”Our New Website for the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds will appear at the top of each Memorandum and Round Table Conference. Thank you. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of United and Free Planetary Worlds








Greetings, Mr President Vladimir Putin and the NATION of RUSSIA.


Mr. President,


If one is to evolve a NATION then one must "not" include the old wine of any religious movement.


Just because some tradition has existed for centuries does not mean one should gravitate toward keeping something which the world bank had millennia ago set up to its own advantage.


Usually, the arrest warrants by the UN or international court are found to gather no dust, Mr. President, Sir. We of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds, Sir, serve the highest morals and ethics within the continuous evolutionary growth of our souls, for by the hour, when one has earned incarnating into the Paradisaical Worlds after what many erroneously call "death," one seldom drops such morals and ethics for a need for religion.


There is an hour in each one's life and in that hour the turning of the tide as to whether or not one will "understand" the great ill of their deeds needs to be examined.


For this event, Mr. President, "IS THE EQUINOX" the GREAT EQUINOX spoken of for millennia.


And following this EQUINOX will the souls of each who pass on from life to life stand well infront of the AKASHIC COUNCILS OF THE DIVERSE AND HIGHER EVOLVED SOCIETIES OF THE UNIVERSES, AND TAKING ALL INTO CONSIDERATION, THEY WILL DECIDE WHERE BEST EACH SOUL WILL FIT. This is much more serious and involved than a court of law upon this world is able to either understand nor rule upon.




Sir, do you actually believe for one gracious moment in any event that a world court such as the international court even if it ruled in your favour would be able or would chose to uphold an arrest warrant when the world bank runs the international court and the majority of the militaries of the world and the entire monetary system in all its ugly formats?


What may look good in print before the poverty-stricken nations for their backing is useless when penned with promises to ensure the gold-standard remain.


Gold and all silver and such kept, yes, for the beauty of the nations and electronics, but not for imperial trade in capitalist currency.


Mr. President Putin, Sir, with all due respect, war cannot be fought on the same playing field as it was fought before with nothing more to offer the people who are either sacrificed or choose to mistakenly sacrifice themselves for a future economic program of even more budgets, more bondage, jobs they loath, low pay and so on, for that shall only ensure the wheel of war will continue, and continue to continue upon the same old wheel. Whenever a nations works under a curricula of budgets, there are “mort”- gages and “mort” is the bankers death wish upon the nations no matter which format of their monetary persuasions of equations and collateral one adopts.


Whereever religion is upheld, Sir, there will be blood sacrifice of one sort or that of another. The Christian religion in particular is founded upon the precepts of “sacrifice.”

The very first HUman (H=Holy=holding to the highest morals and ethics; U=of the Universe) sacrifice was that of the “enlightened ones” who held in particular the secret as to how the vortex or gate=stargate could be accessed and opened in order that paradisaical worlds within the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds could one day be invaded by the pure Hellions of which few are left and their Hellion-hybrid labour workers.


It was much later that the sacrifice of animals occurred within many religious fronts in preparing the nations for an ACCEPTED “ONE HUman sacrifice.”


All war has it’s roots based upon the religious doctrine of sacrifice which had been long ago strategized by the Hellion world bankers.


HUman sacrifices then took place until the great plan was to initiate the all-event idea of a HOLY UNIVERSAL SACRIFICE with a story to convince the peoples of the nations was reality, and it worked. All the worshipers and labourers were turned into soldiers and because they were turned into unsuspecting soldiers, they were quickly culled upon the mill of war, and became turn-over collateral to the monetary system who does in no wise care what form the capital takes as long as it is world bank revenue and ends up in the world bank coffers with usury intact.


So when soldiers fight in a war it is far better they do so without capital gain promised nor placed upon their plates fostering the illusion their lives will be better after the program of war is ended for that hour, for the generations which follow will have nothing more than the same upon their plates UNLESS Mr. President, the transition to the Original System with which this World began in the positive affirmation of all once higher-evolved souls agree that ALL PEOPLES DESERVE IT BACK.


The world bank cleverly did its job for they brought their precepts and traditions to this planet when they entered through the rip in the fabric of space as accidentally created by our Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds, and since then promotions of conquering them by this leader and that one always found them in the drivers seat FOR AS LONG AS THE MONETARY SYSTEM THEY INITIATED EXISTED IN ONE OR MORE OF ITS FORMS.


And their cashless society relates to nothing the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary World has ever Originated upon any Higher Evolved World.


The Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds, Sir, also espouses a World Body and that WORLD BODY is known as “THE INTER-NATION.” And the INTER-NATION, Mr. President, is made up of each and every CENTRAL NATION GROUP OF THE WORLD AND HOLDS NO COURT FOR WE NEED NO COURT.

PROVIDED WITHIN THE WORKING PRINCIPLES OF THE TALENT AND PURCHASE ORDER SYSTEM, Sir, which is found upon our new website we shall place at the top of this page “the middle blueprint,” HOLDS THE ANSWER AS TO HOW ALL CRIME IS QUICKLY ELIMINATED ONCE TRANSITION IS MADE TO THE NON-DIGITAL ORIGINAL SYSTEM OF THE HIGHER EVOLVED OR KNOWN AS PARADISAICAL WORLDS. Thank you, Mr. President, Vladimir Putin, Sir, for your ear. We wish for you always the best.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds