059. On The Heels Of Both The APEC And The ASEAN Summit – Word Of Further Explanation Mr. President Aquino, Sir, Councilmen and Councilwomen




On The Heels Of Both The APEC And The ASEAN Summit – Word Of Further Explanation


Mr. President Aquino, Sir, Councilmen and Councilwomen of the Philippine Nation Of Soft-Spoken People Do We Hereby Once Again Address Our Concern:

Sirs, and Madams,


If you continue in doing what you are doing and have long done with regard to inviting foreign enterprise into your nation insisting the money dictate your agenda, you will have done nothing more than applied the same and exact solution, which never worked for the people of the Philippines, in order to “fix” the same problem. Nothing is for free in the land of the Hellion money tree.


We are “trying” to save the Philippines and surrounding ASEAN nations from a sure blood war and if you, the government, choose the same old route, the same old technique of taking your troubles to the United Nations and other avenues run and operated by foreign enterprise, you will do no more than foster further aggravation resulting in more sides taken until the entire region will be swept away with hatred and war.


Therein have we presented a solution.


We have provided no threats. We have incited no threats, just a solution.




A solution you may take or leave at your own detriment.


When you, as a nation, as a government, accept foreign military and financial assistance either lent to you or “gifted” to you “freely,” (there is no such thing as “freely” in the world of global corporate enterprise) those foreign enterprises fully understand that the Philippines (and this stands for any nation) would never be able to pay back the loans. The result of this, then, would be, the Philippines went up for sale and not just rent to foreign and corporate enterprise, and you, the government and the peoples who elected you, will have sold out your own nation by your peoples’ and your own government’s standard of doing business with the world of corporate interests and industrial military composition.


In other words, our friends, our brothers and sisters, the people of the Philippines and like nations in the ASEAN region will one day pay with their lives in one horrendous bloodbath while in the same event, or at the “same time” as you say, handing over to their government their few pesos they earn weekly, daily and monthly in order for their government to begin payback to corporate powers such as the United States of America, for the rest of your lives, your childrens’ lives, your grandchildrens’ lives, your great-grandchildrens’ lives if you live that long upon this earth under your present day circumstances and events.


This is “not” a threat, our dear friends. This is a reality. And we are come only to helpmeet you, to assist each one of you on your way forward “WITHOUT” your breaking any more universal principles in favour of allowing the Hellion system of economics to drag each one of you into their corporate grave.


Do you know what “mortgage” means? “Mort” is the word for “death.” Mortgage means “your death or the death, in this case of a nation” When you, the government take “loans” or “bribe money” the money launderers which is the World Central Bank who runs its money laundering though every lesser bank in the world, which they cannot do if any bank of any nation is privatized. Are we making sense to you all now, our dear friends?


You claim to be a religious nation and follow after the words of the “good man” Pope Francis, yet he fought and continues to fight tooth and nail against the banking financiers. Why do you not listen to him now? Is it that it just does not suit your own agendas?


Which side of the road are you on?


But do not let us stop you with our solution, for after all as we have said, “it is completely your own decision.”


Right now, the Philippines and its surrounding nations in the ASEAN region lay unprotected, Ladies and Gentlemen, but the protection you have asked for, in the process of selling out your nation is already on the way to owning you all lock, stock and barrel.

And because this is true, the United States of America will fight China for your resources and their “right to the waterways” but they will not fight for the “right to the freedom of international waters in the Middle East” because Israel has them all sewn up anyway.

Just Syria to take and the job is complete.


We are not fomenting war here. We are suggesting a solution; a solution which can save your lives, for the solution you have picked, which never worked in the first place, Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Council, and important people of the Philippines, for there is not a one of you who is not important in the overall lay of events, will “guarantee” the each one of you, and as a nation composite, to lose more than you will ever gain in the short as well as long run.


You simply cannot put a price on the heads of the citizens of your own nation. The citizens of the Philippines are your most valuable “commodity,” to use suffrage which even money men and women understand.


Who do you think, will benefit from all those foreign complexes and resorts which have and are continuing to be built? The people of the Philippines? Or foreign enterprise workers, millionaires, multi-millionaires, and the occasional billionaire?


All these expensive and extensive resorts and enterprises do for the people of the Philippines is take the remainder of their land away, their resources, and their hope for their future.


In any house or home as the Philippines is to each one of us, for a house or home cannot be divided on the global sphere, each member of that house or home must learn to work together. If they do not work together nor listen to one another no matter who they are, then the body will cease to function properly and will work as a vehicle with one or two pistons missing.


The result will be no different than a virus or disease incubating within the bodily structure. It is not so much the virus or disease which must be exhumed, but in the case of a well-working body of nations, or a people within a body which is a nation, the perceived virus or disease must be dealt with on the basis of why it is there and what is the current as well as past reason for it being there.


With these few words which are more than 3 minutes in length, we leave you now to ponder upon our intent toward the Philippine nation, its hard working government, and its people.


President Aquino, thank you for your attention toward us in a reasonable manner of invitation toward our attendance of the Philippine interest and cooperation in the next meeting of Climate change, but we will not be in attendance.


With all graciousness and “pure” intent toward that of the Philippines and all ASEAN interests do we take of our leave at this time and place.



- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez a Representative of the High Council of the Federation of Unified and Free Collective Planetary Worlds, may Angorius once again be a part of us.