071.  Pope Francis “The Good Man” And Why We Do Not Call Him “His Holiness”

Pope Francis “The Good Man” And Why We Do Not Call Him “His Holiness”




Greetings to all upon this Holiday Season. We honour each one of you as you should honour each other. We have waited and watched and listened to you, the people, both in individual as well as group countenance and have understood your concerns, so let us explain ourselves please.


For those who are new we are the representatives of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. These worlds each of you at one event in the far and distant past were brought from to this earthen plane we starmapped as Angorius. We will now proceed with our topic and waste no more of this written event, for more are waiting to engage in topics of another sort and we thank them for their patience. We will attend to their requests soon.





We understand many of you may be confused as to why we do not address our “good friend” Pope Francis “of Assisi” as “His Holiness.” Assisi as being the very same product in a reincarnational loop of the same and exact soul. In other words, Pope Francis also, as did Pope Francis Assisi, both changed their entire names to the one and exact same opposite which was Francis of Assisi. Both men are humble being of the same and exact soul, being of one soul and not two. Both men care immensely for all creatures of the universal principle – HUman as well as the animal kingdom; the fish in the sea, the fowl, the ocean-going liner that it does not harm of the whales, seals and dolphins so close to the shore and rudder. And every other creature under the sun and moon.


We have provided an ancient quote directly from the same soul and lips of the “good man” Pope Francis when he lived his life as Pope Francis of Assisi in the 13th century AD.


“If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men. If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”


As we grow in understanding of our universe from one incarnation to the next incarnation, so do we continue learning about our world, our galaxy, each other, and our universe. Sometimes it takes many incarnations before we understand what the Hellions have done in instigating their religious agenda of the One-Eyed G-D of which the “O” is missing in many text of religious theorems simply because the word GOLD was never to be spelled out. We have discussed this in our Mini-Series “Non-Fiction” “The Seeding.” Let us proceed.





Below have we again provided an example of what indeed transpires following the event of leaving the body or casing upon what the people erroneously call “death.” This is the true story of a Nun, Sister Clara P. Simpson, who wished for her story to be told. We had agreed upon assisting her in her passing into the light.


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We do not address the Pope as “His Holiness” for the title “good man” in this world is of much the greater achievement. Pope Francis is a “humble” man and not of the accolades of the lower ego of grandeur. Therein, to address such a “good man” as “His Holiness” would retract from his very personality of the greatest essence of humility of which he is so well known for.


The address therefore, “His Holiness” is of the greatest insult to such a man’s very soul.


Therein shall we not provide such a ludicrous insult upon such a man.





There has been concern by those who are “upset” at “one’s” official position within government ranks whom apparently insulted Pope Francis in his upset at having been “abused” by Catholic Officials in being tormented by one and facing the coverup by others.


The question then being: should the “abused” apologize to Pope Francis or should the abused of years ago not apology for his apparent insult of the “good man?” That is a viable question indeed which takes logic to unravel, it seems; so let us touch base with our reasoning and sensibilities shall we all?


In relation to the abused, the abused must ask himself if Pope Francis was the sitting Pope at the event of his abuse by a Catholic Officer, as we call them. If Pope Francis was not the sittin Pope at the event of the terrible and horrifying abuse, then shall Pope Francis be held responsible?


Was Pope Francis the abuser? If not, then shall Pope Francis be held responsible?


Remember, each man or woman must stand upon their own merits.


Now let us all reason together, and remember be careful you do not antagonize the situation by circumspecting around the actual case. This case, in this event is based upon responsibility, and Pope Francis we feel need be given an opportunity to SEE the whole situation in relation to his own responsibility of which he was nowhere around for the most horrendous event perpetrated upon the still traumatized man in question.


Be careful not to reach out for someone of which to place the blame for an act one did not commit nor was in the sitting over the one who did commit such atrocity, no matter his or her position at this event in our history.





If the Pope is the spiritual head of a peoples then the Pope must recognize, teach, and practice universal principle above all else.


Four o’clock in the morning the Catholic Church holds Mass during the season of Christmas. Mass is a mass raid on the peoples’ pocketbooks and time. Since when did any Christed One hold services of any kind and take the poor peoples’ money?

Does a rich man or wealthy institution need a poor man or woman’s money or last few alms?


“Come and give your alms and tithes to please the One-Eyed Go-d who will then take of your money and place in their vaults and haul off to the World Bank their proximity of gaming practice on the live Stock Market of the world!”scream the bats of the Belfry or should we say the BELLS OF THE CHURCHES.


While the people are ravished and go hungry, the poor languish on the streets, the Great Altars of the Churches of the world lust after what the people no longer have, their few alms, their few pesos, their megre tithings, in promise to the people of a free ticket through the very belief in the gruesome and inhumane practice of accepting a human sacrifice in order that they, the uninformed and duped people, the uneducated in the universal principle, may upon “death” (of which there is no death) enter into a heaven they know little about.


In a body the arm does not tourniquet the leg and so on. The body of the Church was never ordained by any christed enlightened HUman being. That was the design of the Hellions who broke through the rip in the fabric of space through an accident of scientists belonging to the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds.





They came. They invaded. They lied. They cheated. They set up bondage over the people through the implementation of their money system and added religious statues of lies and the people became their slaves. They took everything from the people and instituted large armies to baton down on the people who objected. They took away the original history from the people and gave them a new history and killed the people who spoke up and remembered that once this world was a paradise.


The design was to tourniquet the poor in order to keep them always subservient and ignorant of the ways of their forefathers and foremothers. The history of their being brought long ago from home worlds was hidden in the vaults of the Vatican and the vaults of other religious leanings. A new history was written and under the threat of persecution many were terrified to voice their objections.





Christ-Mass is not something any christed and enlightened man nor woman would ordain nor ask for. Your life-lessons, people, are your own. Your mistakes are your own. No responsibility will ever be allowed to be given to another to carry your own mistakes which you will benefit from as you learn not to repeat them over and over again from one season or incarnation to the next.


You must shed off the old ways of thinking and relearn the what you call the “new” for the “new” is not new at all but is your true history, “the Original.”


Good things do come to those who wait and those who wait will continue to learn and through learning both the positive as well as the negative lessons in life, will each of you, who chose to learn and not to follow deception which only guarantees your pocketbooks become emptier as you become spiritually barren, gain much wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and the brilliance to put it all into practice.


Only then will you reclaim your character in being a “humble” man, woman, or child, and then will you receive all that you have duly earned by the mere breath of being truly HUman which means simply you will have attained the true status of having regained the ethical and moral core center of your very soul.


Therein, during this holiday season, empty not your coffers into the coffers, vaults and bank of the Churches but embrace the good within one another and delight in the stars and planets from whence you once did come.


We are once again pleased to have assisted the each one of you and trust we have been of service.  Salu


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds