069. President Aquino Thank You, Sir, For The Chair - Gains Vs Corruption ...






Mr. President, Sir, Aquino, it is our pleasure to meet with you upon these issues of which you have so carefully outlined in the most distinct and reasonable outlay in light of the unruly and unethical system of economics which keep both governments and the good people in such restive bondage.


Mr. President, it is not only the money system which tie good men and womens’ hands but the collaboration of the present economic system. With a headstrong will of the banking conglomerate themselves good people are thrown together in haphazard government replicas of the governing conscience of those upon the majority, if not all, Hellion worlds. This only serves the distinct pleasure of failure in one way or another which their instituted religions of diverse strategy, for instance being the other money and war-fodder gatherers, pick up along the way to heal the people with the Hellions’ healing tool, the peoples own money.


With this short preamble, we shall begin at your pleasure, Sir, and divide this short dialogue into three sections, President Aquino, Sir, for the three work hand in hand.





Democracy such as you have is set up primarily not to work. The reason democracy does not work is due to fragmentation. Each person has their own agenda and unless a leader is able to carry through their plan for the nation, that leader - no matter who they are - will never succeed because that leader is only “allowed” by “Democratic Law” to sit four years of two terms each. Sometimes there are small alterations in the scope of how long each term may last, but guaranteed, the terms will never be long enough for a good and principled and knowledgeable man or woman to complete their plan or agenda for the “good” of the nation and its people.


Laws should not be set in stone and should not be applicable unless they are of quality use. And the principle of majority ruling in the case of a fragmented autocracy like democracy consists of nothing more than putting an end to a man or woman’s good work just as it is getting off the ground.


The reason we call Democracy “Autocracy” is because it was instituted by the oneness of mind behind the scenes. These same ones who play the money tyranny upon the people. They are the ones who guarantee that no enlightened individual will ever succeed through majority vote of parliament nor allotment of term of office to “interfere” with either their banking system nor their vote against the principle and application of religious interference of which the majority of wars voted in section parliament, section being as Congress or Senate for example, will be also based upon religious leanings or religious indoctrination; both constitute emotional censorship of parliament and tainted votes are usually the outcome of which are not based on principle nor logic but just plain emotion.


Finally, a true leader must not only espouse a working agenda but must espouse an agenda in every category which benefits not only the majority of the people with a few crumbs left of the Congressional table of leeches but also the agenda must provide that corporate banking and religious interests are of no concern next to the people’s needs. These needs are of the utmost concern and paramount in being dealt with by the leader and the parliamentary agenda.


In economics of any kind on which foundation a nation is run, the fundamental universal principle must always ensure that the house of a nation becomes a home for each dweller within, beginning from the lowest levels of society and reaching to the highest levels of society in attaining for the people their every need, none being left out of any basic need nor any good thing.





Everyone in the national house has to be happy and meet their fulfillment, otherwise they do not have a true home in every sense of the word. Before a leader can even attend to the greater home which are the surrounding community of nations where each race was planted along with their cousin races, the national home must be economically secure and safety a key, for the well being of each person within the home must be guaranteed.


But to do this a leader must have cooperation from each member of his or her council and he or she will be guaranteed that cooperation providing that economic viability and safety of persons in that national home operate through universal principles.


When a leader through economic wisdom rendered apart from the money system thrown at them by the banker who demands duty payment for everything without the banker raising a hand to the effort, can guarantee that his or her population is able to work by contributing to the talent system of his or her own efforts of which we will cover at a later event, then that leader is guaranteed security of his or her own person; for what person -what citizen of a national “home” - will not protect that leader and that parliament from harm when that leader and that parliament do much more than credit even one citizen with any form of poverty and indignity?





The answer to this is quite simple and foolproof, President Aquino, Sir. The Key here is viability. Yet viability being the Key is not quite enough. A leader must “ENSURE” that the nation be kept happy. Where there is contentment among the people and equality in resources there will never be unrest.


Where a leader and his or her parliament feel they need to build more courts, hire more policemen and security agents, where a leader and his or her government feel they need to build more jails in order to lock up offenders, this only demonstrates to the citizenry at large that that leader and that leader’s government has not done the work they were elected to do. And what was that work they were elected to provide? They did not provide a home for each and every citizen.


A home is a secure place to live. Where any citizen of that home is unhappy with their lot, such as being retired from actively participating in dignity offering up their talents toward the whole or society around themselves by the age of 35, for example, then the retroactive compliance of the banker will step back in and throw the destructive national debt back on their shoulders, the shoulders of those even who have no wherewith any longer to pay for their next meal. The banker then has it on his own table.


When one citizen falls between the cracks of economic security, Mr. President, the national home link is broken, and when the link is broken the banker’s evil will step back in. When that happens the national home will turn back into a national house where none will be safe from economic seizure and the house will once again fall.*


In the complete absence of the present Capitalist economic system there will be no corruption from that front as well. Where the talent system of economics is seen to replace the Capitalist system of economics the temptation to “get ahead” falls completely short and flat on its face.


Each nation is running debt into three times its value when building even a library or museum on a piece of land.


We have the blueprint. Learn to deal with one another nationally as well as with those Asean cousin nations around you without “gaining” through the Capitalistic system and your crime will also wain away.





It is important not to place a tourniquet around any part of the body of the national home. For if you do, dissension and terror of many kinds will raise their ugly head. One form of terror brought about will be the “action” of poverty upon the people. Poverty “will ensure” the banker with his conglomerate will be looked to once again and further bondage of more debt and usury will also raise its ugly head and tentacles will reach out into every household, into every child’s future breadbasket, and the national home will no longer be even a safe house for any citizen nor leader nor government official.


It is vital that those who have been “ensured” a place of their own are also dealt with as a province within the whole or a room within “a home.” Should this not happen then unrest will continue and men and women looking for an alternative source of income shall fall into crime and search outside of their room for a comfort zone and grab onto anything or anybody who will be seen to provide that avenue.


A tourniquet is to stop the blood flow but if the joy within a national home is tourniquet off even one room or finger of the whole or body being the home then joy will cease and the home will eventually die.


Take away the need for crime and crime will, like poverty, no longer exist.

One must always prevent the root cause of why crime exists and deal with that root cause on a level of wisdom for if one does not do that then the cause will turn into and effect and the hamster on the wheel will never stop.


We do have the safeguard against all crime and what we have given you thus far is but a token help-meet for your consideration.


Thank you, Mr. President, and we trust we have been of assistance to you and your Government.  Salu


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds