060. RUSSIA VS TURKEY In Overflight? 11/27/2015




Gentlemen, Ladies, and other genuinely concerned souls of the latest dispute in the Middle East. Greetings and we wish you well.


This dialogue will be short and it will be to the point for the events have come and are now upon ye all to “know” that if you all continue with these latest charades upon one another then, of course, “all HELL-ion” warfare to the greatest extent will break out and there will, then, be no more turning back to the bargaining table whether that table be round, large, small, square, or rectangular.


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Reis-i Cumhur, it has been a while, Sir, since we last met, informally and formally, in the days of the Iraq invasion which has conceded to never end for as long as Iraq is a swamp with oil and petroleum products. Greetings to you indeed, Sir.


As not one is to be exempted from our round table of non-dispute, Sir, we welcome you as well, not leaving Abdullah Ocalan out, nor your “heady” as you call him, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in his severe wishes that his message to the PKK would be just as quickly observed: “Let’s forever bury in the ground the hatred, the cultural of hate, violence, guns,” which is the same message Abdullah Ocalan wishes for not only the Turkish Kurds but indeed for Iraqi Kurdish people enjoined for the betterment of Turkey and Iraq as brother States.


Why, Mr. President, Sir, is it that every time there is a message and a strong effort toward a viable solution toward peace and the laying down of arms, you, Sir, along with certain ones in your government always seem to be adverse to the recovery of good common sense?


Let us, Sir, then not twist what peace really is and desired for. One is either willing to include everyone at their table or they are not really interested in any accompanying intelligence except that of their own.


Why, for instance, would you, Sir, prefer to “dismiss the plan to establish peace monitors while arguing that Turkey’s spy agency should continue to lead talks with Mr. Ocalan, as it has so far in the process..” (slightly rephrased) (source: Wall Street Journal)


Sir, Mr. President, obstinance has always been found to be the quickest way to the injury of one’s own nation. Why is it you cannot see through the mist and fog toward working with one of the most powerful men in Turkish Kurd history?


A man such as Mr. Ocalan is no more of a rebel than the President of Turkey which is you, Sir.


But what you have in common with Mr. Ocalan, as your Prime Minister is all too aware of, yet watches his tone around you and the other “Politicians,” and not, unfortunately, “Statesmen,” lies in only one category, also unfortunately, Sir, and that is that you are both powerful men; one is loved by the people, the other is not.


The Russian President, Mr. Putin, Sir, is also a powerful leader, and like Mr. Ocalan, he is also loved by most, for his wisdom and contentious effort in stabilizing the quota for the underdog, so to speak, do not waver.


Learn, therefore, Mr. President, Sir, to also work with this man. You state, Sir, that the nation of Turkey fights ISIS. But so does Russia, and so do Mr. Ocalan’s PKK who run directly over the border into Iraq. So this being just a small example, President Erdoğan, Reis-i Cumhur, what on earth is the problem?


Therein, please learn to work together and stop putting barricades in the way of those around you, constantly selling your seat, Sir, to the highest bidder.


As your title signifies, be a man for the people. This includes ALL of the people and not only those whose agenda suit that of your own and that of the government of the United States, the European Union of something or another, and Israel.


Please do not make the same mistake again, President Erdoğan and tourniquet the arms held out to you to work in the One goal or statute of Peace-at-the-forefront, as you did when you tourniquet both the Tigress and Euphrates rivers and their waters from the very babes of Iraq in favour of Israel. Remember the camps on your west when the great military leaders from Israel, Great Britain, and the United States Head Command secretly hid themselves, placing you, Sir, and your government in somewhat of a precarious posturing?


Remember also, the great earthquake and the demise of each and every one of them, those foreign military, but you, Sir, survived? Little more need be said about this at this time or maybe any future time or event for when one survives what you have so far, Sir, there is usually a reason why. Look for that reason and become the leader you were meant to be.


When a plane flies, as you claim, in your airspace, for the airspace also belongs to the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds if the precept of “air” belongs to anyone, please see to “escort” the plane out. If a pilot ejects with his seat from his burning plane, treat him or her as a “friend” and treat your “friend” with respect and release him or her, for when the news of your “kindness” reaches far and wide, you will have gained an ally and lost an enemy.


Thank you, Mr. President Erdoğan for both your “time” as you call it, and your worthy expression of both surprise, but intrigue not, and this time let us work together as one fastener on a wall of good works and try “kindness” instead of your usual cautiousness and vindictiveness toward those whom you “just don’t like.”


In conclusion we would like to summarily address the “good man” President Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation.


Mr. President, Sir, please stop flying anywhere near Turkish airspace at this time. The future in peace among all nations is not here yet. Adieu.


Thank you, gentlemen and ladies, each and every one, and as a closing word, we of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds are here to “assist” each one and no one is excluded from our round table of non-dispute.  Salu


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez a Representative of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds