066. The World Bank Will Continue In Running ASEAN Nation States Into The Ground UNLESS ASEAN NATIONS Are Much More Clever







President Aquino, Sir, Leaders, and Our Brothers and Sisters of the ASEAN States,


We Salute You and wish you all a long and prosperous life. Please be of good standing and lend us your ear.


Mr. President, allow China to rise to the top of the NY Stock Exchange by dropping the money system in trade. The currency of the ASEAN World cannot drop IF there is no exchange rate. There is no exchange rate IF the trade with one another does NOT use “tender.”


In this way each nation can absorb without “tender” the duties and taxes on all small business trade in order that small business does not need to rise to compete in the trade market, but rather small business can be one small part of the whole. In this way nobody loses.


If the Philippines, for example, continues with its foreign investors, the foreign investors will not make the Philippine nation wealthy, but rather the foreign investors will be the ones recouping all the tender which they will then reroute into other nations and invest it there.


As the Philippine housing market continues to target and accommodate the rich and wealthy foreigners, so will the Philippino people be continually pushed back out of land and house and home.


Through foreign investment the Philippino people will eventually own nothing, not even the shirts on their back.


You have all noticed, Mr. President, how costs have escalated even for the poorest of the land. Tick-Tock Marketing will never work, Sir, because in the end, not one member of parliament in any ASEAN nation state will need to worry about paying back foreign investors to recoup the land for they will own it all and making such a healthy profit, the each one of them, they will not sell back.


And the people you serve, Sir, will lose it all. All of it. Every square inch of land and everything which goes with it.


The ASEAN nation states will no longer need to concern themselves with what they think each one owns because there are two ways to take down a country and its people: one is by invasion and occupation and war fronts - the other though manipulation of finances which means putting nation states in a situation of which they believe the only way out is through foreign investment. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Foreign investment is not the way out, Sir. Foreign investment is the quickest way to lose and sink eventually your entire nation.


When this planet was first seeded and the diverse Asean races were brought to this earth, they settled in colonies near one another. They were to learn, as other races were to learn, how to intermingle and trade with one another not utilizing tender but what we call talents. First, the Asean races which only differed in their DNA slightly, were to work together as the ONE that they are BEFORE inviting other races into their colonies to learn their ways, which were at that time the higher ways. Then the true free trade (without anyone picking up the costs such as the people will do under the new free trade world bank agreement) would commence.


The World Bank has from the beginning set the standard. Change the standard of trade among one another AND “after” you learn to freely trade up and down the Silk Corridor, each ASEAN nation among yourselves, you will begin to take back your prosperity, for your prosperity right now is tied up in the vaults of the World Bank.

Mr, President, Sir, never mind your history as a catapult for what you are engaged in as nation states now, for each and every ASEAN nation state began with the ORIGINAL History of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds, and the history each nation state and countries around the world is trying to protect is a new history manufactured, manipulated and calculated by the Hellions with their World Bank and religious backing conglomerates.


If one leader does not begin to change that status quo soon the entire ASEAN world will be in a war they did not expect.


If the ASEAN nation states take away the reason for the United States and its allies to protect the West Philippino-South China Sea, then you just might be the one, Sir, to avert a war.


But if the ASEAN nation states, Sir, hang on to their latter history as manifested by the Hellions upon the Asean races, then, Sir, no peace will ever come.


Please remember that the Americans are over here with few troops, few planes, few everything, and what they have is nothing of any consequence to contributing much to your perceived security of the nation.


BUT they do have EXPERIMENTAL WEAPONS in the Philippines, and they love trying them out. Do not allow this tandem to go that far, Mr. President, for if it does there will be no nations left but China.


“Insist,” Sir, upon claiming China as your security and allow China that responsibility. China will protect ASEA and ASEA Minor. In return relax, all you smaller or weaker ASEAN nation states, and offer up to China all it needs in oil and gas to protect the Whole. In return China will never strip you, the smaller or weaker ASEAN nations, bare, but will protect you, protect the Silk Corridor, and your nations will blossom like the wonderful tree of the Orient.


This is not an old method as some of you have thought. This is your Original heritage slightly modified which is so advanced into the future that most of you have missed it - miss calculated - have missed your earlier opportunity.


Perhaps other nations globally will follow suit, and we can avert another horrible war which as the good man Pope Sir Francis has spoken, these horrendous wars will be piecemeal but terrible in their overall outcome.


If the West will not listen then ASEA MUST, for as nations after nations group together in the same practicality so then will the forest not be seen for the trees in its midst and the forest will no longer be subject to brutality and be cut down.


I understand, Sir, Mr. President Aquino, that you would much prefer I did not bold any text, but taking into consideration the other readers, Sir, I took the liberty to place a just little bit of highlighting here and there.


Thank you, Mr. President, Leaders, and Brothers and Sisters of the ASEAN PACT for your immediate attention.



- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez, a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds