076. To The Candidates of the Presidential Election of the Philippines (Part 3)




Good Morning, running candidates for the Philippine Presidential Chair. We greet you all and trust your day has gone well thus far. If you are ready, let us waste no more of our event and begin.


To begin with let us briefly touch upon one of the most basic tenets of a system worthy of a people to adhere to; what you would call a paradisaical system of operation. This system is based upon the Talent and Purchase Order Conduct. But what is a school of Talents? Good question. Now hold onto your hats as we open up the books on one of the greatest routes of production utilized upon many other earthen planetary worlds within the bounds of the Federation of Unified and Free Worlds.


President Aquino himself in all of his experience in his dealings with others has left for you, the candidates, a milestone of information and wise conclusions, one of which is “inter-branch courtesy” in all you do or set your hand to, ”not for political purposes.”

And why does the wise man offer this valuable information to not only the people he is speaking to but toward the ears of the nation? It is for this reason: The moment politics is being designed or coordinated into the equation, the people are left out.





A School of Talents differs from schools you are so accustomed to. These special schools “guide” and “teach” the student in various disciplines enhancing their brightest achievements which their soul desires to accomplish with excellence, readying themselves toward their contributing to society around them. Those “talents” which they present as a labour of love under the Talent and Purchase Order System of non-currency economics will greatly further their own long sought- after dreams of becoming what and who they desire.


In repose, the universities and schools of “good conduct” belonging to the present crude monetary system do not allow the students to actually follow in upgrading their greatest soul’s achievements and desires which the soul itself has acquired over many past lifestreams. They wish to streamline their “talents” with further instruction without the World Banking jewry system requiring great fees which most students will for the remainder of their lives need to pay off. Continuation of bondage. Again. (This paragraph had been removed by hackers. - Uthrania)


Then as the debt becomes greater with homes and mort-gages, fancy cars, and private schools for their children, the temptation to enter into backroom shady deals with pharmaceutical companies for instance should they be training in the medical establishment of the great cities of the west and so on, does become more of a frequent practice, and because it has become more of a frequent practice it also becomes standard practice as they are taught the “greed is good” philosophy by the motivators of corporate companies. Morals and ethics begin to drop away until “greed is good” becomes the norm in a world which is anything but normal in the way the actual paradisaical worlds are governed.


There is stress all around you from demand to excel yourselves in producing all you are able for the World Bank jewry or World Bank “action takers” who “take” everything from the people and give them stress and poverty if they do not adhere to the system or “cannot afford” to live within the system, to the promised “mort” of the Real Estate financiers, calculating an early death for the buyers. We will speak more of this in the days to come.





This crude monetary system each one of you participant candidates are locked into at this moment as you try to further yourselves for the good of the nation, we trust, is the greatest hindrance you could possibly imagine. You are locked into not being able to operate as you must or wish simply because the almighty World Bank jewry are sitting with their feet on your necks.


Here is where “serving the people,” your friends, your families, your neighbours who extend to the poor man or woman gleaning for alms on the street, must be served as ONE in importance with not one head found above the other. These are all HUman beings just as important, each one, as are yourselves, the candidates, your families, your neighbours, for without each one of them the BODY of the HUman race cannot function properly.


So you may say to yourselves, perhaps, “How can a beggar on the street contribute to the overall success of a nation?”





We say to you in turn:


There are no beggars which were not made by those who purposefully, selfishly* and greedily participate in the unorganized crude system of World Bank jewry operations.


These people you find on the street have fallen through the cracks of society and it is up to you, each candidate who vies for the big Chair, to “correct” the situation of each and every man, woman and child, not forsaking the animals, each and every one. And if you cannot figure out how on earth you are going to accomplish this great feat within a matter of no more than two months, then what on earth are any of you candidates running for? You are not even ready to sit upon a chair on an elevated committee for HUman rights performance in abstract excellence.


Where one man, one woman, one child becomes thought of as a liability to the entire nation, so then does not a single “gene” within each of your bodily structures and souls become of no avail to your existence?


If you take the many men, women and children whom the World Bank jewry believe are of no consequence and mow down their shanty-shacks in order to beautify the island with the motivation to attract more foreign investors, then are any one of you ready to live “without” countless “genes” which you need for the makeup of your entire bodily system or will your system begin to break down until you are of no more worth yourselves to the World Banking coalition of “action takers?”





Perspective is where each one of you is at within this great event of your lives. Once you have understood the “perspective” of the “reality” of your candidacy, perhaps you will then understand why it is more important to form a governing council or committee of yourselves working together “with the people, for the people, and being of the people” rather than being a head above those who are your family, your friends, your relatives, your neighbours, and the poor beggar on the street. That poor beggar is the first consideration of your new governing body. Invite him and her to your round table of twenty-four in discourse by making the poor of physical body your first priority.


And this you cannot do, any one of you, without first adhering to the universal principle of all good conduct in initiating the Talent and Purchase Order system, and if you do this, you will find yourselves to not be in any competition with one another, but rather you will have matured into the greatest Round Table of men and women, not forsaking the child, where you will be safely able to initiate trade with Inter-Nation countries with no harm done to the environment, with no competition among nations for the greatest percent of trade from one nation to the other, with no more fear of initiating a war with any of your neighbours around you.





Well, candidates, we have scarcely begun, and we do apologize for not showing the video we had initially promised at this sitting. We have decided to expound therein we wish to continue with a Part 4, and at that point to touch upon the dynamics of what exactly setting up the first initial stage of the original system of economics in dealing with the exciting and long lasting Inter-Nation “Freedom in Trade” in replacing the present deadly “Free Trade Agreement” which leaves the corporate industries and manufacturers with a better advantage is* while the people and small business at a far greater disadvantage, as they are required to pick up the tab which the World Bank demands from someone.


Candidates, please assist our combined effort by bringing with you new ideas to be presented to the whole, and as such we do embrace, both, the “talents” and “ingenuity” of each candidate, for your brains do exceed that of your brawn, and never mind the fashion show, Senator Grace Poe, because we like you just fine the way you are in your very unobstructive and tender soul which few see or even know.


You are all most desirable for candidacy. Just remember, candidates, that your greatest achievement will not be “who attains” a presidential chair, BUT will you all share it equally around ONE Round Table of ingenuity with your hard work resulting in progress for the entire nation “without” selling or leasing out the land of the Philippines from underneath the citizens’ feet?


Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds Sela


(Notation: * relates to our own addition and changes in complimenting the best tenure in the English language. is* ly* - Uthrania)