063. Round Table of Talks With President Vladimir Putin, President Francois Hollande, and Madame Chancellor Angela Merkel (Part 2)

President Vladimir Putin, President Francois Hollande, and Madame Chancellor Angela Merkel, welcome to Part 2 of our Round Table talks with the Third Part in conclusion as to suggestions made by the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds. Those will be presented to each one of you on our morrow. Please let us begin.


We cannot stress enough that the way forward is for each national leader of this planet to solidly drop the money system out of their itinerary for doing business with one another. Why is this: Because the money system is a liability for your nations, and your peoples’ well-being. It is the money system itself which divide the people. It is the money system itself which divides the rich from the poor. It is the tremendous greed perpetrated by the money system, our friends, which line each one of the good leaders in the sights of the Jewry for target assassination.


President Lincoln, President Kennedy, President Saddam Hussein, Colonel Qadaffi, and Chancellor Adolf Hitler, to mention only a few who decided to privatize their national banks in order to allot more economic freedom for their people became the target of the Hellions and their determination to control their monetary type system using religions as fanatical backdrops.


Whether you personally like or agree with these gentlemen or not is irrelevant to us, for we are merely recording history as it did occur before it hit the history books put forth by the action makers, the Jewry who invaded and occupied this world, Angorius, through a switch in the overall program of their own.


You have to learn “equalization” of all resources be it natural, HUman, or otherwise. Gentlemen and Madame Chancellor, “equalization” is a tool whereby natural resources and peoples’ talents are “measured” by degree and with this measurement by “degree” will each leader, each man, woman, and child give of their talents which they have earned and acquired through countless lifestreams in trade for the birthing of a system which is as old as the Federation itself. This, we will explain in Part 3. Please bear with us.


As we continue our dialogue we are separating the wheat from the chaff. The wheat are the leaders, the peoples, their good intent toward reclaiming the system which they first began at the initial seeding and inception of this world.


We also see on the world stage who is thrusting their energies toward war and throwing their weight behind those whose full intents in setting off such unwarranted tragedy in Paris, was also for the sole intent in dragging France, the UK, and Germany, three unwilling participants into the fray. When the people do not want to join an invasion, then listen. If the people are wrong then explain, but when you do make sure you yourselves understand more than the news shouts out, for the Hellions engage themselves in many diverse itinerary and much of it is against two of you here today.


Chancellor Angela Merkel, the wolves are at your door. The Kennedy assassination ploy naming Lee Oswald as the term player and Jack Ruby as the interim player is gaining credence once again, but this time in your own country. The Jewry are out to frame Germany in order that Germany is once again brought outside of its borders and once again manipulated to take the blame for a job that the Jewry preformed.


Now remember who the Jewry are. They are the ones who invaded this world. They are “not” the Hebrews, for the Jewry framed them as well cutting them off from the rest of the world by feeding them a religious philosophy and itinerary which made them less than favoured among the rest of the HUman races.


But Jew or Jewry is not a race. Jew and Jewry is an action “something done,” and that action has everything to do with the Jewry preserving their own status quo in the banking and religious system, which they themselves have set up for the disintegration of the nations, the nations’ people becoming their slaves, and thirdly to entice nations into their ill-conceived war effort against their latest targets, such as Syria.


But Madame Chancellor, we must warn you that at the same time the Jewry are targeting Syria pulling nation after nation into the utter chaos, they have their intents toward Germany as well and their intent is to take Germany down in one horrendous war from the inside out when pure chaos sees the peoples of the European nations and including Great Britain, leaving out Scotland, Ireland and Wales, for the gain and pleasing of the gentry, sidetracked and not watching as it happens.


After WWll Germany pledged never to leave her borders open for war again by going into other nations. That pledge was written into the Germanic Constitution. In other words, Madame Chancellor, as you well know, Germany never again wished to fight any nation even for provisional status of security to keep pre-invading nations outside of the German-Austria border. Switzerland is at odds but much better secured due to their way of protecting themselves, a method which Germany does not have at her disposal.


The turbulence, Chancellor Merkel, is one of a mob mentality which the Jewry, the action makers who are the real mercenaries of the world, is merely to divert the attention of the world while the Jewry and their ISIS continue their agenda to stop the Federated Starships from landing as they have promised to reclaim the seeds from further destruction of the souls, minds, and physical bodies; to clean the world, the atmosphere for a new beginning to occur.


Therein lies the Agenda of the Jewry, the “action makers” and this time all media are quieted; Hollywood is on the cusp of gaining less credibility as the warmongers of the Hellion race to the finish line have made them all fed up.


“The framing,” they say, “must begin.”


The people will be set for action against the enemies of the Jewry or banking powers, by the Jewry “action makers” and those who will not comply will soon see by the hand of the Black Pope and his accomplices in key positions throughout the nations travesties and bombings and terrible things happening by their latest own created “terrorists,” ISIS, of whom many are brought in from the School of the Americas or School of the Assassins, trained and cultivated directly out of the United States of America.


These assassins are utilized to fulfill the Jewry hidden agenda of framing the people and nations whom the Jewry hate the most for not giving over their land and resources without a fight, or joining their campaign of chaos throughout the lands at their mighty bidding.


If the men from the SOA make it through alive, they earn their freedom from prison in their own homelands. The ticket to their freedom, however in terms of incarnations is not well with them, and they too need to turn their souls away from being used as targets by the Jewry or “action makers” as well.


Who wishes to set their lifestreams back centuries and longer just to preserve the power and money base for another?


You are “killing” each other over a MONEY SYSTEM which does not even belong to you, the seeds of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds.


*“The Crimean incident was dealt with in a most criminal posturing activity. Do not let it happen again. – Admiral James Galiac. Adding their names to it are Admiral and Commander James Korthrox, and Admiral Jeremiah Higgins.”


If any of you think that the “terrorist” actions were precipitated by anyone other than white collar Jewry who are not a race but represent an “action” taken, then you ones are sorely mistaken.


They will take down any government or peoples who stand in the way of their economic progress, and they, the Jewry, the action makers from behind the wall of infinity would continue to be your nightmare for years to come.


Now, this next is what we would suggest you, the leaders and you, the people, do at this critical event in your lives.


Continued in Part 3.  Salu.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Markets for each planetary world based only upon the principles of honour, fairness, justice and universal reaction for all, karmically speaking. You do not think so? Just wait and see. Your next lifestreams will be your testament to your own greed or not.

*Portion scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez