067. Mr. President, we would be pleased to attend the meeting of December 17th





Mr. President Barak Obama, thank you, Sir, for extending your invitation over to our table. In case this meeting turns out to be a free-for-all in invasion techniques in order to counter the extremist groups in their oil and gas charades, and who exactly is doing it, the main strategy here, we feel, for your consideration, Mr. President, should be a strategy to end all wars, and it can be done with the correct willing participants.


In the issue of finance as presented above, we would like to suggest, tolerance as well as rational thinking and fairness. The Chinese finance Minister has his very “small” glass with water full, but the French “Minister of Defence” (finance Minister) has a very large glass which is also filled with water since Great Britain has been coerced into this invasion and occupation of now, Syria, which is unfairly driving the peoples from their lands.


The French finance Minister’s glass however is filled to the brim also, Mr. President, with ice.


Madame Chancellor, Angela Merkel, the point in question in our observation of your asking the European nations for 3 billion in Euros to give carelessly to the Turkish government for the caring of the Syrian immigrants is simply not feasible.


The plan is not feasible for two reasons: the first being, simply because should one wish to assist the Turkish government with care-taking the Syrian immigrants then perhaps the Turkish government should take the first step and stop supporting the invaders of the immigrants’ Syrian house, the United States? or their “silent partner” of whose cause it truly is.


In other words, Madame Chancellor, if the United States, being one example, were to take away the reason for the Syrian people to leave their house in the first place, they would stop their invasion of Syria.


But the “silent partner” of the divided government of the United States of America needs a strong diversion if they are going to pull off this latest atrocity within their agenda to monopolize the natural resources of the global community. This is their last desperation, so to speak. But as the guns fire and the bombs continue to drop, the wheel will continue in one vicious circle. That circle must be broken and the Original ONENESS must once again develop and “not One need be left out.”


Forgiveness is a Key we need to use. Justice in all good fairness and conscience will be handled by the Intergalactic Akashic Councils before new incarnations are awarded, after physical death, to each and every HUman being upon this earthen plane we star-mapped as being of the namesake of “Angorius.”


Mr. President Aquino, Sir, we must forgive everybody everything and start anew with the Original System of economics in using the “Talent” system whereby the two blueprints will not be given for exploiters to abuse, but will be given at the event of the cooperation of all nation states world-wide who will by action put down their weapons and we will go from there. We understand all too well deception can occur in any event so there be one more criteria in addition.


In picking up where we left off, Madame Chancellor, we strongly “suspect” that the German government is being “threatened and coerced” to go outside of its borders and would wish instead to do a little fund-raising in place of breaking the Germanic Constitution which does not allow the nation, government, nor peoples of the nation of Germany to “ever” leave its own borders for the purpose of attack and surveillance of that of another nation. Are we correct? We think mayhaps we are, Madame Chancellor.


The second reason been is that the European nations having being flooded themselves with immigrants, can scarcely feed them all, never mind instituting even a million Euros to share with a nation supporting the invasion of Syria. But Turkey did not start this travesty either.


Turkey wishes to be seen as European. Turkey will never be seen as European by the heads of the European nations. Turkey will always be seen as “tainted.” They have fulfilled all requirements, yet full membership is denied.


Yet, most of what has been set up for the European Union of nation states has been coordinated and accomplished by Turkey.


So whose true “cause” is this latest invasion, Syria? Who is the main player who will benefit the most? Not the nations who are being flooded with immigrants. Not the immigrants themselves.


Are only the United States, and Turkey producing the immigrant flood into Europe? Has anyone noticed a very important but “silent” player in all of this?


The easiest way to escalate an unpopular agenda is to bring unwilling participants to their table through inciting violence in the nations least willing, as they did in France, and long ago in Great Britain as the British government firmly remembers. Bad things happen to those nations and their governments and peoples of the nations who do not care to join the cause of overthrowing the Syrian government.


This is the latest, but the strategy and the main players are the same.


And Madame Chancellor, that is just not nice, you must admit, and is no less than a travesty and one more step toward one of the greatest fragmented global wars this world has ever been witnessed to.


All arms must be laid aside not just for the sake of peace but for the sake of extinction of the HUman races being the eventual outcome if not done so.


Mr. President, Barak Obama, Sir. There is a far better way. Let us all please attend to it.  Salu


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds