070. December 17 2015 Meeting President Barak Obama On Terrorism


December 17 2015 Meeting President Barak Obama On Terrorism


Racketeering, terrorism (Main Topic)


12/14/2015 3:56 pm


Mr. President Barak Obama, Sir, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Council. We greet you all. Mr. President we thank you for our inclusion into this most important meeting which you have called. As we all know there are many forms of terrorism, from gaming at the stock market to the racketeering of the middleman oil market, censoring it is called by name and employment indeed, as well as various other terrorist acts both wanted as well as unwanted.


By wanted we mean precisely to allude to the western and eastern European Bloc firefighting, and bombing of the Middle East by NATO, the European Bloc, as well as Israel, and led by the West.


On the other side of the coin is the unwanted which to us means the retraction of all weapons from the West and Great Britain or Great British Colonies of long ago and not so long ago, such as India who indeed feel a great and heightened pressure-point to perform whatever the United States demands of them at any time or event. Is this not so?

So any retraction of weapons to facilitate the side which the wanted bombing and firefight is saying they are actually fighting against such as ISIS or Hamas or Hezbollah, or Al-Qaeda, or any other persons, is a retraction of weapons by those groups or persons in order to produce a likeness of the same war in a yin yang fashion.


For unlike the protracted war of the wanted agreed upon by the States in many arenas, the unwanted war which is facilitated by the same to meet and guarantee the war of the wanted will never cease to become silent.


The reason these yin yang protraction/retraction wars will never become silent, gentlemen and ladies, is for the simplified fact that both wars are wanted by the same side and that side is the protracted wanted manifestation of pure and idolatrated evil upon the mass of the human race.


For as long as the evil exists in man wanting what his or her neighbor has been allotted by their forefathers and foremothers at the event of the seeding, the principle so highly sought after in all good and upright character of both man and woman will continue in being ignored.


And what exactly is that principle in your sojourns, ladies and gentlemen of this most prestigious Council, guaranteed to exist by the President caretaker of the United States of the continent of America?


It is this: Simply, ladies and gentlemen, do not covet.


The manifestation of coveting is greed, power broking upon the natural resources of another’s allotment, and pure selfishness of person.


When you take away another's freedom through the power of coveting you will find the day will come upon you where you will surely lose your own. Salu


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Words