082. Where Money Really Becomes A Liability is: When a Nation is Placed Under a Budget, That Nation Hangs Onto a Liability Known as..DEBT


When the money of a nation is gone – it is gone



Revised slightly. For the Philippines and All Peace-loving nations


Addendum Federation Blueprint Iraq/World copy 2.22.2016


Sisters, Brethren, in the building of Paradise you must realize it is not just a child's dream. Paradise exists upon all other highly evolved worlds. It is the standard for all nations except this world.


Let us gently recap on the portion we have just given and then a little further explanation before we compare it with the system you are all in bondage under together today.


Iraq will come to be known as the nation whose People the world learned to recognize and respect for themselves and not because they were sitting on oil and gas.


For that oil and gas will become worthless in terms of financial monetary gain for the present capitalist world system.


Only under the Original Talent and Purchase Order System adhered to by nations and planetary worlds belonging to the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds will Iraq be governed and only through that fine system of trade will the oil and gas be utilized on behalf of the People, by the People and not through the work slavery of the present-day capitalist World Banking System of greed and abuse of power.

Green energy would eventually become the norm of the day.


And we are either going to build Paradise or build nothing at all!


We are going to cleanse the land of chemical fallout and then we are going to usher in de-polluted dirt and we are going to line the streets of every city, town and village, with date palms, citrus fruit trees, example: peaches, apples, oranges of every kind, apricots, and so forth. There will be beautifully little decorative garbage containers, colourful and elegant in design placed by the various trees, and not too far apart because we do not want the pits of the fruit to be strewn all over the gently sloping sidewalks in places, sidewalks which are not cement, colourless, dull and ugly. This is only a very minute example of that which exists upon other worlds.


Please remember, that what will exist for one nation will also exist for each and every other nation upon this world we starmapped as being called Angorius, with variations due to culture and lifestyle but of the “highest” quality of morals and ethics one toward the other – including all animals, fowl, sealife, and so on.


We will continue.


Baskets of beautiful flowers and everywhere every single Iraqi walks along the streets they may eat freely of the fruit of the trees everywhere they go!


There will be no more hungry mouths on their way to shopping malls, outdoor travel, souks where free bolts of cloth will be theirs for the making of clothes, or for people to trade their positive talents to those whose talents in their labour of love is to make clothes.


And unlike nations who make their People take jobs they abhour, the Iraqi will only utilize their talents they have accumulated lifestream after lifestream until all jobs are fulfilled, for there is scarcely a job upon the face of this entire earth which is not in some way loved by someone to fulfill so why insist that others who abhour particular jobs, fulfill those categories?


Many intergalactic worlds do not work as this world does upon a capitalist system of trade barriers to the good and positive fulfillment of the People. These worlds only know the Talent and Purchase Order System of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds.


All health care will be free. Certain medicines or techniques of health care needed from other nations will be Purchase Ordered by trade of oil and gas.


All schools will be free.


All text books when they are written out of the present day capitalist hegemonic control, will be free.


There is nothing that the Iraqi themselves will need to pay for by money, credit card, nor chip in their Person, for all will work by standard of that same economic pattern as found within other Nations of other Higher Enlightened and Evolved Worlds within the Universes.


The difference between the Original Talent and Purchase Order System of absolutely no usury of any format and that of the present capitalist hegemonic economic system is this:No more than three stories high, but better and more practical and pleasing, each building is to be built two stories high.


Earthquake and floodproof.


In a design to liberate the heart and mind.


Soft gentle curves and no grey and ugly concrete, cheap plaster, nor chipboard.


All the artists in Iraq will be called upon to design and create with whatever materials they need, the beauty of artistic complementary design of their own choosing on the walls of the hospital and every building of the cities. The towns and the villages will be done in the same format. Bright airy rooms and so forth.


A system such, however, as you are under now, can only grant you, the People, to build say, a new hospital this year, and some housing complexes, and perhaps a restaurant or two. This is for an example.


Now with the Talent and Purchase Order System there is absolutely no budget at all to hold up the progress.


In other Words Sisters, Brethren, we build everything at one time. We do not need to wait for expenditure to build, say, a hospital and then a school and perhaps a few homes per year.


Whatever we need, we build all at once.


A system such, however, as you are under now, can only grant you, the People, to build say, a new hospital this year, and some housing complexes, and perhaps a restaurant or two. This is for an example.


Now with the Talent and Purchase Order System there is absolutely no budget at all to hold up the progress.


However under the present capitalist system of economics, the People pay four times for one community building.






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Under the present system, this people suffering monetary system, the hospital would look like this and be paid for under currency, low wages, and reba (taxes, usury) four times by the people initially and ten times over the space of twenty-five years.

Here is how it works.


The contractors borrow money from the banker or several bankers amalgamating their debt load into one massive tribulation.


Then the contractors hire people to build the hospital.


The hospital will be built solidly but yet in an inexpensive way as possible in order for the contracting company or companies to make as much off their profession as possible.


Next come the workers who are paid as low a salary as the contractor can possibly get away with.


That is the first installment.


The borrowing aspect from the Continental Banks.


Offshore Providential.


Then when the hospital, dully as it looks, is fully completed, the banker wants paid back.


This is the second installment.


So both the contractor and the workers must take on another job just to pay back to the banker the first job.


When the first job of building the hospital is paid back in all expenses of the borrowing costs, then the city tells the people that they must now pay fees in order to use the communal building, in this case hospital fees or if it is a library, then library fees, or if it is a museum, then fees to go in and look at the museum.


This is but an example.


This is the third installment.


Then the people are told that after they built the hospital, paid the banker back and paid the fees to attend the facility, that they must now pay land taxes, upkeep taxes of the building and while the people are paying all these extra usuries out of their meagre wages, they are having to pay back the money to the banker for the first costs of yet another loan for yet another building.


This is the fourth installment.


In addition to this, of course, the people are told that it will be several years until just so many budgeted contracts are able to be manifested for the people to attend.

This is the fifth coming into play.


Borrowed monies for the hospital over a twenty-five year term, cost the taxpayer ten times its original value by the time it is paid for.


This is the present system you operate under fully today.

What we offer is not made in hell.


But in heaven or rather to be more precise, upon other worlds, other planets, residing within the heavens who have learned that the money system corrupts the best of men and women at times and therein should never be used as a trading currency, for with the currency comes the infraction of breaking ALL Universal Laws or Principles, and then begins the usury.


It does not take three years to restore all power and electricity to Iraq. That is ridiculous! You have been duped, PEOPLE OF THE NATIONS. Only under the present hegemonic economic budgeted system would that be a priority to wait that long for full power nationwide – for ANY NATION.


The difference between the Original Talent and Purchase Order System of absolutely no usury of any format and that of the present capitalist hegemonic economic system is this:


In the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds we build everything that we need SIMULTANEOUSLY.


With the Original Talent and Purchase Order Economic System of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds, the People trade their national resources and natural talents if necessary or required, in a community effort to produce for instance a hospital building of the finest grade in architecture of the culture of their nation, or one of the other designs of Iraqi history to the positive and beauteous enhancement of the cities, towns and the villages. All museums dealing with each nation’s holocaust will be torn down throughout the world BECAUSE WE ARE REBUILDING AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE COMING OUT FROM UNDER THE PRESENT DAY BANKING SYSTEM, THE PARADISE WHICH WAS TAKEN AWAY FROM EACH AND EVERY RACE OR NATION. AND REMINDERS OF THE UGLINESS AND TERROR OF WAR “MUST” NOT SHOW EVEN THEIR THUMBPRINT IN PARADISE.


However, the reminder of invasion and occupation of nations will exist unfortunately in the DNA Helix complex of each body until all karmic accounting has been balanced out and negated. This NEED NOT be done until the standing of each person before the karmic or Akashic Board or Council upon the conclusion of each lifestream.


There exists not one nation within the entire global community which need be left out of the Master Plan or Blueprint for what one wishes the most for oneself, the best and cleverest method in achieving that goal, may it be personal or otherwise to the “positive” effect, is to ensure that your brother or sister has it too.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds