072. Address To The European Union Ambassador To The Philippines Franz Jessen


Address To The European Union Ambassador To The Philippines Franz Jessen






Mr. Ambassador, you are quite a connoisseur of the languages, Sir, and favourably impressive in the Economic Sciences among other disciplines. We are honoured to be in your presence. Please forgive the delay. Welcome to our Round Table of Non-dispute.

There is no problem which cannot be solved except by those who do not wish to solve it, Mr. Ambassador, Sir, so let us begin in solving it.


You have brought to the table, Sir, two concerns: the first being the safety of Europeans in an industry-promoted alliance with the Philippines stretching perhaps to manufacturing ties of a greater extent in other well meaning Asean countries; the second concern being brought forward on behalf of the European Union by yourself, Sir, is the proclamation that industry is needed in all parts of the Philippines including the southern part known as Mindanao, and to accomplish this feat, it must be calculated in such a way as to bring about peace to the region in order that European security be assured.


Could we put it that way, Sir?


But you are speaking of the “manufacturing sector” are you not, of which you stress that the Philippines is not up to standard in your estimation, Sir?


Mr. Ambassador, your inclusion of the Mindanao Province where there is unrest and insurrection is a viable one and a healthy and brilliant idea which we hope will be looked at by the Philippine Government and all participants in the Leadership of the Mindanao Province, for where there lies poverty, there will always lie unrest, unhappiness, tyranny, and insurrection in other parts of the country, for Sir, leaders must guarantee that their people eat, be sheltered and are contented and if that cannot be guaranteed then, of course, Mr. Ambassador, the peoples of the Province of Mindanao will continue to feel tourniquet from the rest of the Philippines and a hand cut off of the arm and ruled by another head because of the tourniquet, will never issue anything better than dire consequences for the body in whole.


In actuality, Mr. Ambassador Jessen, Sir, the Philippines has rationed itself far above the other nation states around itself. And how exactly have they done this so far without industry and manufacturing of the height of “achievement” of that of other world nations?


By reducing the risk of manufacturing and industrial privatization of its resources to the extent whereby the need to lose the entire Philippine nation and people to the highest bidder of the European Manufacturing sector or any sector outside of itself, meaning outside of the ASEAN conglomerate, whom, you must agree, are cousin states in their overall conclusion, that risk is no longer an issue.


You see, Ambassador Jessen, Sir, the reestablishment of a true Free Trade agreement coupled with a substantiated non-subservience to the World Banking conglomerate of tariff stealing, gaming, and mafia-type control over nations’ resources benefits not only the Philippines, good governance and the citizens who do by way of their citizenship on this world deserve the best and only the best in order to get back on their feet.


We have included this portion of an earlier grant to yet another region by the European Union. Mr. Ambassador please reexamine paragraphs 7 down to the bottom.




What you are offering them all instead, Mr. Ambassador, is a pittance of P275 million “grant” for Mindanao Province which once activated brings even Mindanao Province under European Trade Control. Not too healthy a deal for the Philippines as a whole, we would say. But a great “perk” for UN-European trafficking its produce through ASEA and the South China Sea and West Philippine Ocean opening up the “water-works” to the highest bidder which would be quite an achievement in enlisting the entire world to “join” in the fight against this Asean neighbour’s strongest cousin China.


We know the United Nations is a front for many injuries against nations, and blackmail is one of them. Sharing the wealth is another injury as was seen of the highest levels of the UN as they divided up the Escrow Account of IRAQ. Remember this atrocity, Sir, when it hit the pigeon loops of the press and world media?


We do.


Another interesting aspect of this entire “rehabilitation” of the Philippines manufacturing and energy sector notwithstanding the “industrial” center which we know the European Union in tract is looking at largely in order to displace China and Japan, two cousin nations of ASEAN countenance, before China even gets its feet wet and off the ground, is that an undergirding will take place and by this we mean “under-contracting” of national resources of another’s house.


Let us ask you, Sir, Mr. Ambassador, would you be in the Philippines in any category if, for instance, the Philippines were a house with not one resource to hang your hats upon?


We heavily doubt it.


As for peace, if the European Union and NATO had ever wished for “peace” throughout the Middle East, for example, the tyranny upon those nation states also on behalf of Israel, the United States, the conglomerate of the UNITED NATIONS and other peak producers of all other nations resources, would never once have existed. Ahem.


Under the “talent” system all manufacturing, the energy grid, the industrial works would be in complete compliance with all universal principle of Green Energy, Nikola Tesla style as Russia has set up and the United States is trying to take down, for the principle generated by such widely-used technology upon other worlds or peace-loving planetary worlds is nothing less than an issuance by the higher minds and much more intelligent minds than most of those whose main benefit in offering industrial trade and manufacturing tarrifs to what they only think are the poorer nations of the world, are to fund the World Bank, the IMF, and the rest of the shortcomings of the Hellion troupe in large.


Let us ask you a question, please, Mr. Ambassador: Why should the Philippines as a nation with its own governance stoop to guaranteeing their nation and peoples will fall privy to such shortcomings as was placed upon themselves of the earlier hour?


After all, to take advantage of a nation when it is down is deliberate “manufacturing” of censorship and dictatorship of the worst advantage ONCE the tie has been made and the nation completely bought out through privatization of the whole.




Should then the European Union wish to engage of itself in the Philippine land of natural resources including the resources of the people, themselves, namely their talents, then the European Union would be most welcome “under” the paradisaical system of “talents” and non-monetary “purchase order” level for manufacturing and industry in which in both sectors only produce as much as is needed with no habitual waste manufactured and with no European gain in the world market stocks which benefit no one else save that of the rich and wealthy as they play their game upon the world chess board of infamous behavior, then Ambassador Jessen, the European Union will be most welcome in “True Peace.”


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds