074. Philippine Government Electoral Candidates For All Positions Including The “Big Chair" (Part 1)




Presidential Candidates, we salute each one of you toward your efforts in your continuance of “insisting” in bettering not only yourselves, but your “service” to every citizen of the Philippines whether rich or poor in your eyes. We trust your motives are of the same good intention as are ours.


Welcome to our Round Table.


If we could tell you anything which would help you all, we would stress that instead of your competing with one another for the Big Chair which would indeed ascertain that the majority of you would be left awry, it would be to each of your advantages to not fragment yourselves nor to prostrate yourselves before the money “God” in perks or kickbacks as the pharmaceutical companies worldwide are attuned to doing, as their “co-operation” is one of “you scratch my back, medical industry and elusive drug dealers, and I will definitely scratch yours.”


Ladies and Gentlemen, in not fragmenting yourselves, complete co-operation “must” exist upon all fronts. But how do we achieve this great feat?


It is actually quite easy to accomplish.


In beginning this great feat it is important to remember you are all brothers and sisters and the Philippines belongs to you all.


You are “not” opposition forces to one another because should any of you think that way then you have already defeated the success of your own “Chair” and or cabinet position. There should never be a fractional government in place because a fractional government such as democracy continually plays one hand in a deck of cards against the other hand until a stalemate to nowhere is the outcome.


What a useless encounter with one another indeed.


Because none of you have as yet the solution in one package for all problems which you may encounter as President or Cabinet Member, it is important to take the “best” each candidate has to offer up of him or herself. Likewise does this work also with nations from the top down and from the bottom up.


For example: Each nation is required to give to the whole the best portion of itself. This works on all levels from the grassroots up to the state or provincial, from the national to the inter-nation.


In order to initiate the first steps in governing a nation in bringing about the return of the paradisaical original system back to the people and sharing this information with other nations, full cooperation through working together of obtaining free service for all the world’s citizens must eschew. This must polarize through orchestrating in sequence together as nations the beginning of that desired outcome. What would this understanding, implementation, and non-breaking of universal principle require in order to achieve this promise?


Here is a little example from our next Mini-Series coming up in the “Non-Fiction” academics of “The Seeding” (Mini-Series Part 25)


Each nation begins in contributing the best of itself, its citizens and its government:

Russia – free energy


Singapore – free internet


Philippines – freedom to remain overnight with loved ones as Watcher, engaging themselves in the overall process of assisting the staff by alerting nurses and doctors when necessary.


Iceland – freeing themselves from the bankers through sequence in steps in observing universal principle of the non-application of the tenure of “usury.”


Saudi Arabia – free loans if the individual or nation is unable to pay back the loan. And how is this done? It is accomplished in the same manner as Iceland so well also understands, and that understanding revolves around the practice of “Quantitative Easing.”


Quantitative Easing is merely a refraction of scoring out a bad or good loan and writing into existence any necessary monies in order to balance the books. One stroke of a pen does it. It “IS” that easy. No banking power ever issues credit without a provision securely put in place to ensure it will never close its doors unless forced for other practical reasons by the astute and fed-up people who understand the banking trick has stolen too often from them just by merely existing.


As candidates you need to bring the best of your talents to the round table of the offered Presidential Electoral Chair “without” wanting or desiring to be the seat of power over your comrades or otherwise Presidential candidates whom are your equals and your advisors as you are theirs. You are already a team in the making not competing with one another.


Within the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds, there exists a round table of twenty-four balanced individuals within each nation, within each city, within each inter-nation.


In the case of those running for “service to the citizens of the Philippines” not one of you should be striving to raise your heads above the other. Why is this? Because unless you actively participate in conducting yourselves in the ONENESS utilizing each of your unique talents, as you do not as yet understand nor have the principles of universal/Federated knowledge in the handling by your individual selves all problems which will gravitate your way, you will never succeed in accomplishing much of anything. This will only provide more hardship upon the people whom you promise to serve.


This is the beginning of success. Success will always follow those whose dignity and character place universal principle above that of their own deep-felt itinerary.


The perfect government lies not in the success of obtaining the Big Chair for the “right” person, but rather lies in the full co-operation of seasoned minds belonging to the great wisdom of first obtaining the “correct knowledge” in not breaking universal principles which all universes and galaxies work upon.


Secondly, by embracing “all” talents working only upon the same universal principle which “includes” the letting go of the old system of banking and economic finances and replacing it with the original economic balance of the Talent and Purchase Order system of which the bankers themselves would profit to an even greater extent by surviving their own souls into a distinctly more academic accountability of their achieving even better stats than holding on to the remaining statement with their followers which would result in their own “mort-gage” or “self death-wish” eventually returning themselves to the other side of rip in the fabric of space.


We trust we have been of greater assistance to the each one of you as a group coordinated with not one losing the seat of power by simply understanding and “sharing” the best of yourselves. In that way the wise remain while the fools fall. Good Day, Good Night, and Good Evening. Salu


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds