077. Pope calls for bold, creative response to global migration



Pope calls for bold, creative response to global migration




The “Holy Seer” Sir Francis of Assisi, the present day Pope, is held in high esteem by the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. One of his greatest soul achievements in not forsaking the female at large as being an exact and precise equal to the male is a dynamic reprise from those of many religious persuasions.


Let us now explain the role of the “good Father.” Yet, to be “titled” as the Holy Father or Pope of a religious establishment or church does no credit indeed to the good man, himself. Why is this? It is because no Holy, meaning moral and ethical universal enlightened being would ever allow a church to be set up in any other “enlightened man or woman’s name” for the purpose of gathering monies to ship off to the World Bank of the jewry or “action-takers.” Neither would any enlightened woman nor man lead even one astray by means of deviating from the reality of universal principle.


The “SEE” is an “action” rather than a position of which great responsibility is placed upon those with that capacity. To “SEE” means to see more than the visions, and work with the knowing in great detail. To be able to both “See” with the inward as well as outward vision with impeccable reliability in order that discernment be one of equal intensity is actually a normal state of being. However upon this world much more need be cultivated by souls in these regards.


Therein, the Pope, as so many of you address of him so erroneously, much prefers the well-earned yet humble title of Sir Francis of the HOLY SEE. This address benefits the soul leaving both conceit and ego dormant to the point where it has dried up and blown away by the wind and erases the domination of the so-called prestige of the high-handed workings of the money-brokers and gatherers of the sand under their feet for the day will be upon them soon when a decision must be made as to where they wish to also stand and remain soul to soul with eternity as being: In which places in the universe?


Therein, in addressing the “good and patient man” we do not address him as simply “Francis” but by his true title “Sir Francis of the HOLY SEE.”





Sir, it is a dire abridgment we must all make and it is somewhat difficult in our combined work in making many people also see what is actually transpiring upon the global scene and how indeed to stop the carnage; how and why over millennia such horror has repeatedly occurred.


How many living the “good life” as they consider themselves living and who are engaging themselves within the one system of finance which is actually destroying them as well as their nations will be willing at this event when they were not ready in the year two-thousand, to put down their lies and work together with many others to change that which for so long has been unchangeable due to the same and exact problem-solving by leaders both political as well as religious whose itinerary simply goes around on the incarnational wheel.


Where this wheel exists so do many people relax their morals in the hour of their fury and continue in coming back to this same earth or one with similar problems for no solution to be worked toward in abeyance of the World Bank jewry conglomerate in an hour of transition was held up as an event not ridiculed before it became too late for many.


When the hour passed and before the next hour began, the lapse of one event after another went unfulfilled. We must not fail the people nor ourselves at this point and we will not.


Religion is the very bastion of all conceit, for each religious persuasion immediately presupposes it is the idyllic way to a “heaven” or “paradise” it knows little or nothing about. In this case, would it not be just as “ethical” to say, your Holy See, that in order to bring about a collective consciousness of all religions, one must first lead the way into dropping all religious dogma and doctrine being the very self-creation of man in the first place, and “See” the way to all good and friendly conduct among Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Hebrews, leaving not one man, woman nor child out no matter who they be and by simply dropping all pretense that any one of them know the way to the next world in a moral compromise and without inflicting injury nor damage upon any one individual or nation, and this by simply enacting the true universal principles of which perhaps it seems they have all in their enthusiasm to be number ONE have either forgotten or never known, which we can well assure each other, Sir, that they, at the inception of their first seeding upon this world, have indeed been privy to.


Your repertory in dealing, your Holy See, with the migration and great influx into Europe, for example, is a great relief to our soul, for if the people on both sides only understood what we do they would immediately ban all weapons themselves without the inclusion of any other person, group or government taking action against them or feeling the need for policing with firearms and batons as well.


The horror continues, Sir Francis of the Holy See, in yet another cruel practice and that is the practice of proclaiming, framing, and blackmailing good men and women before the world view conceding they are the evil of the world. They tourniquet the good and proclaim the vestments of the bad.


They use governments for shields whereby the unsuspecting populace immediately place all blame upon their governments for the downfall of the nations having no recognition just how difficult it is to be in a position, where once leadership is gained, the rewards far under-weigh the heavy tourniquet placed upon them.


They understand so little of the days ahead and if they continue in allowing themselves the startling news over the mainstream media to cloud their judgment, these peoples of the earth will continue to find themselves at a great disadvantage when all they need to do is put down their firearms, forsake the command to drop bombs, leave the swords in the sheaths, dismantle all atomic and hydrogenic bomb factories. Perchance they need be reminded of the past with their future in mind if they continue allowing the wrong people to push their emotional and financial buttons on all sides.


Sir Francis, it no longer matters which race, which peoples, which stupefied religion the people engage themselves within to their own detriment, they are all a part of the HUman race but many have lost that first principle that they were first seeded with. The Hellions are continuing to pit the people, the races against one another, and the World Bank jewry continue in their aggressive behavior against the nations using ego and emotion and financial stress upon the people until when a rabbit is pressed up in a corner against a wall it becomes so confused as to where to turn it just drops physically dead out of pure fright of the next unknown.


The World Bank jewry who continually jew the people out of their livelihood, land and very lives through their unconscionable war games upon the pawns of the nations under their grip must understand that they may yet stop their cruel hands against the light and break their own grip others have upon their persons and reclamation of their very souls can yet be won.


Sometimes, it is the most difficult for the people to understand exactly why we must take the unpopular decision in order to bring about a permanent end to the sufferings of the ONE HUman race.


Where mercy is given so will that same mercy come back to the sender.


We congratulate you, “wise and holy one,” for the storm which is upon the gate does not yet realize that the soul itself cannot be diluted.


It is soul-warming to speak with you again and gather of your strength. We salute you, Sir. Stay safe.  Salu


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds