062. Round Table of Talks With President Vladimir Putin, President Francois Hollande, and Madame Chancellor Angela Merkel (Part 1)

Madame Chancellor Merkel, President Putin, Sir, and President Hollande, Sir, we welcome the each one of you to our round table of non-dispute. We are pleased to be of value, we trust, helpmeet to you all.


Russian President Vladimir Putin, Sir; French President Francois Hollande, Sir, and Madam Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, we are pleased to work with each one of you. Perhaps we can put our heads together and come up with a most viable solution to each and every issue before it becomes a crisis.


Madame Chancellor, that which is happening to Germany and the German people and the immigrants is of a critical nature, we know, therein have we decided that the inclusion of your country in this dialogue is of a most necessary nature, and ask, Madame Chancellor, of your temperance in nature as we first deal with the issues at hand in regard to Russia and France. Thank you, Madame Chancellor.


Our talk will be direct and to the point as must the each of yours back to us. Diplomatic “beating around the bush” will only waste precious dialogue toward immediate solutions and it is of the most vital importance for us all to be on the same page. Please now let us proceed, Sirs and Madame Chancellor.


Upon the table is a long-standing issue which never seems to die, so to speak. That issue is the very point of reference toward a critical turning point in this entire fight with ISIS as brought in by major powers to disrupt, fragment, and destroy the natural events which take place commonly in nations, day to day.


In other words, Gentlemen, and Madame Chancellor, that issue before us this day concerns the President of Syria, Bashar Al-Assad.


Before Iraq was destroyed, before Syria went back onto the table to be the next “hit” item, there were first in both countries covert efforts by the CIA and Instagram ISIS, only under a different namesake.


Created by the long-arm of the Black Pope in Israel, the platform for a new or continued invasion leading to the theft of natural resources and a putdown and coups as funded by Israel and the United States of America toward the resistance of certain national leaders which were not terrorists but rather elected governments by the people, of the people, and for the people, was granted by the UN wherein certain officials had their hands in the Iraqi Escrow Account. It was all over money, again, and money and power is what leads these nations into a state of war.


Now we all know how elections are rigged, but in the case of what one would call “Dictatorships” in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world, most Dictatorships are in fact “inaugurations” and in the case of the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad who was training at the time in Britain to become of use to his people and other needy souls, in ophthalmology his presence at the table was quickly needed.


This young man was whirl pooled into the seat of his father whose term in office was permanent and secure as was the nation of Syria. President Hafez Al-Assad, statesman, was the strong-arm of pure modesty, and taught of his son, now President by his father’s own hand, Bashar Al-Assad, the credentials for being a successful ruler. Those credentials were: modesty, humility, temperance, as well as listening to your well-placed council of elders.


The young man, then in his thirties had absolutely no design of his own in becoming the High arch ruler of any country at any time or place, but as a good and obedient son, and son of the Syrian people and new ruler of the Syrian nation, the young man who only wished to become an ophthalmologist was thrown into one hell of a mess.


Surrounded by a council of his peers whom were mainly his uncles, other relatives, and very seasoned generals and other military personnel, this young man, President Bashar Al-Assad, was hounded and faced embarrassment as his council ripped into him time and time again as a courtesan ruler would do to a child upcoming in training as the ruler of a nation in about twelve years hence.


What an embarrassment for a new ruler of a nation with all media, television, radio, internet and world leaders focused upon his every move, even into his private council chambers with his cabinet which his father had left him with.


When the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds observed this travesty, I was the one to approach both Crown Prince Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz ibn Abdul Rahman Al-Sa’ud as well as President Saddam Hussein inquiring of both of them if they would take the new young President of Syria under their well-trained wings and guide and support him in his most important decisions. Both leaders rapidly agreed which saw the Crown Prince, His Excellency, immediately flying into Syria, and taking the young leader under his excellent guidance began instructing him as a son of his own.


President Saddam Hussein was unable at the time to leave his country as it was under foreign invasion and occupation, but the President was “elated” at the prospect of being asked and would do what he could when the sanctions were lifted. In the meantime oil and gas would be given in order to help the nation of Syria as well as take that burden from the young President’s shoulder. The young leaders were all too familiar with this fatherly trait of President Saddam Hussein as the King of Jordan, Abdullah Hussein will also attest.


Crown Prince Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman ibn Al-Sa’ud invited the President of Syria, Bashar Al-Assad to his house and made him his son. No heart was bigger than that of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. His peace was granted and a new life stream will be soon. Watch for him in turquoise and red dress.


President Basher Hafez Al-Assad had not been groomed for the presidency of his father because he had an elder brother of quick temperance who passed on from a car accident.

When King Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz ibn Abdul Rahman ibn Al-Sa’ud grew old with age and crossed over after paying me an almost elusive visit in soul out of the body to say a quick “good-bye,” and the President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein had been removed from his chair, that left President Bashar Al-Assad once again without fatherly council, but by this event the young President had grown into a strong leader and loved by many, and that did not suit Israel nor the United States one bit.


But there was another “good man” watching over the now somewhat seasoned young President, and that man was the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.


This wise and conscientious “good” man saw what was happening to Syria even before the rest of the world and most of its leadership had, and stepped in to help.

So, President Hollande, Sir, if any nation, leader, or peoples even think to encourage or convince this “good” man, President Putin, to his turning away from or backstabbing either the people of Syria or his *surrogate “son” President Bashar Al-Assad from his care, lifting his wing for the wolves and the bears of the Northwest Territories to rip with their fangs, apart, under his watchful eye, then think once again, for the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is a man “who keeps his word” and he gave his word to both leaders of two Arab nations, King Abdullah ibn Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman Al-Sa’ud and President Saddam Hussein, that he would step in their place if they were unable to continue, and this also for the security of the region, of the entire Arab and non-Arab world, and of Israel and its Hebrew “good” population as well.


How many of you, ladies and gentlemen have sons of your own?


Would you backstab them?


President Putin is a father and he is protecting his son.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez a representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Trade Unions and ours do not depend nor work on Capitalism, Sirs and Madames of the Council of quick minds and slow temperaments. Thank you.


* When a leader of a nation is the father of the nation then any sons’ of that nation will also be that leader’s son. A surrogate “son” means: when any son of the leader’s nation physically dies, another “surrogate” son may stand in his stead as the leader’s new son, and if the surrogate son comes from within another nation apart from that of the leader’s nation, it makes no difference because a man’s word is his honour, and nothing less. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez