079. Our Daily Memorandum Philippines


Due to an insurmountable number of events and wishing to be of greater service to all we have decided to reopen up our "Daily Memorandum" in order that we may cover more segments of popularity among the peoples, leaders and nation. Notwithstanding, we will be continuing on with our Series, The Seeding, as well as arranging dialogue with certain individuals as is our way. Please see of yourselves to refer back to this "Daily Memorandum" for we will be adding to it as the day progresses. The order of which we place our dialogue has absolutely no reflection upon the status of persons or groups as we work with one soul and intent with the each and every one of you. Thank you all most kindly for your patience. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds



Palace: Aid given to SAF 44 families now at P188 million




Mr. President Aquino, Sir, we are at your service.


The event is now upon the people to “choose” to see each other as “equals” and not adversaries. The people cannot expect their soldiers to become soldiers which was their own choice, and when those brave soldiers physically die to then blame the President Aquino.


A soldier’s life career is never safe, and those soldiers would be the last to blame their Commander-in Chief.


Mr. President, Sir, when the soldiers pay the highest price with their lives, it would be wise in awarding the highest medal to each family, for the soldiers themselves no longer need the pieces of metal with a bit of cloth hanging down. If indeed the families and friends of the SAF 44 genuinely “care” for their soldiers which they apparently do, then they will also “care” for their cause, and that cause is “peace.”


Mr. President, both sides and the third, including bystanders in being also casualties of war which is horrific for their families as well, lost their loved ones also, and being as they are all, on all sides of the coin fighting for what they consider as their own rights and security, and being as they all are citizens in the one “home” belonging to all Filipinos, the families on the SAF side of the coin must come to “realize” that they “hurt” too. Do they not ask how those families are to survive? Perhaps they would “share” their pesos with them.


We wonder if the citizens even care at this point that you “care” for “All” the family which comprise of the Islands of the Philippines, which is why you have stood alone at certain hours to “ensure” that the southern portion of the “one home” of the Philippines had a means to income for “the families of the other slain” need to survive too.


There is “one family” in the Philippines, Sir, and only “one home,” and that “home” must be shared and not one child or group in the Philippines must be prized above the other. It is a difficult lesson for the “one family of Filipinos” which comprise of every citizen to learn but a lesson well worth the effort.


A lesson which must be learned if the Philippines is to find “peace” throughout the islands.


Sir, you will do well in this and all other tasks and pleasures such as welcoming the Emperor and Empress of Japan. Please remember the ladies with their “birds of paradise” gifts, for when paradise is offered to another so will paradise come back to the giver for the entire peoples of the Philippines.


We trust, Mr. President, that we have been of greater service to you and to your good work on behalf of the nation of the beautiful Islands of the Philippines.


It saddens our souls when we read that people we have caringly assisted though court, now wish to prosecute you, Mr. President Aquino, Sir. If the government would work together as “equals” for the same goal, each realizing that each and every one may have bones in their own closet, then perhaps you could get something done which would be a lasting endeavor toward cultivating the Original System of Talents and Purchase Orders into a secure transitional period rather than wasting your hours defending that which needs no defence.


We are tired of the backbiting and bickering and will retire our pen if it does not stop.

We take our leave of you at this hour, Mr. President, and thank you for all you have taught us, for there is not one person, nor any part of creation which we come in contact with, of which we do not learn something.


So we thank one and all for your participation in this event and of all upcoming and past events. Let us all now move forward, before you all find, citizens and government alike, that you move nowhere.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Sela



Time running out for Pinay comfort women




Ladies, you are an inescapable honour to the Islands of the Philippines in that you wish to put the past to rest, for the continuance of bitterness which is most understandable will serve to you no further purpose.


Your lifestreams have not gone either “unnoticed” nor “ruined” for every life experience either to the negative or positive will have a lasting impact and coded remembrance within each of your soul’s DNA complex and you will carry these memories with you into the next life “without the horrors brought to the forefront.


In this way will each of you have “gained” an opportunity to better the lives of those others you come in contact with. You will have a greater understanding of people and in doing so your empathic skills will result in favouring the unwanted and rejected, for you all know just how that feels deep and yet not so deep within your souls.


As you “greet” the Japanese Emperor Akihito, remember he is not the one who did this to you.


The “good man’s” temperament is one of satisfied contentment that the horrors of the past be buried, for a stain upon a nation must be laid to rest.


War has its glory so many young men and women believe, until the day the boots hit the ground and the rifle glows with bullets no longer detectable and the rushing of the waters and the rushing of the winds harbor no more contentment, but fear…real fear, ladies, are the glories of war and war in itself leave so many in a demented suffering state that you may, each one, think, your horrors were the worst, but let us tell you, honourable and brave lolas, that the “worst” is when one commits grave injustices against another and must live with that, for karma has a way of developing, and those who have physically passed on are the very ones of war which must “serve” another lifetime in another place in a “lesson” to be learned.


We have little doubt that Emperor Akihito “and” the Empress Michiko will also wish the matter laid to rest. The Emperor is a “good man,” brave and sincere ladies, and he is also, a “humble soul” with great feelings toward the souls of others.


Reparation of all who suffered in each and every war since the Hellions first invaded this world we starmapped as Angorius, on a large scale may be done through the transition from the old outmoded World Banking jewry (verb) “action-takers” system which initiated each and every war to fill its banks and coffers, to the Original Talent and Purchase Order system which guarantees no wars will ever take the dignity and lifeblood from the people of the world again.


Join in tomorrow then as the world upon the rock brings a new route for the Philippines and within that route will the enjoining of all good and promising insights be on a scale of one to one to deliver side by side with the nations surrounding the Philippines, including China, with “not one left out.”


Perhaps the “Homecoming Queen, Miss Universe” would “greet” on the morrow, each honourable lady and lola, for they too, are beautiful women with a troubled past which grace, style, and etiquette, kindness and tenderness from another so very beautiful and talented would surely “not forget.”


We “salute each lola!” Both the Emperor and Empress of Japan will surely “appreciate” the beautiful colourful “birds of paradise.” A paradise which we shall all surely build together!


And theentire nation loves you!”


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Sela


http://www.philstar.com/headlines/2016/01/23/1545511/miss-universe-pia-wurtzbach-returns-home and “Welcome home!




Miriam to join Bill Gates in elite law group




Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, greetings. Madame, there seems to be some consternation within your soul as under your skin the hair follicles are bristling.


What indeed is the soft confusion which you face, our friend, for you have now been awarded a prime piece of real estate in being invited to serve upon the platform of yet another high court, soon, in session.


Therein, we surmise, Senator Defensor-Santiago, that the IDLO has little “trust” in the International Court of de Hague in Brussels? Or maybe there is another reason.


Madame, you are a clever lady and a wise senator, but the brashness upon the helmet of the “dogs” as you think, can never conduct a fundamental and superior lid upon the statements to yet flourish through the Superior Court of de Hague, for you, Madame, being of a wise and contentious nature has a soft spot in which litigation of injustice you could never tolerate.


Let us examine these few words before we continue:


“Khan said its advisory council is composed of “individuals of international reputation for extraordinary leadership in addressing rule of law, justice and development issues.”

And this one, please:


“IDLO is an inter-governmental body exclusively devoted to promoting the rule of law. Among its members are Microsoft founder Bill Gates; former Ireland president Mary Robinson; former Senegal president Abdou Diouf; Abdel-Latif Al-Hamad, chairman of the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development; Albie Sachs, former justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa; and former US ambassador Thomas Pickering.”


If not one avenue in sneaking into the Philippines or any country for that matter, works or takes effect, then the old devised plan must take on another face. That other face maneuvers in bringing certain national executives and lawyers from within houses which the International World Banker wishes to “develop” or “devour” through the presentation to such person or persons of an “offer” to their “ego.”


That said person or persons shall then become the presenter or signatory to the newly devised plan all being of the nature to “sign officially” into “law” the destruction of yet one more nation and another and goodbye HUman race for they will never see their paradise again growing directly in front of their noses.


Therefore, we ask of you these two questions, Madame, the first being: Will the “laws” match the universal principles of which a heightened philosophy is seen to take place, or will they, instead, fall primarily under the high jurisdiction of those whose own memorandum and intent grovel before corporate powers in their schemes of development of crops out of season with the GMO and Monsanto industrial complex being at the centre of all complexity?


Secondly, will then the “rule of law” outweigh the “rule of principle?” For laws made by the hand of man and woman alike which dually take on a scent of “oneness among themselves,” often and in their “practical way“ of only intending in following after those “whose full interests are indeed in not copulating with the foreign Monsanto Enterprise” in bringing it into their nations, and in your case, Senator, the Philippines, are faced with yet the beginning of horrors.


For once these men and women are in the budget their good intents never manifest but are destroyed. If you please, Senator, our “friend” do not mistake the kindness of the Filipino citizens as being anything near idiotic.


As you know, there are SM food complexes which once placed large overhead signs which stated to the effect: “NO GMO Products allowed.” We see these signs no more. What happened to the signs and who forced the “Industrial Executives” to take them into “consideration?”


Before the blind lead the sightless out onto a limb this might be your first advantage, Senator, for distinctly deciding that “home” would be the better solution to take before the “poor and the vulnerable” are “helped” by the new “international development” and economic itinerary. As you know, these people are “told” they see nothing, they know nothing, they have heard nothing, and nothing must be discussed. Therefore, they turn the managers of stores into non-Humans, for without the five senses how do they differ from being vegetables?


Whereever there is corporate money and corporate interests, the World Bank is involved.


Should we be of greater service to such a fine lady as yourself, Senator Defensor-Santiago, we are here for you. You have beat cancer and have come a long way with the strength of a trooper and plain grit with few if any complaints.


The people are your home, Madame, be careful therefore, that the whisperers at the door of your Philippine home do not manipulate themselves through the back door nor walk through the front door, for if they do, the Philippines will no longer exist as anything. The Philippine national home is perhaps one of the last nations which employ good common-sense in the government in refusing to allow their one supply of nutritious and tasty food to be thwarted in any wise.


In other nations, Senator, the rice cannot be caught from the stream and the okras are so large they lose their way, and the Spanish rice and the grapefruit, onions and garlic can no longer be tasted nor smelled, for their aroma has been digested by the corporate manifestos of Monsanto, whose GMO hybrid products do not feed more of the poor and vulnerable, but rather the very nutrition the people need is sucked away from deep within their souls.


We would “suggest” then, Senator Defensor-Santiago, that the Filipino farmers, not only of rice and grains but of all distinct vegetative products, are given a chance to utilize their own talents by taking the best of the produce in “seeding” and “reteaching” the people in other lands, who have perhaps long forgotten, how to plant and care for their excellent produce, and in exchange for the assistance of the Filipino farmers’ “Talents,” the caring of the good soil by some other nation would be inclined by the boatload in transport to bring some good black dirt their way in order to assist with the transitioning of all “practicum” from the vices or vice grip of Monsanto in engulfing another pure nation’s food supply.


National governments usually prefer to take university educated corporate growers and planters to head up those missions. But if you take the well learned “through experience” farmers who are shelved in poverty eating only rice and rats for a few of their daily meals, you take the “best” of the “best” for these people have much more to offer up than university graduates simply because they have equipped themselves in facing all major obstacles.


The “solutions” and “practicum” for any such problems which could arise in distant lands such as Africa, these farmers and their families have already lived through the worst and the best and know how to also teach others the survival skills which come with the territory. And again we emphasize, that with a saltine measure taken, the waters necessary for the crops in such lands could be initiated and maintained throughout any drought.


Of more assistance, Madame, could we give, for this is only a drip out of the faucet. Desalination from the coastal waters are a project which industry will not pollute and with the Singaporean Hospital and Medical System almost ready to actively work upon the Original system of Talents and Purchase Orders or something equivalent, we know, the people themselves will be well on their way out of victimhood, vulnerability and poverty.


Please stay at “home” Madame Defensor-Santiago, for honours in your adaption of the “new laws and regulations” are still monetarily based and being so there is definitely no place for the people in that outmoded system which shifts its face every which way out of “concern” for their own profit system and not, we can assure you, for the people, themselves.


We want you here. I would not vote for you, Madame, if voting were something we approved of. Not if these are your trust.


For all are welcome around the table of justice and cooperation but in order to acquire such a seat one must first put aside all ego and strip themselves of pretenses for the people in their poverty, world-wide, Senator, are anything but that ignorant.


We remain your friends. “Stay safe”


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Sela





PNoy appoints DOJ chief as next SC justice




Congratulations Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, Alfredo Benjamin S. Caguioa. May your bench be as comfortable as your relaxed soul.


Any assistance we are able to give to you, Sir, will be our distinct pleasure, for work must be done not in placing souls in one prison after another, but rather, that justice be served in another format, a format “your Honour” which will present itself in the elimination of jails and penitentiaries through transitioning the entire judiciary into a working Talent and Purchase Order system which will indeed best serve and “honour” all people of the nation in serving their best needs.


As above so is it to be initiated below upon this earthen plane, that the Supreme Court and those who sit within its halls become a living tribute, Sir, to the higher mind and to not be viewed nor felt as a “threat” or “horror” to those who enter its halls.


In other words, Justice Caguioa, in the worlds we enter after “death” so to speak, each soul will, before a new incarnation earth-bound is awarded, stand before an extremely High Council of exceedingly evolved men and women.


No matter what those souls who are “asked to sit” before such council, have initiated unto themselves and whether it be of their own doing or not, “Council and not Judgment is given.”


Though karma is inescapable, it can be neutralized, and when those souls come before the High Council or Court as you would call it upon this earth, those souls’ face many on the bench who are not only “equal in their positions” but whose determination is to examine each of their records and kindly but firmly “assist” them in the way which will serve their evolution best in the next incarnation. Such highly evolved men and women who are the Council of the souls do “not” lock them away as just so much rubbish to be disposed of.


If in this tenure you find yourself inclined toward our service, we are here.


We are “pleased” at your appointment for you are a man of good conscience and character, and abstract art pleases you none-the-less, for you love to experience and learn the unusual. Be of good mind, Sir. We “salute” you.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Sela



Satisfaction with Noy government steady in Q4




Good Morning, Mr. President Aquino, Sir. We trust the day has gone fine thus far. Mr. President, it is not the polls which are important, but whether or not the peoples themselves wish not only a better life for themselves, individually, but rather whether the people wish a better life for all around them.


It is indicative to foreign policy, Sir, to catch the angle of the sword either way round. In other words what we are saying here is: within a democratic system for whose very purpose is to fragment society and government, it simply is not possible to content all of the people at any hour. Neither is it possible to content the majority of the people, nor the enlistment of even the few of the people until the real source of their contention is eliminated.


When a nation sits as most nations do upon a monetary system, fragmented governments will always result. The nation will be entirely monetarily regulated upon contention, wars, arguments and fights within each governmental body ensuring no positive outcome ever develop thus resulting in unhappiness and hopelessness, and crime will likewise be the outcome, eventually, somewhere within the ranks, and hit the headlines of the day.


The electorates then lose hope and good will toward the government. And whose fault is this? The fault is in the monetary system expecting leaders to govern a peoples in the most impracticable manner of which mannerism is democracy in it elusiveness to a realistic paradisaical system. Democracy is one of the greatest bondages upon the people of the century.


When the present money-based system, whether it be democratic or otherwise, Mr. President, is unable to give the elected government a solid base from which to work, then society will forever remain also upon a base of sinking sand, Sir.


This present-day system is not your fault nor is it the fault of any other government employee nor electorate, for each of you knew no other system from which you could work “for the people” with all good capability, and ”not “under the grueling monetary system whose application works “against” the people.


A monetary system which awards its hijackers of infinity with merciless bonds while the good and proper wish to conduct their mercy upon the people, themselves, is a system straight from behind the rip in the fabric of space and brought to this earth by the Hellions. One cannot walk on both sides of the fence in the correct development of a nation or nations if the development is based upon monetary criteria.


A nation should never govern, itself, upon politics, for it takes statesmen and stateswomen to get the job done not politicians. Politics is dirty. Statemenship and stateswomenship is clean.


However, no system can be called clean until the transition from the monetary dirty political system is transitioned into one where good men and women are able to place their efforts upon all that is conducive to the happiness of the peoples and not the opposite in working side by side with others around a table which knows no more conflict.


It is not a white world, it is a clean world we are after; a clean world consisting of every beautiful race upon the face of this earth, for we do not see “colour” as you do, but rather skin of brown, black, white, red, yellow, as you call it, is only a “surface” adjustment to DNA upon the entering of each new lifestream and not a permanent state.


It is what the soul consists of is what is important and not the outer layer of skin.

Diversity of skin colour is a “contributing faction” of enhancing the very beauty of the landscape and in no wise should any person think any differently.


A clean world is a world where every living being is not harassed by making a living under a coordinated system of the money-time element.


White is a non-colour. To the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds, Mr. President, “white” merely symbolizes “the purity of a system known as paradise.”


White is not a colour and neither is Black. Black is the beautiful symbolization of the “blackness” of the universe, itself, yet so many of you are as yet unable to detect the beauty of the soul inside, for few, yet not all, HUman eyes are evolved enough to see that the black universe is one made up of so many exquisite colours and tempos, that one could not put a thread between them.


Brown is the colour of the earth. Without the earth what you have is not going to grow. Brown is the very lifeblood of cultivation in itself.


Yellow is the warmth and gentleness of the sun while red and we have not seen a red person yet, takes on the greatest performance in beauty, while orange, blue and turquoise have the brilliance of the waters upon this as well as other planetary worlds.


Green is the colour of peace. Yet whenever one wears diverse colours or solid colours or those which are not colours, the vibrations of the souls of the divine shine through. And the divine belong to us all.


We offer up to each HUman race their Original Paradisaical system which they once knew. At certain hours we wear all white because in our worlds the politics and policies not do not exist for there is no need for a monetary system which engulfs the people in misery.


Our silver upon our garments depict the starships or starcraft high up in your skies.

We are “not” here for position and power but rather we are here only to serve and to guide.


We trust that is enough.


Yes, Sir, we will help you with military strategy, should you wish, but we will not fight the Chinese nor anyone else. There is a better way, and all must be invited to the table.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Sela



Child advocate seeks Carpio inhibition from Poe DQ case




In the Matter of Candidate Senator Grace Poe and the Child Advocate Team and Adoption Regulations of the Universal One HUmanity Order or System vs an old outmoded system of ethics and reason


Magistrates of the Supreme Court of the Philippines. Good Morning. Sirs and Madams, never keep laws on the book which are in error, no longer applicable due to the evolution of the system and are, as is the present World Banking jewry Order (verb) which you are all unhappily living under today with your necks in a sling, outmoded, as to be living in a period of distinctly 14th to 18th century evolution. Period.


In dealing with any, which certain ones deem, for the peculiar notion of enhancing their own particular agenda as being an “irregularity” of conduct by that of the Senator, Grace Poe, justices and members of the court, one must first come to the high realization that we are all here upon this once newly seeded world as “visitors,” for each one of us within this global community has come from another world within this great wide expanse of the universe. Yet along with that invitation to inhabit this once newly-seeded earth, each one of us has been also granted global “citizenship.”


Therein, Sirs and Madams of the justice system, not only of the Supreme High Court of similar-minded justices, but rather, through the induction of the International Court of this global community have we not all been using “Universal” as a conduct toward global wellness and recreation?




Indeed, if this were not the case, then no Supreme Court of any land would stand in the least qualified in holding high court positions though such court had a thousand magistrates sitting all at one time in one place upon the same bench, of bringing a judgment “within” the “full context” of universal “non- prohibition”of global citizenship awarded to each seed which was planted within the same hour as each of yourselves, upon this once beautiful earth which we long yet not so long ago starmapped as being “Angorius.”


If the justices of the high court of the land of the wonderful Islands of the Philippines, mark each day with a simulation of the old court principles and practices as outlaid by many with injurious minds and intents toward themselves, and as in not understanding the very principle of citizenship, which in the Philippines as with anywhere else in the world, holds not only ONE citizenship requirement as belonging to one portion of the body, or a nation, but rather, the Senator, Grace Poe, in this action has broken no national nor inter-nation principle through the initiation of her “birthright” of global citizenry no matter which passport or visa she avails herself of.


Senator Grace Poe likened to each one of you holds equal citizenship of this world.

Therein, Sirs and Madams of the High Supreme Court, “before” a passport of any nation is awarded to a citizen of said particular nation, the “principle (here is one for your law books), ofglobal citizenship” far outweighs any “national law” contributing to the holding of any “passport or visa” belonging either to the Philippines or to the United States of America, or to any land or nation existing upon the face of this entire globe.


And it seems to us then that the censorship of Senator Grace Poe even before her birth, for the law states she was born “illegitimate” within this wonderful and gracious land of the Philippines, (a birth of a precious HUman being as “tabled by Philippine law”)is gravely “unwanted” by those who are trying in their ridiculous unorthodox methodology to DENY the “child” now an adult, her right to exist as a contributing HUman being to the whole in any other position with no consideration toward her talents, save that which the high minds of them all concede as her ONLY divine right, in their minds.


This controversy, and all because of the “illegitimate” birth event of this one HUman being in not being appreciated by others, brings another irrational question to the table of the high court as a prerequisite to the latter part just completed before we close this ridiculous session and it is this:


When a child or seed is reborn to a man and a woman, does, in fact, that babe have a RIGHT TO EXIST as a citizen of ONE nation or the other WHEN THE SEED IS ALREADY A LEGITIMATE CITIZEN OF THE ENTIRE GLOBAL COMMUNITY BY “RIGHT” OF ACCESS AWARDED BY THE VERY ONES WHO BROUGHT THAT SEED HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?


Sirs and Madams, no court of law based upon HUman principles of good and reasonable conduct will deny any one man, woman, nor child the universal status of being “recognized” as being a productive member of a global society whereby a HUman being’s talents which has been “earned” over many lifetimes does not become curtailed due to outmoded and irrational laws placed upon the books of any serious-minded high court of any land by simple-minded lobotomies.


As each one of you well know, Sirs and Madams of the bench, that in any court of law upon this particular world, each child “adopted” has at that point of adoption been granted “full citizenship” in the land where that child was either “born” or had “immigrated to” with his or her parents. Therein, as such being the case, any child when grown to adulthood status, or before such event take place, has “every right in the books to engage him or herself in participating in any exchange of high office” as any one here today.


What the high court of the land need settle its books upon is “changing” any “law” or “precept” which neither makes sense in light of all universal “higher principle” nor high reasoning capability, of HUman beings.


Such irrational precept of law creates controversy among the judicial and where a law creates controversy, chaos will result, and where there is chaos, more problems in the judicial system will result also, and when that happens precious court hours and the hours of those brought before the court shall be continued to be wasted because where there is division of thought there will also result division of deed and that is where wrong decision or judgment can be met. When that happens where a wrong judgment is met, karma will always remember.


Whether court-based or “legally initiated” or not, when two people and no matter who they are, adopt a seed or child and no matter the age of that child, into their home, no matter where the home is within the global community, that child and those parents as long as they love the child and the nation which they presently inhabit, and have presented themselves of the greater service to the people, should be welcomed into that nation with “full citizenship” status as being “ONEwithin the GREATER WHOLE, and should then and always be considered as “assets” in the principled sense of the world, toward the global Humanity and a “WANTED” and “APPRECIATED” piece of the Whole.


It seems that the newly initiated “Committee on Ethics” should have been a “prerequisite” to all “before” sitting upon any committee or bench of the Supreme Court of the High Justice in the arbitrational land of the Island Communities of the Philippines.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Sela



Justice chief tops JBC list for SC vacancy




“MANILA, Philippines – Justice Secretary Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa has topped the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) shortlist for the vacancy in the Supreme Court (SC) left by the early retirement of associate justice Martin Villarama Jr. last Friday.” “…but was substituted by deputy executive secretary for legal affairs Menardo Guevarra in this instance. Philstar.com/File”


? Please detail. Thank you. We work with essence rather than names. The essence as picture above is of clear conscience.


Justices of the high court of the land of the Philippines, consider that the regulations upon the adoption of all irregular laws made by the hand of the judiciary stand “only” upon the precept of being majority rule even though such laws may be outdated. It is suggested, therefore,that the “round table” of non-dispute be heavily concerted in not approximate detail, but in changing the court system and precepts around to benefit the one and all who enter its doors.


Gentlemen and ladies a “new” manual need be drawn up and developed into something less sparsely understood, for the more laws you have, contained within the manual, the more case studies take up the valuable hours of the Supreme High Court and its judicial members, of which more are needed, not to draw up even more case studies but rather, Sirs and Madams of the Court, to alleviate all those extra event wasters.


Every principle ever known or thought of has already been digested by the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary World itinerary and we have found thereof that the simplest method of jury selection, for example, which this has a likeness to, is to do away with the initial root problem through the initiation of our previous suggestion toward the transition of one state of governance, whether be of the high court or any other concern, to the next.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Sela




SSS: Collection efficiency not enough to fund proposed pension hike




President Emilio de Quiros Jr., Sir, the first thing which comes to mind which I believe the board has “neglected” to determine, is the “now” principle of “how are the pensioners and those upcoming pensioners to survive off the streets with a penury of P1,200?” IF immediate action is not taken by the board, then more crime will result due to penury and the People’s Court will be full to overflowing.


Press instead, Sir, to fulfill the idiom which states: “God helps those who help themselves.” Now, know it or not, that is a World Banking “jewry” (verb) “action” of which they mean precisely: The one-eyed G-LD profit rule is to create an action which would “take” from the people to give to the World Bank itself.


Therefore, as the World Banking system wishes to be an “example” globally for all to follow its precepts, “quantitative easing” would be the first step. Let us see if we are able to solicit you some help from abroad. Please give us a moment.


“’What we are just saying is that now, the SSS performance is good which we hope the next administration will continue. We are not saying we cannot do it ever. Maybe at some point in time, we can do it,’ de Quiros said.”


Sir, sometimes when one takes too much of their event at hand in procrastinating by not sliding into the next phase, the window will shut for a space of an hour and when it does, the chance will have gone with it.


Any formula which will benefit the people, and in this particular case, the pensioners, without suffering the existing pensioners and gutting the next into poverty in the long run as the population grows in numbers by leaps and bounds, must berelished,” and the progress, Sir, must evolve out of its merienda stage, otherwise, when it comes the event for the High Commissioner of the strategic planning of all perjury for the Island, even his or her portion will exact a penniless, or in his or her case, a peso-less injury upon his or her (by their own upcoming event of the future) retirement pension of the new hour.

Instinctively, President Emilio de Quiros Jr., Sir, with respect to the nomination of the High Court Prelude, fixing an old problem with the same tools as before will just never work.


We trust we have been of some assistance, Sir. Thank you for your engagement toward furthering the understanding of the record numbers of the Social Security System.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Sela



Duterte: Kill me if I don’t resolve crimes in 6 months




Candidate Rodrigo Duterte, Mayor of Davao, the only ones who will be killing your candidacy and all of your “chivalrous” intentions, will be the World Banking Conglomerate and their heavily religious domination of the Island. Why is this then?


Simply “because” should you continue in your rhetoric in wishing the nation’s largest Chair for only yourself, of which chair is at this moment “occupied” by President Aquino, without your intention toward sharing it with 23 other candidates, then your candidacy will undoubtedly either float or sink on the whims of “who indeed you sell your chair out to,” because someone will come to you holding out the biggest carrot of them all depending upon whose industrial practice needs the most “space” in the soonest of hours in tying up the latest and first deal, and that we can well assure you, Candidate Duterte, will not in the least facilitate your “dreams” nor anyone else’s on the Island, to manifest.


Any potential leaders who do not as yet realize that in resolving crimes you must first practice good citizenship among ALL FILIPINO HUman beings no matter what their present status “nor” whether you like or agree with their beliefs or not.


Because” you see, they are all a part of the HUman race and the Philippines MUST be MADE into a “home” for each one and “not” our friend, a prison in order to provide jobs in staffing the courts, rehabilitation centers, prisons, police forces and security guard positions of which the latter two “choice positions” receive no payment anyway, otherwise they would not be asking for simple pesos just to buy themselves a cup of coffee each upon their shifts. Neither would they engage themselves in “crime” simply because there is not enough “money” in the government coffers, a large part due to overpayment of certain officials in government staff.


The citizens of the land of the Philippines are not there to kill anyone. Candidate Duterte, are you then proposing that they, the peoples, commit a grievous crime and you being the instigator?


The citizens are there “waiting” and “expecting” mature candidates to share ONE Round Table and to “end their charades and disputes and quarrelsome attitudes amongst one another and begin to work as ‘intelligent’ and ‘compatible brothers and sisters” toward making life not only a spontaneous joy and comfort to one another but to “all Filipinos.”


If you need to take 6 months candidate Duterte, to eradicate crime, then you must be planning to go it alone because the hour of 6 months is an awful long event and you will get little else done during those great lapses.


With your “unthinking rhetoricyou are proving yourself to be more of a national liability than an asset and your solution to the national epidemic of “crime wavesof which you soeloquently” speak, should more quickly than not land the entire Island of the Philippines in a bloodbath quicker than you can pull two socks up with the same principle in mind.


It is a “wise” decision, candidates, to “never” take of the words of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds to profit your own candidacy leaving everyone else out.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Sela



‘Win-win’ measures eyed for SSS




In the board of high finance let us not play with dice and Chinese checkers in the Pension for the people, for “stability and a critical eye” is now needed in “assuring the public” who have worked so diligently all their lives contributing as best they could toward the well-being of their brothers and sisters of this wonderful and incredible land of the Philippines, that the due coming to them in this lifestream as well bring them relaxation, peace, joy and contentment. If the board is able to achieve this for the pensioners then far be it from any of us here in Lilliput land to stop what must go on.


Meanwhile, Sen. Sergio Osmeña III said the “most painless and intelligent” way to raise enough money to cover the P2,000 hike in retirees pension is simply to require members to contribute P100 more to the SSS.


A P100-hike in contribution every month would mean an additional P3 billion a month or P36 billion a year, he said.


However, if this is the most intelligent drift of wood coming forth for this event which needs to be addressed in the most immediate future of all good posterity, then we shall be here on this Island until the sun stops shining for the brilliance of the sun far outweighs this latest “intelligent” solution by far.


Taking a “contribution” of P100 per month from pensioners who scarcely can get by on P1,200 per month (you try it and you will be living on the streets) is akin to government “taxing” or the “Church” expecting the people to give “voluntarily” 10% of their meager paychecks in “tithing” or “alms giving” to ensure entry into “heaven” or a state which will allow the people a continuance of existence in this hour of THEIR NEED and of their FUTURE EXISTENCE first be met.


Such “contribution” is not “voluntary” it is akin to blackmail and the very principle of initiating “usury” is AGAINST ALL Universal Principle of good morals, good ethics, and good judgment and good common sense.


The correct and most accurate formula has been already given “unless” nobody understands the application of “quantitative easing” “as a route to alleviating the “pain” of the people, whilst the Original Talents and Purchase Order System is put BACK IN PLACE.


BANKS do “not” need bailed out for banks are the very ones who CREATE CURRENCY through the writing into existence known asquantitative easing” of every “coinage” or “bill” the Banker needs for the continuation of their strategic wars with nothing ever written into existence to alleviate the peoples’ suffering.


The citizens of the land of the Islands of the Philippines are HUman beings and not “SACRIFICES” upon the Altar of the World Banking Religious CORRUPT World jewry “action-TAKERS” (verb) so if you are going to engage THE PEOPLE, THE PENSIONERS, IN A WIN-WIN SITUATION then you will need to all work on a level playing field and gird yourselves with more than “dice.” Salu


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Sela.



Corona prosecutor named Comelec lead counsel vs Poe




Senator Grace Poe faces her discriminators


It always amazes us how so much of an event is wasted by trying to throw one seed out of the entire body of the high council which is soon to be formed in order that this good seed, Senator Grace Poe, also be taken up for council in another district in order that the payoff to the private investigating “prosecutor” through the back door be well accomplished.


Now how ridiculous is this to spend the Supreme High Court’s hours on such events as make no logical nor reasonable sense whatsoever.


Does this in effect then not make a mockery of the court in two areas?


The first, the hours the Justices would need to spend while having to refrain their hand from actual “important” and more reasonable quests, and secondly, for the Commission gauging its hand in turning the Supreme High Court into a kangaroo-based effigy using the sitting magistrates as economic doormats while the Comelec appointed Commissioner Arthur Lee further amuses himself in demonstrating his complete lack of good common sense, ethics and morals.


This event is “not” about Senator Grace Poe in the least, but rather involves, your Justices of the Supreme High Court, if we may speak candidly of the latest hour, another candidate whose judgment toward the high price the nation would pay should the price-tag for worldly compliments not be on his plate in the least, as being one man less than the President, Mr. Aquino, himself.


And jeopardizing the loot on the table of all bad requisitions with Japanese traders ahead of the primaries and their jackpot of all which takes place underneath the Rodham Clinton structure, of which good lady, is also battened down by a Gregory Peck type nuisance, is simply disregarding Senator Grace Poe’s right of entry and acclamation into the council of the sitting justices,for one more loop upon his belt,” he thinks, will keep him further up the road in the race for the primary bi-election “certificates” and of that will Binay find himself in the scallops of all non-productive efforts. In eliminating his own candidacy will his ticket to doomsday finally arrive.


“Lim was assigned following the Solicitor General’s decision not to appear before the high court to defend the poll body for disqualifying Poe from the presidential race due to residency and citizenship issues.”


Something not quite right about this earlier event is there, now?


This one is for the Justices who are of the highest caliber in both mindset and “ethics.”


To candidate Binay do we hereby offer up our assistance as well because, fine man, your road up the highway will prove to be one of utter solidarity with not even the birds and the bees.


Evolution begins with not a tired don-key furnishing and funding the pot from abroad, yet the lesson you have yet to learn will eventually on the day of a November the fourth of the precinct of your choosing find your knees bruised, but the effort will be well worth it for you will come back out a better and much happier man.


We are sorry but assistance comes in many forms. To prove the outcome not be in vain you will eventually succeed in commerce and all will be most proud to deal with such as man as you.


Sir, we are humbled at your request for assistance.


Senator Grace Poe, welcome to our Round Table of Non-Dispute. You are “clean” inside and “out.” Thank you for dressing in the proper attire for this latest charade, Senator.


We are pleased to be of service and trust you will always place the nation and the wonderful people of the land of the Philippines as your “first” priority.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Sela.



PNoy defends decision to veto SSS pension hike



Mr. President Aquino, Sir, we trust you will be of good temperance in the stead of our being of the lateness of the hour of our schedule. We fully do understand your unwilling yet necessary decision to secure the SSS Pensions of the nation due to a rise in numbers.


Money set aside only goes so far, is that not so? And the volley-ball court when shut down all too often comes up with another conclusion or “veto” and that is when the ping-pong game begins with “judgments, vetoes, and appeals” which waste even more of the national budget. Would you agree with this statement, Sir?


So the next event which comes around, which will take up even more of the national budget cutting the pension pot even further is when the Social Security concern becomes a platform for the presidential candidates who do not wish to share your chair at the hour of disclosure should it occur, with twenty-three other wise and time-honoured candidates or seeds of the same house. So let us again listen altogether at what is coming out of the ping-pong hall.




“‘Tuwid na daan is only for the rich and oligarchs,’ Rone Rentoy said. ‘It was never intended for the poor.’”


“Another said that Manuel Roxas II, the LP standard bearer, should now say goodbye to his presidential ambitions.”


“‘PNoy’s veto of the much needed SSS pension hike (is) a kiss of death for you,’ said Roy Angana.”


“Millions of allowances were given to SSS officials in the past, netizens said.”


Alright, we are facing the same time-honoured vatical complaints of not enough “money” to go around when “plenty” is there for the Officials and their “perk” volumes. We see. Well, indeed, Mr. President they do have a valid point but what they do not understand is that the main standard-bearer is not the procreator of the lobbyists coutno down there at the World Bank yet when the decision arises to lay the blame upon one more standard-bearer it is all too easy a route to take.


Now, the people are correct in that their analysis toward the rich and oligarchs are the only ones benefiting the most from the funds in the process of their transactions into “Pensionaries” or Penitentiaries, and the drift here, Mr. President, is to assuage not the fundraising to be abstracted into the driftwood of another fund and source-stream the Pensioners Security fund directly out of the waters. And we can directly tell the peoples of the great and wonderful land of the Philippine Islands that in no wise is a president ever privy to all which goes on around him or her by the sequence of those who are to “also” serve the people in cabinet yet do not on a level playing ground where the people are themselves, and not the echelon of the banking industrial complex.


So now that we have that well under our belt, Sir, it is the hour for the solution. This is the event the people are waiting for so let us give it to them, shall we all? Good. That being decided then let us proceed.


There is a quick way in correcting the problem and there is the transitional way and we can heartily suggest to you, Mr. President, that while the transition from the heartless World Banking monetary crypt which continually every moment of every hour of every day of every month, of every year, “jews” (verb) the people out of every spent peso which is never seen, an alternative need first be enacted immediately while study and understanding of the technique in how the original Talent and Purchase Order system actually works be initiated before you set the final solution before the “people”

for their vote.


As with any transition, one must be careful not to gut the house by jumping out of the boiling pot without any beans to put in the next until such are cultivated and set in motion. Therein, Mr. President, we would “suggest” that the transference of funds into the Lilliput Banking of the Philippines be enacted though a simple transaction of quantitative easing of which all banking heads with any hands in the till know all too well about.


However, there is a word of warning. This is what got many presidents murdered so when you take the towel out of the dry-heated sauna room of the brier patch where the honkies live in their solitary confinement, Mr. President, just spread the word around the ASEAN countries and stand up for the right of transfusion of monetary funds into each and every account of well-deserved pension funds and you will retire a living legend with happy faces all around.


In the meantime events must progress and as they do the transition from the World Banking Monetary Order or system to the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary World Talent and Purchase Order system will settle all further chaos and conflict and your people of the Islands will have your back as they say as spears and gunshots will cease all thought of chaos and war and the tummies of the rich oligarchs and the tummies of the poor will meet on the street with one thought in mind:


“Hello, dear friends, you are our brothers and you are our sisters and what a happy day this is inhabiting together this beautiful Federated Island of the free people of the Philippines.”


We trust we have been of further service to you, Sir.


Mr. President Aquino, Sir, we wish you and your family a wonderful new day upon the morrow. Salu.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds Sela



SC justice retires; JBC sets vote




Greetings, Supreme Court Associate Justice Martin Villarama Jr. Sir, it is not often when we find ourselves presenting a token of short discourse upon the retirement of one deserving person or another and that due entirely to the shortness of the events of the day.

However, Justice Villarama Jr., Sir, it is of a necessary and prominent desire to not only congratulate you on many terms well served to the greatest of your capacity, but to remind all those who serve with you that just because one is put out to pasture does in no wise mean that retirement take a permanent front seat. And the cause for these words of much congeniality is simply due to the fact that one not only spends the greater part of one’s life in gaining the experience one needs to best serve one’s fellow citizens around oneself, but also in having worked in distinguished service throughout many lifestreams enables one to “excel” in the disciple or genre of their highest Talents.


In this wise, Sir, have you been seen to more than accomplish your ticket to freedom from the Press on bad days which we all have at some hour. Yet to set one in retirement after such one has gained the experience many others yet lack, leaves the question of which we know the answer to as do many others including the “good” President Mr. Aquino, for whom the same may be said, that what the nation loses in aptitude and replacement by others should indeed that be the case then what profit the nation at all in the decision of the High Court of the Supreme Authority of the State to let go of an already polished diamond and diamonds though the “allowing” of “experience” to be shelved in repose like an old book?


It is better by far to build “onto” experience of one’s elders instead of subtracting and archiving away years and decades and even lifetimes of experience of the one whose good conduct, reasonability and steadfastness has been grafted toward the nation’s greatest advantage. It would be akin to days past of generating a coffee mill and then dispersing the old beans into a cauldron of their own to be baked past their prime.


Retiring “experience” or “allowing” such retirement to fully stand in any discipline is akin to the nation cutting off its nose to spite its face.


Your knees may hurt but your mind is agile.


Therefore Supreme Court Associate Justice Martin Villarama Jr., Sir, your retirement out to pasture is neither welcomed nor accepted. Salutations


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds Sela



Comelec urges public to send questions for presidential, VP debates




Chairman Andy Bautista, Sir, while this would seem to fit the bill involving the people and initiating questions throughout the islands, it is answers that are needed. Your coordination in this wise sectioning off areas of concern throughout the Philippine Islands in outlining each of their concerns then deciding on the most immediate problems to be dealt with, is the road to utter disaster. Anywhere where there is fragmentation, there will result chaos.


Once you concede in allowing the old system this world presently operates under along with its outmoded different types of governance and sectioning it in partisan form, it is akin to taking an unworkable tractor and fitting it with another wheel and upon that wheel will the tractor be taking the grain nowhere. For taking an outmoded system over the same ground and damaging the fertile seeds of new ideas and expecting the systems of the World Banking jewry conglomerate, to fit into or cooperate with the original system of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds each of ye ones were first seeded in knowledge with, will only result in the continuance of a road so rocky, the participants will trip and stumble a thousand times over.


With so many committees trying their hand at tackling the insurmountable problems, the wolf at the tired door of the nation will feast until there is nothing left whilst each one furnishes his or her house with little left to reckon with.


"’We will meet different organizations as well as candidates to narrow the topics that will be tackled,’ Bautista said.”


Sir, before one can run one must first learn to walk and in order that the walk be straight and narrow to the goal for the nation, it is important to not leap-frog over the foundation which we present, for the rods have not all as yet been set in place to hold firm, the concrete, within an unbreakable net. One cannot continue doing his or her duty or work in the same fashion which had never brought the desired results to a positive conclusion yet, and expect a different outcome.


There is indeed an event upcoming whereby at our round table with the candidates will we present to each one of them perhaps the most difficult decision of their entire lives, and each one of them will assuredly look back upon their careers in a much different way.


Though your intentions are of the most reliable in humble curiosity and ingenuity, Chairman Andy Bautista, Sir, once the original Talents and Purchase Order system is firmly in place, the greater number of concerns will have been dealt with without one Filipino citizen losing one peso in the process.


BUT, if you put the cart before the horse, Sir, your national island house will fall as surely as you gaze at the “justice doll.”


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds Sela



Solicitor General ordered to appear in Poe’s DQ oral arguments




Good Morning, Justices and Members of the Supreme High Court of the Philippines. Considering the issue at hand we would like to make of ourselves our opening statement.

Allow us to refresh your minds, each and every one. We all belong to the body of the HUman race as ONE mind working in “conjunction” and “coordination” with ALL parts and programs of the BODY of the HUman race. Now, what occurs within the upper regions of conduct, should that same stratagem not also occur within the lower regions or the ground level where the citizens of the land of the Philippines, reside? Of course, this must be the case if all belong to the same HUman race. Is that not so?


Therefore, because each of you sit of yourselves within a High Court of arbitration upon one or more of your brothers or sisters, and in being the high mind of them all instead of equalization taking the forefront, we would heartily “suggest” that the flaring up of tempers just may prove to find you all wrong.


This planet does not belong to you, nor to anyone else. This planet belongs to the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. You are merely invited to become a wonderful part of the experiment of the Seeding, whereby each culture, each race was to become benefactors of the good conduct and learning experience of the whole body which is now global wide.


If one hand is to be cut off from the entire body of candidates only because of colour, circumstances of birth, or of an intent upon eliminating one candidate from the race in order to lessen the competition for another or others, then as the body is wracked in pain so shall your consciences also come to bear the brunt within your souls of what you have done.


We are not here to condemn any one of you but rather we are here to assist each one in order to help the each of you become the best you can be.


Has the Senator Grace Poe been found to be of good and equal conscience to those around her? Has she worked to the best of her ability and understanding, wisdom and knowledge within the whole? If you have no dispute with this rationalization, then we of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds who first seeded the all of you upon this earth, fail to understand just what exactly is the problem the Supreme High Court of the Philippines seems to be experiencing if they understand the very nature of the ONENESS of working within the same BODY or HOME in the land of the Philippines?


If you are going to “invite” the Solicitor General Florin Hilbay into the high chamber of the court for his discourse upon “all relevant issues” in an interrogation proceeding pertaining to the issue of whether or not Senator Grace Poe is a resident of this planet, and indeed of the land of the Philippines, itself, and if she is a citizen of the High Court of the land and of the peoples, and if indeed as far as constitutional law is concerned, whether she exists as a HUman being, or not, then allow the people of the land of the Philippines to coordinate themselves as to whether they agree with the ruling of the Supreme High Court of the Philippines, and should one dare to disagree that Senator Grace Poe is an active and important member of the HUman race of this planet and the land of the Philippines as a whole within a whole, then that one would indeed dry-gulch him or herself in a moratorium of feast and famine in a land withholding the refreshing water of their own contemporary “guides.”


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds Sela



Palace: Noy has spoken on Mamasapano




Mr. President Aquino, Sir, it is of positive delight to attend a ceremony which will be the catapult in manifesting rationality when it comes to your being invited to sit at a range of meetings of which no leader involved or concerned with the issues at hand and the events to follow, including all those uninvited participants with grievances whom the brave 44 met in an unfortunate place, should be found left out or purposefully excluded. Therein must we all remember that each soul which passes over from one incarnation to the next would surely hope that the next incarnation would not find any one of them, on either side of the fence, so to speak, incarnating into the same mess as before.


Therein, President Aquino, Sir, it would fully be our suggestion at this time that a level playing and working ground be of the highest priority. Your realization of this as having worked for years in trying to cultivate a clean ground throughout the islands will come to bear fruit the instant that a solid transfer from an unworkable system to an already proven system of economics is set in place.


A transfer of system, Sir, will assure that every contentious event which came up in the past to see the men and women on both sides in their early graves, should therein forever be eliminated by not working the same problem with the same solution which never did work in the first place. After all how can anyone fix a problem by using the same solution which always failed before.


So as we “honour” these brave souls today and every other day, on “both” sides of the fence, let us, instead of making this a yearly ritual reminding us of the folly which brought them to this horrible end, work quickly and strategically to ensure this never happens again.


Thank you, Mr. President. We trust we have been of further service to you once again.


Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds Sela





SC upholds EDCA




Justices and Members of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, do we ask for your patience in this decision you have taken as we would like to present our position to the presidential candidates which we feel would better shed more light upon this position you have taken. We thank you kindly for your further consideration.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and

Free Planetary Worlds Sela



SC upholds disqualification of Pamatong, David, 5 others




In order that “fairness” not be injured it is not necessary to disqualify candidates from a fair running ground. The people themselves will ascertain which candidates are their “person.” After all, if the people vote for a candidate whom is found to do them little service, therein little good, then those ones will indeed need to live with their choice. However, the better way is to not engage oneself in the electoral process at all because many voters among the peoples do not have the resources, themselves, to even understand the ins and outs of consequences of taking the highest chair and will therefore base their opinion upon what the media offers often in replacement of reality. This is not to say that the media in the Philippines is subject to arbitration in all it does, for the leaders and coworkers of the “Philstar,” for example, do seem to verily give way to the overall handling of the reporting of events as they see fit for the presentation of the greater reality and those events which gravitate toward the touchier memorandum, the very capable editorial staff handle with particular care and relaxed caution knowing that the wise ones of their readers will always be able to read between the lines.


The round table of twenty-four is more secure by far than the electoral process in engaging the high seats of the nation. This, we will explain to a greater degree in our second address to the Presidential Candidates whereby one has stood out as a fine example, in his thought-provoking insight into a new formula toward fulfilling the excellent commendation of President Aquino, himself, as he speaks to those concerning the “land of promise” to becoming manifested as the "land of promises fulfilled." And each of these two events concluding the other memorandum he is speaking upon as leaving “politics” out of the entire realm of insight and conclusion. This will we touch upon at our next session with the aspiring candidates for the seat of the nation.


We have been honoured to serve you, the Justices and Members of the Supreme Court of the Philippine Council.


Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds Sela