazing at the beauty of the landscape I saw a little boy a few years younger than I, sitting atop a small hill. He gazed back at me and I saw he was about four years of age with blond hair and blue eyes. He picked a daisy and gave it to me.


I became friends with the little boy and then one day, I heard a voice, that same voice of the man in the cave, telling me it was now the hour I must leave. I tearfully turned to the little boy when I finally understood he would not be coming. And I asked “why?”


The little boy then finally spoke his first words to me and replied: “You go on into the city. I will follow soon.”


I did not believe him because I knew nothing ever lasts for long and I would be all alone once again.


I sadly walked away and was transported to another land far far away.


I found myself inside an empty city. There were no people around and the city though filled with old but stable non-destroyed building, no war destruction seen for I knew nothing of war at that hour of my life for I was just a little girl, was completely barren of all life.


Then I saw a strange sight. An old 14th century wheelbarrow and in this old wheelbarrow was a huge chest and dripping to overflowing with gems and diamonds, rubies, emeralds and too many other varies to count.


I must have stood there for only five minutes and the little boy appeared. He walked up to me and asked me: “What is this?”


I told him, thoughtfully, “This is all the people’s wealth. But the people are all gone.”

The little boy gazed at the chest with all the sparkly gems. “May we take some as the people are no longer here?”


I looked at the little boy and gently rebuked him: “Whoever gathered these precious gems belonging to the people have already taken much more for there are no people left.”


I took the little boy’s hand and as we walked away I said these words to him: “People are worth more than all the gems in the universe. Take in your hand, then, not one item. Look around you, and ‘remember,’ there used to be life here and now there remains nothing.”


The guide had taken me on a journey which was so real as to be not a vision at all.


The man had a name. But he had a title too.


The man who guided and protected me was Lord Michael of what many know as from the Archangelic Realm, but the man told me in later years, that that was just a title which many passed through in service to those who need a little more protection and encouragement to make it through, themselves.

While we do not worship another for we would then be worshiping ourselves and we are each a part of the universal total or whole, the very tone and vibrations this child feels is most tender, touching, and beautiful.




It has been a warm pleasure, Sir, conversing with you once again, and we look forward to the next event when the world will be a safe and wonderful place in which once again to live.


But that effort will take the hands of both the rich and the poor to make it thus through the laying down of arms and world bank currency, so, as each one of us came into this world in all our nakedness, for yet another lifestream to free ourselves from the wheel of religion and the continuous bankrupting of our souls through various agendas of the world bank, so were we found “equal” with one another and so must we build a world where all HUMAN BEINGS and SENTIENT Life be EQUAL ONCE AGAIN.


Sela and Adieu


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds