078. An Invitation by “ASEAN” Friends To Sit At Their Table “For Their Insight” Into World Peace - “All Are Invited”


Peace monument built by South Korean activists ready for unveiling




President Aquino has been hard at work investing his hours engaging himself and the good people of the southern portion of the Philippine “home” for one and all alike and his hard work coupled with the hard work of the southern Mindanao population with poverty becoming a thing of the past no longer sees that portion of the Philippines in crisis and these next words, this “invitation” shows that the soul of the national house of the Philippines is indeed becoming one soul of the nation. It has begun.


There has been such heartbreak within the Philippine “home” with war-fronts and good men and women facing their physical deaths and all because they could not see eye to eye. Their goals seemed to differ but not entirely for the root of the main cause of contention is “lack of money.”


When the outmoded “money” system is transitioned from “economic slavery and poverty” then the contention among all peoples will cease to exist.


When labels such as “rebels” or “new peoples’ army” or “insensitive governments” are all thrown in the trash bin where such labels belong; when religious labels are thrown by the wayside; when the HUmanity of the Philippines are “allowed” to live in dignity within the ASEAN family consisting of many nations through “sharing” their talents and the national resources, the contention will fall away, crime will no longer exist, and the appeal of one another will as HUman beings will once again shoulder a bond which cannot ever be broken again.


If you want others to sit “comfortably at your table to listen to you, then you must be prepared to sit at their table to listen to them.


There is not one single problem which does not have an intelligent and viable solution to it. The only problems which exist anywhere in the world are people who forget they belong to ONE HUMAN RACE.


Because we are “ONE HUMANITY.” Let us begin to act like it.


Initiating Peace takes much more than “campaigning” for the rights to life of the whole. Peace takes a courageous change in attitude. And along with that change in attitude the Original System of Talents and Purchase Orders will usher that PEACE into solid place.


Should anyone feel they are no longer “HUman” then please step aside.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds Sela and “thank you for the invitation” good people of the south.

Let the celebration begin with a “Tribute” “good people” to the Filipino Cousins of South Korea with this special Talent of “Greatness.”


Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show




Now let us honour more of Filipino cousins and continue in enjoying the very presence of one another.


Cute 3 Year Old Chinese Boy Performs For An Audition




First Chinese visitors arrive at Kagitingan Reef




Take off the uniforms and “see” we are not all so different. We “hope” they will come. They belong to the ASEAN family and are the cousins of all Filipinos, Koreans, Vietnamese, Japanese et al. They are welcome.


Village of 317 sets a 'zero waste' example




The best healthcare thinking is happening in Singapore




And we trust many more Filipino cousins will “accept” the invitation to the table of the people of the southern Philippines. We will be most happy to enter your contributions to the whole, here, on this page no matter where you are from.


Now, the tribute to the Filipino into “space” for the talents here displayed are assisted by the Filipino cousins of Japan as NASA in the United States of America have so kindly offered to “relocate” the first Filipino Satellite in space, as they call it, and now let us take a LOOK at what these great talented nationals of their Filipino “home” have graced the each one of us with! (Thank you for the beautiful flower, our friends at NASA, which bloomed in space. It was just lovely! - Uthrania Seila)

Diwata-1 “will” pave way for local satellite-building “non-polluting” industry




“UP Diliman has allotted an area for the space research laboratory, according to Joel Joseph Marciano Jr., director of UP Diliman’s Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute and program leader of the DOST’s Philippine microsatellite program.


“They have allotted space for the setting up of a research laboratory for microsatellite technology so that when the Filipino students come back from Japan, they will have a home to come back to, and start maybe teaching and doing training for our industry engineers, to continue and use the momentum,” Marciano told Japanese officials during the handover of Diwata-1 to JAXA.


This would be better based upon the Talents and Purchase Order System in order that the Filipino peoples not be hindered in their examination of other such Talents by a monetary system which puts “stipulations” and usury upon necessary equipment in completing the work. You are working toward this in a gracious manner with your Japanese cousins of which their wonderful leaders will be joining us all in this “home” of their Filipino cousins and we are all looking forward to their presence at that hour within that national event.


Well, there are many more inventions within the Filipino “home” but for now we will turn this over to a wise man whose “understanding” of what the end result will be to one HUmanity working together in their “labour of love” toward one other. We present:




This is our portion for our attending by invitation this offer:


“We welcome all organizations, regardless of racial and religious identities, wanting to help us build lasting peace in Mindanao. Propagation of peace now is an international trend,” said MILF’s Muhaquer Iqbal, the group’s chief negotiator.”


It is “important” our “friends” to not spoil your opportunity by engaging yourselves within the corporate banking system, for real “freedom” is not based upon corporate capital. We wish you all the very best, now, and for the rest of the nation of these wonderful Islands of the gracious Filipino people. Salu.




- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Sela