068. President Aquino and his climate control “historical” address of three minutes




Mr. President, Sir, and Pope Francis, our “good man” we greet you both this day. Sirs, we of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds have been most impressed in the dialogue of the last few days and a-half.


It has more than occurred to us that the nations most affected by climate change are the nations whereby more gas and oil reserves “are known.” Specifically in the ASEAN region, South Africa “Straits” and of course, the offshore continuity of the Japanese Seabed.


HAARP terrorism existed, of course, at one time, but no longer protecting those regions for itself. Along with the “deactivation” of HAARP the weather vastly improved. In fact, the weather very much improved and no more people were swept off their lands for the prospect of others protecting and acquiring black gold.


The Starship Commanders do not like unfairness and bullies and bad weather patterns sweeping people off their lands.


That is not a principle by which the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds live by nor condone.


We are pleased that all nations are coming together in unity by the invitation of the Philippino President Benigno Aquino.


We are also pleased that the “good man” Pope Francis, whom we were delighted to learn was awarded “Man of the Year” by PETA one of the strongest and most courageous Animal Rights Groups in this World.


Congratulations, our “good friend!” For he who upholds the rights of each and every sentient being no matter the form or level of intelligence each creature holds is a man who knows that no price can be put upon any soul. We salute you, Sir, and at the same time we salute President Aquino for his most Just Summation on the basis of equality throughout the regions of the ASEAN nation states.


Gentlemen, thank you both.


Now, another thought occurred to us all, and within the Federation the first colonies would not have thought to ever, by the instruction of the ones who first brought them to be seeded upon this world, we star mapped as Angorius, considered such an idea, but now, entirely due to the Hellion monetary system, perchance this might just be something, Sirs, we might all take into consideration.


Here we are speaking about “quantitative easing.” Quantitative easing as you know is the enactment of orchestrating a bank of large credit or funds into circulation in order to “ease” the burden placed upon governments and their peoples. This keeps the economy flowing and is a method whereby the bankers keep their war machine lucrative. If these funds were ever pumped into circulation without the pretense they need paid back, the stress upon governments and their people would be immediately eradicated.


These days, a mere keyboard and a stroke of a pen or a pressing of a few keys, to write into existence credit (also called credit creation) could be “ease” ily attributed to the posturing of Climate control in rebuilding all which HAARP, for instance, has taken down.


As the World Bank refuses to issue such leniency should not the kind church perform such a merciful act? After all, the Vatican is laden with wealth in their Bank which sits apart from all the five miles of underground libraries and vaults.


Just as simple as applying one brushstroke on the canvas of life.


But what a difference it would make to the lives of the multitude.


Unless, the World Bank would forbid it?


The World Bank is out for itself, but is not the Catholic Church supposed to be “designed” to assist the people? And why just a paltry giving from the Church when everything the bad climate has taken from the people who have for so long given their last alms to, have lost all?


The people have invested in the Bank of the Vatican and now it is the event, “without being taxed,” as usury of any form is against universal principle and the well being of the people, themselves, for the all the money to be “happily” released back to those not only most in need, but to all those who have “banked” with the Vatican for years.


Pope Francis has asked President Aquino to consider his written works in contribution toward “dialogue” toward meeting this end in assistance of the Philippino peoples, for instance.


Words without deeds, Sir, which are commutable in their overall effect are of little use to the people in feeding their physical bodies, providing them with health care, the proper education and housing, not withstanding that every soul needs the means to make oneself and their family secure and happy.


The Vatican Bank is “happy” at receiving funds from the people. Let the people now be “happy” in receiving them back. Blessing, Sir, do not need paid for and neither does the road to “heaven.”


We have appreciated, Gentlemen, your temperance toward that of the disastrous plight of the nations, and consider you both, Sirs, guiding lights toward “rectifying” the Church’s “taking” from the people into “giving” tenfold or more back into the coffers of the people now that they are in need.


“Before people can contribute they need a job.”


“Yes, but under the global system a job for the needy is just not possible.”


Gentlemen, while that is true, the offing is not in the wind. We have outlined the solution in a skeletal mode and the Federation is just waiting for the participation of each world leader and their people.


To All Participants of the 20 most vulnerable nation states do we hearby include in our final statements:


Ladies and Gentlemen, With the Original system, though barely outlined, you will eradicate not only all emissions, deforestation by clear cutting, the ending of the poisoning of the atmosphere, food and waters, the misplacement of the peoples, but global warming and global cooling could be controlled. Gentlemen and ladies, you do not have anywhere near 2050 to see this done. We are sorry.


Under the Original system you were brought to this earth with, no one would need to enact credit creation, nor would the misery of working conditions continue. You would have enough food for a growing world population and this would only be the beginning of the end of all woes.


Your crime rate in white collar and blue collar crime will vanish and the start once again of a world without chaos will begin and we are here to assist with others.


All you have to do is ask. Is that so difficult?  Salu


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds