065. Round Table of Talks With President Vladimir Putin, President Francois Hollande, and Madame Chancellor Angela Merkel (Part 3)


President Vladimir Putin, President Francois Hollande, and Madame Chancellor Angela Merkel, welcome to Part 3 of our Round Table talks. This Third Part is in conclusion as to suggestions made by the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds to your Trust and the Trust of all National Leaders. We take you all rested well.


Please let us begin.


Mr. President, one cannot grow within a system which stifles all reason. A system where each national potential is gauged by how far a man or woman in leadership will venture with the Hellions of the day. That is a world tyranny in itself, Sir.


What we intend upon showing today for your review, Mr. President, as you are the only one who remained to listen, due to the Summit on Climate Control, is the base equivalent as to why we encourage, for this will also be reflective upon other regions of the world, such as Russia and the Satellite states, the European Union and Great Britain, as well as South America, North America, the ASEAN nation states in the South China – West Philippine Sea concern to work upon a guarantor system where they would see each other differently and eclipse the potential for war either in the homeland of Islands or with the nation states around themselves including China who we trust would consider the guarantor system a viable way to peace and equalization with the smaller nation states, brother and sister ASEANS, lacking for no-thing at any time.


The Leaders’ eyes are looking outward instead of inward. When they look outward they see the physical, and they envision a terrible future ahead of them, and they believe they are not strong enough militarily, for they envision a potential war with China. They envision their history of a repetition of invasion and occupation as in the past but this need not happen because there is a way out for them all.


But it will take men and women of reason on all sides including that of the guarantor, to turn around the deck and initiate no more war talk on who owns what land or what waters because none of them own anything. This planet is owned by the Federation of Unified and Free Planets and no one else. Every single person which was brought to this planet long but not so long ago is but a visitor and visitors do not own any part of the house nor home.


If the leaders would look “inward” they would be able to autonomize their region in a very different and exclusive way, a manner in which would befit them all as one link in a larger body of islands and mainland regions;


if they could only see themselves working in cooperation as a ONE BODY equal in design

and the autonomous regions with their own natural wealth would be given their own responsibilities


and in doing so would avert crime coming from their own autonomous regions, for the nature of criminality is one which centers around “gain”


and when the reason for their wanting to “gain” money, is removed, then the crime also has no further need to exert itself.


For example, Sir, Mr. President, if the nature of monetary gain were removed in all of its traumatic acquisitions and methods of “gaining” for the Giant Vaults of the Jewry, the “action makers” who are not a race of people at all, then of what purpose would lie any more wars?


No more money would be gained through the practice of the war-making industry in weapondry nor viruses, nor chemicals such as White Phosphorous,


and no more money would be gained in the action of pirating other lands, seas, and waters, the latter of which lies sheltered in Syria, for instance.


For likened to who controls the money system of the financiers, Mr. President, Sir, those who control the water come next in line toward who does, in fact, control the people and their wellbeing. Those who control the monetary and religious systems which are acts of war against the people of each nation, in themselves, are no more powerful than those who control the water we drink and cleanse ourselves in. And why is this, Sir? Strictly because we can live without monetary means to a point, a small point, but we cannot live, Sir, without water. Our bodies are made up of 98 percent water. And water is our main source of life.


So the principle of what we are stressing is this: If each and every region operates in the beginning with a guarantor, the guarantor being the main or largest region or nation state such as Russia being a guarantor of the Satellite states, China being a guarantor of the ASEAN region and smaller states, and so on, then by “honour” and upon a no-gain system which will eliminate all criminality, the smaller regions keep their houses clean as does the guarantor by eliminating the source of all criminality and that is to stop working with the money system, and go back to working under the talent system which also eliminates all need for stock markets, gambling houses such as network regions, and so on, and the reason for wars which is solely monetary gain for each house, for each sector, for each region, for the WORLD BANK would collapse.


The peoples would be set on an equalized ground with the rich and wealthy and the poverty in the land would be no more. What is the use, Mr. President, of large cathedrals and expensive glass towers, Giant Vaults, and huge palaces hording all the precious items, the gold, silver, gems, bonds, bank notes, when the people suffer, when the people of the nations are put under tremendous stress and who are made “responsible” for laboring for the Jewry “the action makers” as slaves to bring in the money for the already filthy rich who own the corporations, the industries, the banks, Sir, and the religions?


You, yourself, Sir, work upon Mr. Tesla’s inventions of free energy for the people. This would be an excellent method of servicing the Satellite states as well, under the loving and tender arm of Russia, the guarantor. A guarantor, Sir, as you know, is someone who “guarantees” that those under its care will never go hungry nor unclothed, nor unhoused, nor lack for medicine nor healthcare which does not need to work upon a monetary system, Mr. President.


In this way the nations need never again feel insecure, nor hated, nor unwanted, and space travel once this world is fully operating upon the non-violent conduct of a non-aggressive system will be then allowed, one day in the future, by the consensus of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds, to travel and meet their brothers and sisters, and other relatives of other worlds near and far.


We have scarcely touched upon these issues and there are variations of the blueprints as there are variations of nations and their early considerations when they were but one people cooperating within the Federation’s paradisiacal system.


We have two blueprints from two diverse planetary worlds which we put together a variation in order to be of good assistance to a world in tribulation such as this one, and so many, Sir, just do not want to give up the good life to help others to enjoy theirs.


But here, they are not wise in the least, because, Sir, President Putin, our friend, we cannot seem to make them understand that when you make life that much more equalized for others so do you gain much in return and that gain is peace instead of war, for poverty breeds war and though the people will not all enjoy great houses, for they must with their talents work for their wish, yet not one will need to eat only potatoes and rice or consume living creatures of the land, sea, and skies, while enriching the religion-action makers’ Vaults and the banking-action makers’ Vaults and their blood-lust of fruitless and endless wars toward their own eventual destruction, forever using the people of every nation for their latest Blood Sacrifice.


Thank you, Mr. President Vladimir Putin, Sir, for your ear of attentiveness and we only hope that this time the world will listen while they are able and that the Leaders of nations will stop, sit, and look at their potential of working and cooperating together without the harassing monetary systems and religious dogma on only achieving paradisiacal status in all living expenditures “after” one is “presumed dead” for nothing could be further from the truth.


They are already living in their next paradise, the paradise they built for themselves, and their families, and their nations; a paradise which they built last time they were on this earth.


Want for your brothers and sisters throughout the world what you want for yourselves for if you want to gain all things for yourselves only, you will have left your neighbor with nothing.


As we take our leave of you, Mr. President, this day, we thank you for your concern for the peoples under your care and of the land.   Salu


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds