075. Presidential Candidate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and All Presidental Candidates (Part 2)




Duterte to lease Philippine islands if elected




Candidate Duterte, you need to deal with the economic distribution of wealth not international corporate leasing or you will be starting a war with China. Please, Sir, refer to the map.


Duterte said there is no need for the Philippines to acquire foreign loans since the multinationals would become the financier of the country’s development.”


You have learned the old-time stratagem of employing “good sense” you think in engaging international corporate powers to the inclusion of backing your candidacy with their money and power, but by doing this you will slowly lose the favor of the people as they see their land “capitalized” away in corporate land-grab agreements and you will then be faced with a war you really do not wish to see.


Those who finance own.


International corporate powers will of course grab the attention of the Chinese for they will then place in their national forces, militarily speaking, to as you think, ward off Chinese investment overload.


The main problem with this is you have not calculated in the price the Philippine nation as a whole would be paying, and the price, our friend, is just too high.


Corporate bonding is likened to too many fish in a pond where each rabbit takes to eat the food of the other until all resources have well taken flight and then the Philippines and it’s pond would be left destitute with a people who will wish you to hell.


Internationalism is exactly what you as candidates do not want. The control of the nations resources do not just lie with the Philippines alone but with surrounding Asean nations such as Taiwan, for instance, whose tendency would rather be to grip a tired donkey around the neck than fleece the whole world out of its fish factories.


In other words, there is a corporate manager from the World Bank in each and every nation conceding the evident lack of, in Iceland, for instance, so the powers of corporate intrusion lie with not only China but the International Blockers of all Chinese-Pilipino economics and this will prove to be your greatest aggravation and downfall before any of you even think to hit the big times and the “good” President Aquino’s Chair.


Now, this does not mean the Philippine economy will regress instead of building up its own resume with nations. But you need to learn instead the practice of Inter-Nation trade with the Talent and Purchase Order System used upon many paradisiacal worlds. For the difference between Internationalism and Inter-Nation trade is one of bondage vs. freedom.


Leasing islands to the corporate bondholders is akin to selling out the entire Philippine nation with their conglomerate of islands into piecemeal toddies and even the Chinese know that the main trade route places the Philippines in an ornate power struggle if the International corporations with their collusive and pollutive industries are leased even a one of the little islands. Soon you will have no place for your kind people to go for they will have already lost it all. All they will have left are islands with their extraordinary beauty gone such as is happening at this very moment to the mountain hills of Baguio.


Racketeering takes on many forms, candidates, and if you wish a good government to exist, then forming a governing coalition consisting of an equal in number of twenty-four men and women not excluding the potential of children, for a child’s mind is yet uncluttered by the dynamics of war, economics, and greed of entrepreneurs, will find not a one of you stepping upon the toes of another.


Rather you will each be forced to learn to work together in a concise and articulate methodology, each coming up with the most workable and far-sighted methods for governing alongside of the people you serve initiating the tightest control over your own natural resources, those being of the best which are the people, themselves. Thank you for your attention. We trust we have been of assistance to the each and every one of you. You are to be congratulated for your persistence, indeed, but make sure you do not ruin it for everyone else.




With the issue of any criminal activity we do not hang the people. The solution here is to take the problem which is the real culprit and hang the problem on the wall and let the sun roast it permanently. Then replace the problem with the correct solution. In many cases the solution is eliminating poverty without ruining lives and the nation in doing so.


The more courts you build, the more jails you build, the more tendencies toward rehabilitation wards for the criminally wayward you have, the greater the problem you have, and the greater the problem you have needs the correct solution enacted immediately. You will not eliminate crime, our friend, by being of the criminal intent toward great injury yourself, and you will not be a comforting figure to the nation but rather a tyrant in fullness of himself.





When the system no longer performs as an unproductive obstruction to the real joy of incarnational living, the youth shall be more than willing to participate in engaging themselves in productive pleasures of building for themselves and others a world which they will take much pride and pleasure in living.


Again, placing tourniquets upon the young will only make them dig deeper in the world of underground “pleasures” which will then leave you, and the nation, and the wise ones who share in your table as equals, more problems than you would ever imagine. Do not shut the youth out, instead, serve them, lead them, be an example to them by being their friend and not their jailer. We all learn the hard way, but we all must learn. Is that not so?





If you love only those people who love you back, that will not get you far. When you come to the understanding where you will love the people whether they love you or not, then and only then will you understand the real heart of your nation. That is the heart attitude which needs to grow in you.


It is important to remember that there will be those who do not understand what you as upcoming leader or leaders must need to know, so it is better to forgive their transgressions than to hold their transgressions of not loving you, against them. To better serve a people, your council who sit beside you, and your nation, you must come to love them all otherwise your heart attitude is not in it for them, but for yourself,and that will be the only reward you will leave this earth with in this event of your incarnational journey.


Candidate Mayor Rodrigo Duterte we wish to further present to the other candidates your tremendous insight and brilliance on your solid ideas to further the Philippine Islands into a true Tropic Paradise with no one getting hurt in the process. This will be our next entry in the soonest of hours. We do have you on video. Thank you for your temperance, please, in all things but not withholding the presence of enthusiasm to get the job done.


In essence, do not vie for the Presidential Chair unless you are willing to share it with twenty-three others, for your main side-kick in the presidential elections will be Candidate Grace Poe, but we can well tell you that your main asset shall be “humility.”


– Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds Sela