081. Daily Memorandum Philippine Assistance To The Nations



IN OTHER parts of the world as in this nation the beautiful land of the Philippines, we do “not” presume the candidacy of any man nor woman, for where lies the beauty of the planet so does orchestration come between nations one step closer to the goal for the many of the ONENESS of Humanity. We, therefore, are not opening up another avenue though we may offer up a few helpful points here and there, for we have well-positioned ourselves here in Baguio, also, beautiful land of the Philippines, and have hung up our hat. We are welcomed here and for those who welcome us, we remain. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds


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Mr. Donald Trump, Sir, we have again read your concern. Sir, you already have the benefit of a policy at your fingertips. A policy which your opponents, unless they have read it, understand nothing or very little of the policy itself. Just inform them publically of its main criteria and ask them if the policy of the Talent and Purchase Order System lends more credibility to the upholding of public law, repairs societal structure, sets a new venture in economics, curtailing war completely and satisfying foreign policy all at the same hour; and is presented with all of its solutions utilizing a much “higher and more ethical” conduct than is usually found at these political presentations. The blueprint found upon our website above, carries each blueprint.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of United and Free Planetary Worlds



Part two: The HUman Body


Good Day, gentlemen and ladies. The People of the Nations have been invited to the contents of this “transparent” document so we welcome each one of you as well.


UN Secretary-General f Ban Ki-moon, Sir, Security Council Members and Senator Donald Trump with United States’ Sheriffs present upon discourse of this information, Secretary of State John Kerry, Former Secretary of State for U.S. Foreign Affairs, Madeleine Albright and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, we greet the each one of you, and are pleased to meet with your attendance.


Someone said to me the other day “We are in a war!” I replied “why are we in a war? No one has the hours to continue to be in a war. There is so much reparation, rebuilding of the destruction of previous and current wars, that everyone had better get busy getting out of wars and doing something productive with their lives so we can all live WITHOUT WAR, AND DESTRUCTION!”


Progress, gentlemen and ladies:




Today we shall begin in our speaking candidly of the HUMAN body of which you are all a most viable and living part. But first:


There are many whom, and rightfully so, are concerned that throughout your history since the invasion of the Hellions who entered this quadrant through a tear or rip in the curtain of the fabric of space as had been accidentally created by our Federated scientists and laboratory technicians shortly following the inception of the seeding of this world, and set their first foot upon this Federated Unified and Free Planetary World with full intent on invasion and surreal occupation that the decline of one empire only results in the rising of another.


In the past the decline and rising of one empire after another was a reality. In the present hour, for most, this still seems to be a possibility. But the reality which lies in the present hour and present event in this, your day, describes and relates a far different reality, one which sees “equality” as a backdrop for the nations of this world.


One which sees no dictatorship. One which knows no fragmented democracy. One which involves itself in no other outmoded system of governance of which presently stand in this world today as one of the working capitalist pawns and pawn-brokers of the first Hellion inception. Think upon what the last two bolded words actually mean, ladies and gentlemen.


If eight out of ten Filipino citizens employ of themselves a “contentment” with their present democratic system, for example, then does that mean the eight also are “contented” with:


1) lack of jobs as initiating the peoples’ very special talents, or for those without careers, a cut-off of employment when they reach the age of thirty-five years unless they seek overseas work?


2) lack of food due to cuts in currency at the rebound of the stock-market and all of its aggravations?


3) paying taxes out of the peoples’ tiny wages?


4) paying water bills when water makes up 95% of our bodies and depends upon our acquiring “enough” water for our very lifeblood and living standard?


5) paying electrical bills so one is not automatically cut off with no prior warning? Electricity which Tesla had shown could be “free” energy for every household? The banking establishment did not like that and Tesla was found alone in an undergraded apartment room in abject poverty.


6) decrepit building standards which will never withstand a severe HAARP storm or somewhat “natural” occurrence?


7) One politician after the other (no statesmen nor stateswomen) biting down on the head of another, clamouring for first place by stepping over the bodies of his or her comrades in order to climb the ladder to the top rung. Democracies in this wise are dictatorships of fragmentation too.


8) paying for health care costs, hospital, even diabetic medicine when most Filipinas with diabetes running rampant in the nation can in no wise ever even hope to afford such current “luxury?”


9) do the people appreciate being treated as children when a divorce or annulment provides the last avenue for a marriage when the church and state, (so to speak) coupled with a hungry justice system, denies you that right? How can an unworkable “marriage” be upheld as the “righteous judgment” upon a couple when the justice or religious system works upon a principle which is contrary to universal principle or law of those worlds belonging to the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds or “heavenly paradises?”


10) paying with empty pockets are you not also “heavily” concerned that your democratic leadership are going to involve you, the people, in a war or array of wars which “they” choose over peace in order that they may better involve themselves and the nation in better contracts and perks and power given by the officious banking establishment of the World?

Do you know what happens when a leader refused to put his or her troops into a war front which the banker or in this case, the front man, the United States, demanded of them in the past?


Shall we continue? Or not? Maybe not because we are “certain” you all get the picture, do you not?


A coup, prison, assassination or worse, torture. But definitely they will lose their Chair.


Not so easy to do to ONE CHAIR surrounding a round table consisting of twenty-four PEOPLE IN “EQUAL” POSITION in their “assistance” with others in governing the nation.




In this case it would be the Philippine People protecting their Talent and Purchase Order System and Leadership of ONE CHAIR belonging to ONE ASEAN NATION protecting their CENTRAL ASEAN NATION, not one part of the HUMAN BODY missing. For each nation represents one part of each HUman race belonging to the ASEAN Federated Unified and Free Planetary Worlds who came and seeded this world in colonies at the first landing in that part of the globe.


Many say “if only this or that man or woman would be elected, at least he or she would change the policies of the country or at least be the lesser of two evils.”




Where a system controls the nation, the system will control the leaders and entire leadership with perimeters, and the people with hard taxes, hard labour, and a hard unhappy life.


Where a PEOPLE WORK WITHIN A TALENT AND PURCHASE ORDER SYSTEM they will always be seen to regulate the system to WORK FOR THE PEOPLE and not the other way around. But they must first have a blueprint and of that do each now have.


You will see where we are going with this in the soonest of moments, hours, and days, notwithstanding.


Part three is next with a little look at economics of a different sort for Japan, the Philippines, China, North and South Korea and so on, Russia, the United States, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Iceland, Greenland, Europe and so on. Whose economics shall be the greatest? When it is well understood that in the game of economic “compliance” with the banker no one wins. With the economic compliance, however, with nature, everyone wins.


There is “not” one nation greater than the other, not one round table leadership of twenty-four greater than the other, not one CENTRAL NATION, CENTRAL BLOC, or CENTRAL UMMAH greater than the other in the Talents and Purchase Order System of Economics, for as we have witnessed throughout much of your rewritten history on this planet, under the present-day capitalist banking system - the “greater” became the “fool.”


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds



Chinese missiles put Obama administration under fire




You know, it never ceases to amaze us just how “astute” the minds of greatness of senior lawmaker Senator John McCain, and Secretary of State John Kerry actually are.


Senator John McCain opts for the long arm and bullying by the banking cooperative. Always threatening, the Senator can “guarantee” he will run the world like the dictator he is while Secretary John Kerry, it is disappointing to note, seems to not yet understand the implication of “Freedom of navigation operations -- sailing warships within 12 nautical miles of Chinese buildups in the South China Sea -- anchor the U.S. strategy to deter further development.”


Maybe after so many invasions and occupations of nations, that precisely is the point they are making, do you not all think?


Massive graves are not wanted. The Chinese do not want war.


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, it would be wise to not alter your stance with China but rather consider the Talent and Purchase Order Original System of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds of which you, also do belong, and “remember” the Presidential Chair is more “fitting” with more than one person sitting upon it. A delegation of twenty-four leaves noone out save those who wish to destroy the nations of the world. It would be a calculated and “wise” move to join forces with and not “over” Mr. Donald Trump.


"Conducting occasional freedom of navigation operations is inadequate,’ McCain said.”

“The senator also turned a critical eye on Obama's meeting with heads of state from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in California on Monday and Tuesday. The summit was aimed at putting pressure on China by letting the president forge closer ties with the regional bloc. But the resulting joint statement made no explicit mention or criticism of the Asian heavyweight.”


Unless Senator John McCain and Secretary of State John Kerry wish for more hardship on the American soldiers whom your Generals have been explicitly warning that they are basically threadbare and divided and worn out with too many fragmented troops throughout the world, the cake will fall and when the chocolate drops the icing off the top, you will all go down in a whirlpool of lollipop fashion, and “even” the Chinese do not wish for that to happen.


The Chinese have long read the writing on the wall, AND, President Obama, no matter what you think of him, does understand one thing, and that is this:


Everybody is going to have to pull back their troops because the hour has come that the American revolution of invasion and occupation on behalf of the ones on top, the Israeli Black Pope, is going to spill over with their own blood.


LISTEN! The Chinese do “NOT” want WAR! So do not push.


Go home. Rest up. And fix up your own house.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds



UN diplomats: US and China agree on new NKorea sanctions




Part one: The Game Plan


Good Day, gentlemen, and should ladies be present that shall only contribute to the balance of favour of the universal whole.


UN Secretary-General f Ban Ki-moon, Sir, Security Council Members and Senator Donald Trump with United States’ Sheriffs present upon discourse of this information, we greet the each one of you, and are pleased to attend.


We have on the table the same old outmoded rhetoric of how to deal with national leaders who are not, shall we say, “Politically correct?”


And what this hour is not “Politically correct?” It was Iraq, with supposed weapons of mass destruction whose real crime was instituting a national bank, low oil prices for the citizens, free bolts of cloth, palaces turned into food kitchens with an agenda to drop the U.S. dollar in favour of the dinar and eventually transition to the new Talent and Purchase Order System. Then Libya with supposedly bringing down an airliner and running cylinders of DU over to Iraq, whose only crime also was in setting up a national bank for Libya which would also ensure the World Banking conglomerate would attend to no usury from it, nor from the people, free electricity, free housing, and so on, all the way up to sanctions on North Korea, then sanctions on Iran, then North Korea again.


Am I wrong or was there “yellow cake” in there too? Or did that come directly from D.C?


Are you all not just getting a little tired of all this?


It is beginning to sound just like an irritating song “The Vicious Cycle” played too many hours upon a turntable of the bankers delight.


Well, we have South Korea” on our side” quip the Americans, “and part of ASEA. We just had the conference. (grins)”


Does anyone remember the days when we all watched the North Korean President break down in rivers of tears as he held the shoulders of the South Korean President whose tears of relief that the country would no longer be divided?


We have a photo of the two leaders “smiling and hugging” but does anyone “remember” the rivers of joy in their tears?


That day the wall came down and families on both sides of the border were once again reunited with their loved ones, some brothers and sisters whom had not seen each other since they were children?








(Notation: The document will be placed upon a webpage and reattached for security. In the meanwhile we have presented a video with text in English at the end which upon pause you may read a good portion of it and look the rest up for yourselves.) Do you then remember the U.S. plane diving into the middle of it all shouting: “NO WAY!”



Now why would that be?


Could it be perhaps because of some foresight into the future with relation to the Silk Corridor?


If China agrees with the United States to sanction North Korea, the Pentagon think-tanks all the way over to the Black Pope in Israel, surmise, then that would keep ASEA split also.


Not only would that keep ASEA split but bountiful resources of a mulit-trillion U.S. dollar advantage over the Silk Corridor would definitely keep the Pentagon in power.


In fact, over the “many” Silk Corridor routes – SIX - for BETTER equality in major trade with other nations with a hand of “friendship” from China to the rest of the world FROM the ASEAN CENTRAL NATION comprising of ALL OF ASEA – brothers, sisters, cousins, and so on.







The long arm of the Pentagon is in Israel. Israel is actually a tactical military base belonging to the World Bank . So with the Nile where copper is stored, and the RED SEA (Saudi-Egypt) corridor stretching through to the Indies and Asea, the Silk Corridor would just almost about finish off the sequence of “OWNING IT ALL.” The patchwork quilt is almost done.





We already know that the Sheriffs in the United States are quickly joining together for the second amendment with the brokerage of who shall have the guns is not any longer something that they are going to tolerate. They are there to uphold the law and in doing so how are they able to uphold the law when at the same hour breaking the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution?




You see, this has all to do with who controls the power of the guns. But “is” that the end?


This is no different than who wants and for what reason to control the power of the guns in the ASEAN region, especially, the Silk Corridors.


Taking guns away from the public or nation will ensure that the ones going to actually use the guns for “bad guys” activity are certainly not going to give their guns over, so the nation will be unprotected and the ones running the nation will have the heavy boot on them all.





As the Pentagon abstract the season away from Syria though bringing the “great prodigal son” North Korea into the fray once again, all world’s eyes will momentarily be turned from the Middle East to the ASEAN Continent.


So what are the Pentagon planning over in Syria? Syria loses it water rights to the Black Pope in Israel the entire northern Middle Eastern nations down to the central Middle Eastern nations will be owned lock stock and barrel and each and every Arab and non-Arab country will be brought to its knees and controlled by the long arm of the Pentagon, itself. No one wants this to escalate into a full-blown World War III, but WWIII is begun and will be ended by the stroke of a pen.




But the power is not solely in who owns the biggest guns, but who, in fact, is the next prodigal who manufactures their own currency OR is involved in one of the main transit Silk Corridors to China aka the SILK ASEAN CORRIDOR. Well the U.S. does not want Russia in there either. Have another look at the map.


(Notation: This video is set to “only” provide the testimony of “Senator” Mr. Donald Trump in regard to Iraq not being the culprit who knocked down the World Trade Center in NY; and the secret papers are the scribings divulging the culprits, but the MAIN feature is when the Senator states: “We do not want WWIII over Syria.”


(Disclaimer: We do not use this video as a platform for candacy, nor to place suggestions into the minds of the Senators, Congressional Oversight, nor the General Assembly or Security Council in relation to the “Saudis.” They did not do it. They were neither capable nor desirous of taking down the Towers).


You see, this is the game plan, Mr. Trump, “Senator” of Peaceful rivalry outcome in the Presidential “Round Table” Elections, a man of “fair” status and constitutional adept and study - Stand behind him, Sheriffs – the Pentagon and its Foreign Affairs officiate some sort of alliance between China and the ASEAN conglomerate by strategically planning to cordon off North Korea from ever forming a “solid” alliance with China, South Korea, and the rest of their ASEAN “family” for that indeed would protect the surface structure of keeping the multi-trillion U.S. dollar well out of the standardizing of not only trade through the Silk Corridor taking the bulk of trade away from the more moderate or smaller ASEAN nations but also the Pentagon would lose for the banking conglomerate and multi-billion dollar corporate powers, the “option” to gain and set oil prices and currencies to match the agenda of the capitalist system in power at this hour.


It is not that the U.S. cannot be included in trade practices, but the U.S. will NOT be allowed to hold the ASEAN NATIONS in confidence of their autonomous region in banking prowess and in Part two will we explain how all this can be on an equalized field “without” war, “without” sanctions, and “without” power-broking the nations.

So what will it be, a continuance of the chain of command of the infamous self-serving United Nations who takes its National Assembly and deadbeats them with a well-known few of the Security Council in dark-mocking of targeted leaders of selective nations resulting in yet another war upon another nation?


Will there be another victor, a new history written, and the gamut is thrown down once again in the face of North Korea, or some other nation?


And will the precipice of Humankind in this hour from the ASEAN sector be used as a distraction away from the Syrian crisis?




Whenever a flurry of activity in Washington is followed by secret draft resolutions against any nation one must ask “What is next? Why the rush? Why the secrecy? ”


It was understood that Washington was to be “TRANSPARENT” SO WHERE DOES SECRECY FIT IN TO TRANSPARENCY? Hey?


However, with the nature of the problems laid out it is useless UNLESS there follows a SOLUTION. Part two is next.


Thank you all, most graciously for the attending of your ears and insights into these our less than hypocritical words.


By the way, by region in the ASEAN coast, what “other” resources of North Korea may some of you, in particular, be after?




Wikipedia: Mining in North Korea is important to the country's economy. North Korea is naturally abundant in metals such magnesite, zinc, tungsten, and iron; with magnesite resources of 6 billion tonnes (second largest in the world), particularly in the Hamgyeong-do and Jagang-do provinces. However, often these cannot be mined due to the acute shortage of electricity in the country, as well as the lack of proper tools to mine these materials and an antiquated industrial base.[1] Coal, iron ore, limestone, and magnesite deposits are larger than other mineral commodities. Mining joint ventures with other countries include China, Canada, Egypt, and South Korea. China is North Korea's leading trade partner for minerals (twenty mining projects reported), followed by South Korea and Brazil.[2]”






Now, we know the peoples of Israel are the pawns of the Albino Jewry (Jewry is an action, a verb, and not a noun) and as they too, are privy to all information, the Knesset decides to enact a law persecuting all and any groups they deem as being “a cult.” A cult is a group or institution which is deemed as “religiously incorrect.” So when we speak of Israel, we do not speak of the Hebrew-hybred of the Albino, but rather we speak of the Black Pope and the Knesset. The Black Pope is the only “leader” of a “foreign nation” as they wrongly call Israel, who is able to walk into the United States Pentagon without escort of any kind and give instructions. “Senator” Donald Trump, please close the doors.


May Israel become a nation? Yes, once it has shed its obligation of being the long arm of the Pentagon and its banking decrees.


Thank you for the updated release Associated Press and PHILstar


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds



Address To the World And Its Various Religions: Do You Not Yet Understand?




Though we do not worship another for the act of worship itself includes the act of worshiping ourselves in that we are all ONE Humanity belonging to the ONE BODY of Universal Creation, the genuine message which I am sending is one of adoration for every HUman being, including:


The Queen of England, “Elizabeth”: Madame, do you not yet "understand?"


Paradise is for all races, all people. Not one religion over the other, for such causes war and dissension.


No banking system, for a banking system only regulates itself in that the stocks have become the stocks upon the necks of the people for generations limiting the people and governing bodies of this world in that they may build just so much for themselves but no more, and determinedly not the Talent and Purchase Order System of Paradise.


We are not here to implicate anybody for the vicious wheel of life will never end and all will condemn themselves upon the same level of incarnational wheel until the complete mindset and turnabout face of the upcoming eventuality of the progression of the soul takes precedence over the fighting emotions within each one.

If one wishes to find fault then one need look no further than their own doorstep.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries “Cortez”, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Sela



United States of America


Candidate Donald Trump, Sir, we could use a little “sensitivity” in your soul. Now your tax-based initiative to overthrow the Wall Street moratorium, might seem to you, Sir, as a good idea, but you cannot fix a system by overruling the same broken-down moratorium on it by just superseding or using the same strategy Wall Street employs without breaking the exact and same universal principle which states that “all forms of usury for the basis of taxation in any of its many forms will always result in the downfall of the nation.


In any case, and as you well know, your initiative of taxing Wall Street Banking Stock Market Gaming House Conglomerates will result in nothing further than the most menial of the stockholders and small business being heavily and dually taxed while the giant conglomerates and their useless corporations on behalf of the peoples of each national house, will counteract your initiate by initiating “their” own failsafe method of “tax writeoff,” and when that occurs not even quantitative easing will the banking conglomerate of the infamous Wall Street of New York be needing to initiate for themselves. Strapped for money? They never are, Sir, as you well know.

Now, we call upon your “good nature” in “service” to the HUmanities through your assisting us in mediating a “non-injurious” to either the nation of the land of the Philippines nor of the government nor of the peoples, their “right” to clearing the nation’s debts and setting the nation of good people back on their feet through the initiation of “quantitative easing” until such event will occur whereby the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds can reestablish the Original Talents and Purchase Order System for the seeds, of which, Sir, you are definitely one.


As you are well aware, the power-brokers of the World Bank “jewry” (verb) “action-manipulator” system keep these long lost secrets to themselves. We also are aware, of course, that much of the world is beginning to actively understand the significance of this “trouble unawares” save that of the intuitive Icelandic, clever people that they are who figured it out long ahead of the others. But the banking establishment, as it is accustomed to doing to nations since the inception of their arrival upon this planet, uses as their shields men and women to conduct their ugly banking mort-gages.


These small bank managers who are on the lower end of their scale, become prime targets for the angry people of the nations. The people often go after the small banking managers whom, for the life of themselves, have never understood either the principle nor effects of “quantitative easing.


Instead of paying attention to the source of their problems, the people are expected, Sir, to pay for the wars and then pay again and over again for the reparations to the people and their nations through meagre wage subservience to charities set up in many facets by the churches and other religious institutions whom are the gatherers of all the wheat in the stream by World Bank memorandum; the wheat being golden and combined by the sacrilege of gathering all the gold for coins of which many in charities run by the United Nations of something or another take for themselves in their own coffers as did the UNICEF principle of endeavor and the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s own son as being one participant in the cleaning out the “donations” included as well as oil revenue from the Iraqi Escrow Account in those days of most injurious moments, an Escrow Account which was to be “released” to the people of Iraq following a change in government. But did it ever arrive? Was there even anything left? Well, but that is another story, is it not?


We are not here to condemn, Sir, for condemnation leads by far at this hour a rapid finish to anything good.


What people do not seem to understand yet, Sir, is that by setting the world in a direction in “investigating” and “prosecuting” every ill and genuine terrible deed, this global society would be turned into the High Court of the Galaxy and the wheel would continue grinding down until not one of them prosecuting one another was left.


It is the better choice to allow the High Court of which people term as “after death” determine in their fair and caring way how the principle of karma will benefit them the most as they destine to “enter into their next lifestream” their next lifestream or the “afterlife” of which they have already created for themselves through their active participation in rebuilding the “Talents and Purchase Orders system of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds throughout the galaxy, or working instead upon doing exactly the opposite.”


Therein, Candidate Donald Trump, the sounding of the horn we trust will “resound” throughout the banking establishment of Wall Street Tycoons who may also wish to lend a hand, “not” with loans to the Philippines in their stakeout of corporate acquisitions or paybacks, but rather, in protecting a choice piece of real-estate from being the next meal at the banking conglomerates table, and not hindering the Philippine government from employing their rightful share of the “quantitative easing” until we are better able to secure the original Talents and Purchase Order system back in place.


Thank you, Sir, for your ear. We wish you a gentle day.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Sela





Attn: To All Child Rights Advocates: We will be discussing the issue of “Adoption” vs “Citizenship Rights” on the morrow with lawyer Eric Mallonga of the great and wonderful Islands of the Philippines.


For your “review” and we will take up consensus upon the “Daily Memorandum Philippines.”




- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Sela