073. Merits of the China-Philippine Sea Dispute Tabled At Precisely 12/24/2015


On The Issue Of The Sea Dispute Between China And The Philippines


There is no problem which cannot be solved except by those who do not wish to solve it. Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez


Prelude: Posted


We graciously thank you, Mr. Speaker, Sirs and Madams, for inviting us to your Table whereby we may be seated. Shortly will the event in question be brought forward to your Table from the understanding of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Statutes whereby each galactic sector of inhabitable worlds base themselves upon such crucibles as Universal Principle is understood in order that worlds, and in your case “nations,” may conduct themselves upon a series of ethics and moral attributes. The Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds will be represented again for this event by myself, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez.


We greet you.




In the academics of all philosophy comes an event in which the major squatter leaves his or her mark behind.


In the case of the row between the Philippine Charter and the West Sea product of Chinese philosophy the case before this High Court in de Hague is one which can be easily resolved with the proper coordination of all high philosophy in trade variances which precisely brings the coordination of all variances of philosophy directly together.


It would gain much more in livelihood, religious persuasions, and we do mean the “act of persuasion” for all those religions are manifesting the same and exact traits as industrial corporate power-brokers on the event of manufacturing economics for themselves and those who do not manufacture so much in the activity of gathering money from their various “flocks” gather instead souls for the work of the war machine and money bank in world war profits. But we all know this, also, so let us then put it aside for this one event.



This row or dispute being brought to de Hague Table at this event is not about coral reefs, not about oil or corporate investment of the Chinese into the Philippines for that has already occurred in our variance line. What this row or dispute contains is a “manufacturing” of Japanese and Korean vices which would activate a comely and “timely” as you say, event in the pre-postering of European and especially French and Australian goods across the South China-West Philippine Sea and since the European Council has rendered Australia an unwitting and uninvited participant, the corridor which the Chinese protect are the very crucibles of trade barriers, and there is the Chinese destruction of your real reefs, as the other non-Aseatic nations fend off others to protect their very territories.


Justice? De Hague Ruling?


China was not represented in de Hague upon the issue of the merits hearing on Philippines vs China case and we are not surprised. We are not surprised because de Hague has no business hearing the case. This is an ASEAN dispute and with the European Union desperate to get its ties into the Philippine industry and manufacturing sector, it is guaranteed whether China had represented itself or not that the possibility of de Hague passing a judgment in favour of China would be dim at best.


But there is a way which will accommodate every nation in a true “free trade” enterprise. A proposition which will leave no nation out, no privatization of goods and services in corporate lunacy, and industrial green gas-less power; a method which will guarantee the safe exportation and importation of goods and services without the lasting injury to both nations, sea corridors, and mobile air and land courier transports.


This proposition will affect every nation world-wide through the singular mind of academics in motivating each participant as it lays down its weapons of war and its dollars, rubles, pesos, francs, and throws its brands of market manipulation, corporate need for backbiting one another, stock-market gambling, and Interpol into the waste bin, for crime in this case simply cannot exist for the cause of crime is poverty, injustice of the equalization of funds and the proponent of money itself is a severe wish to power-broker over everyone else, simply meaning ones wishing to hold the power in full intent to break the happiness and hope, and talents of the souls of all those around them.


With the prowess of taking down nations through war effort and the blackmailing and demonizing of their leaders, this is a most lucrative economic investment in the overall picture. As you all know, Mr. Speaker and ladies and gentlemen of the court, the investment of destroying a nation through underground surveillance coupled with western and eastern coups to topple governments, apart from the strategy of terror-funded groups and assassinations by foreign assets, to rid the men and women from top governmental positions, and placing in their own puppet reservoirs to set up the foreign powers fragmented anti-paradisaical democracy, acquiring free or cheap labour, is indeed a most lucrative business venture for any Hellion entrepreneur so it is best it stops.


The Leaders of every nation wish for a new and unique idea or ideas in which to offer up to the people, the constituents, for the purpose of being elected or reelected, but they want an idea which could be modified to suit their needs in order that the bracketing of the profit range of intake funds remain or retain itself directly and swiftly into their pockets. Yet this is not the case with all leaders or candidates seeking election or reelection. And for this we are thankful.


When you please the people you have no ought against you. This is the greatest standing army any leader is able to acquire – the very devotion and love of the people themselves. These are the ones whose simple ingenuity will protect you for there is not a one who will not nor is not able in some small way to contribute.


You do not need to ever pay them, for their very existence in happiness and contentment will flow like a river out of the proposal which you may now offer them.


Instead of fighting one another learn to work together in simple strategy. A strategy which you will find will harmonize trade of your goods and services instead of the continuance of manufacturing war and hardship upon one another’s nations. Harmonization which will eliminate all trade deficit, though you have already enacted in your version of “Free Trade” that elimination to a point, but you have placed the deficit on the people. What type of leadership is that? Is that the best you all can do?


 This government and corporate market manipulation is advantageous not to the peoples of the nationsSystematically, it is wise to not export natural resources out of the country for the purpose of importing the same and exact products back in. but only advantageous to the powers that be. Most governments are caught up in this market manipulation either by force or by agreement of their own will for substantial perks. However, we are not here today to speak of these issues are we?


In the original system of talents and purchase orders we build everything that we need SYSTEMATICALLY.


In other words Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen, we build everything in one event. We do not need to wait for expenditure to build, for instance, a hospital and then a school and perhaps a few homes per year.


Whatever we need, we do work systematically in order to accomplish in the most productive way the greatest accomplishments. No perks, no criminal activity, everyone involved.


A system such, however, as you are under now, can only grant you, the leaders, the nations, and the people, to build say, a new hospital this year, a few housing complexes, and perhaps a restaurant or two. This is but a slim example.


Now with the original system of talents and purchase orders, there is absolutely no budget at all to hold up the progress, unlike the present capitalist system of economics whereby the people pay four times for one community building.




Under the present economic World Bank system, this people suffering, people hating monetary system, the hospital would look like this and be paid for under currency, low wages, and taxes, four times by the people.


Here is how it works.


The contractors borrow money from the banker or several bankers amalgamating their debt load into one massive tribulation.


Then the contractors hire people to build the hospital.


The hospital will be built solidly but yet in an inexpensive way as possible in order for the contracting company or companies to make as much off their profession as possible.

Next come the workers who are paid as low a salary as the contractor can possibly get away with. In most instances these workers are from poorer countries which have been privatized. Many workers are paid at a rate of almost free labour. With nations such as the Philippines and China, labourers are a dime a dozen so it does not benefit the world corporate powers to depopulate these areas of concern. Let us continue.


That is the first installment.


The borrowing aspect from the continental banks.


Offshore Providential.


Then when the hospital, dully as it looks, is fully completed, the banker wants paid back.


This is the second installment.


So both the contractor and the workers have to take on another job just to pay back to the banker the first job.


When the first job of building the hospital is paid back in all expenses of the borrowing costs, then the city tells the people that they must now pay fees in order to use the communal building, in this case hospital fees, or if it is a library, then library fees, or if it is a museum then fees to go in and look at the museum.


This is but an example.


This is the third installment.


Then the people are told after they built the hospital, paid the banker back and paid the fees to attend the facility, that they must now pay land taxes and upkeep taxes of the building, and while the people are paying all these extra usuries out of their meagre wages, they are having to pay back the money to the banker for the first costs of yet another loan for yet another building.


This is the fourth installment.


In addition to this, of course, the people are told that it will be several years until just so many budgeted contracts are able to be manifested for the people to attend.


This is the fifth coming into play.


Borrowed monies for the hospital over a twenty-five year term, cost the taxpayer ten times its original value by the time it is paid for.


This is the present system you operate under fully today.


What we offer is not made in hell.


But in paradise, or rather to be more precise, upon other worlds and other planets who have learned that the money system corrupts the best of men and women at times and therein should never be used as a trading currency, for with the currency comes the infraction of breaking all universal principles which is the door opener for usury.


It does not take three years to restore all power and electricity to any nation which has been decimated by war. That is ridiculous. Only under the present hegemonic economic budgeted system would that be a priority to wait that long for full power nationwide.





Where a nation is placed under a budget, that nation hangs onto a liability known as “money” which holds back progress until the next installment. The system you are under at this present event in your cycle is a system of hell for the people and a false paradise for the ones who fall prey to its workings which in your next lifestreams will leave those ones in “dire” circumstances for karma never relaxes its justice in its universal courts when leaders and their courts rule heavily against the people in order that their rule of law will benefit those who fund their paychecks.


We have known de Hague to be a fair and just court since last invited to attend and we can only hope that the leaderships in both the Philippines as well as the Chinese Authority will sit down at our round table of non-dispute that we may discuss this further in an amicable way.


When two houses work together in a way they will not step upon each others toes, then it is easier for other nations to join. When foreign enterprise builds up in the Philippines great conglomerates for the rich and wealthy to enjoy, pushing the people back upon their very land, these great conglomerates will never welcome the poor and unemployed but rather will seek to enlist them in their almost free labour programs as their economic slaves.


Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the court of de Hague. Mr. Speaker we also salute you and we invite you all to our Round Table of Non-Dispute where much more can be presented in this concern. We do hold the two blueprints in their minutest details for both tribal and industrial nations. Thank you.  Salu


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds


Notation: Due to unexpected Internet problems with the line over the past days, we have refrained from bolding and italicizing throughout the text in our desire to present the Federation of Unified and Free Planets’ conditions for a safe transition through from the money system of today to your looking at another option which is the Talent and Purchase Order System. This is just a glance at a tiny portion to understand if interest can be found among you. Thank you.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Plantary Worlds.