080. Pope calls for bold, creative response to global migration - Both Blueprints ready, Sir






Greetings Sir Francis of the Holy See. We trust all is well with you, Sir. We continue in distinguishing you, Sir, through the selection of a title which far surpasses that of a “Pope” of an institution as called “the Catholic Church.” A title, Sir, which by now, you are well accustomed to.


Ref: https://www.facebook.com/notes/uthrania-seila-sentana-ries-cortez/pope-calls-for-bold-creative-response-to-global-migration/https://www.facebook.com/notes/uthrania-seila-sentana-ries-cortez/pope-calls-for-bold-creative-response-to-global-migration/


In receiving by way of correspondence your request upon the crisis in Europe, Sir, we have now revised and completed what we think will serve your best interests in bringing about a solution not only on the immigration crisis in the European nations, but throughout the Middle East in putting all upon an equal footing.


Our solution we also believe will serve to be as a helpmeet to the West Philippine-South China Sea, respectfully, in what call the “Silk Corridor,” as an outline perhaps of how equalization can be better instituted and war prevented by those forces who view the “Silk Corridor” as their own multi-trillion dollar asset.


Sir, we also believe that the factional fighting in the Philippine Island territory shall be greatly curtailed if not entirely eliminated on the onset between government forces and those of a different mindset through one or another or both of these blueprint solutions.


Eleven or twelve communities have been set up now and as we understand it to be, all that is needed to unfactionalize the remaining factions and we believe to do that they need to be included not in courts of law as “militants” or “rebels” but rather as Philippine citizens who are simply placing their point of view which they feel they need for their lifestyle and survival be initiated by giving them the two blueprints to view where perhaps taking from one or the other that which best suits them and producing what they would be most comfortable with.


Sir, men and women do not take up arms “unless” they feel they are forced or backed into a corner.


“Militancy” only occurs when unfairness of equalization works to eliminate them and their right to survival in their own land.


As we understand it to be, the government of the Philippines chaired by President Aquino whom has just shortly returned from the United States ASEAN Summit of 2016, the first of its kind in hosting such conference, we understand, and indeed, a multi-trillion U.S. dollar “Silk Corridor” would be worth the invitation to the ASEAN Leaders on any American soil, is perhaps over his head in opposition by the DOA in acquiring heads of factional groups and long jail sentences leading to martial law instead of continuing with the President’s program of serving the MILF and other factional groups with job opportunities and so on.


Sir Frances, our “good man” as we love to call you in our never tiring of our pointing out to others your exceptional conduct of which, I, myself, learn greatly from your cordiality in dealing with others I would trust, thank you for every moment of it.


In fact, Sir, that is the greatest asset we as a HUman race can benefit from, in learning from each and every life form we come in contact with including the environment of which we are so much a part and parcel of and not so much as just living within.


The Blueprint you have long been in the waiting of with Iraq and Yemen at that hour having been specifically on our mind shall in Trust we hope to be of the solution whereby through implementation of the specifics will drop all weapons of war on each and every front to the ground and at the same hour and event permit the immigrants of Europe who have been displaced to return to their home nations with respective assurance that they may engage of themselves the right to, “equally,” with not one head above the other in each respective job description, rebuild their nation or “Ummah” in their words, into a modified replica of the Original Talent and Purchase Order System which once belonged to them all.


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The repercussions of this in a religious-economic sense you well understand, and I think since prophecy is based not upon a time-line but upon “events” themselves, is precisely why even in the preliminary stages of the two blueprints the procurement of each was not allowed to fulfill for the peaceful alliance of one nation toward the other and in the security of the Central Ummah (Nation).


We trust this will prove to meet your requirements toward a peaceful world and will be pleasing, Your Holy See, Sir Francis, Sir, unto your very soul.


With the utmost respect, Sir, do we remain at your service,


Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary World  Salu