058. The Spratly Islands and the South China Sea ASEAN Summit Part 3

11/26/2015 Kuala Lumpur ASEAN SUMMIT


The Spratly Islands and the South China Sea

Part 3


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the third and final of our part in this Summit of the ASEAN. We appreciate our participation in being invited and trust we have been of a helpmeet to you all in these final days of your trouble amongst yourselves.


The procedure of war, our good man, Pope Francis, Sir, must unfortunately be addressed at any season, if in a concerted effort our alliance with our brothers and sisters of this world is to be not modified. No, we do not want that. And not curtailed. No, we do not want that either, but to be vanquished, completely.


Welcome to the meeting, Sir, of our brothers and our sisters at our generous round table of non-dispute.


Today, gentlemen and ladies, we offer up to you a short tribute to the each one of your good nature in not relaxing those agenda which must be of a seasoned nature in that they have been going on for millennia and yet the face of them has scarcely changed. But few, including many of yourselves, upon this world scene have seemingly recognized it.

So now what are we speaking of?


The liaison each of you have fallen into with those whom have come uninvited through the rip, a long event passed, in the very fabric or curtain of space.


The Hellions have brought with them an agenda which they live by upon their own worlds. This agenda have they set over this world in an effort to control you, the leaders, the upcoming leaders, as well as the people en mass.


This is an agenda of hatred, something each of you had to learn. It was a bad thing to learn, for this “emotion,” as you can see along with its methodology of keeping its gauge intact to the velocity of such “feelings,” became a stratagem and this stratagem or strategy is what they continue with today.


Unfortunately many world round have been so ingrained and brainwashed with the Hellion techniques that they have held them up as their own.


When you have two sides, and three, all applying the same stratagem at the same time in order to subvert the other to their command, you end up in a whirlpool of chaos which will never vanquish but will always go on in a never-ending tribute to the senselessness of the lower-developed human understanding of both him or herself and that of the other.


The overall occasion of coming together under one roof, so to speak, our dear friends, is only to gauge the competence of you, the leaders, in this the ASEAN Summit, past, and of your wisdom in applying in your immediate future, of which you have little left, the concerted “effort” to stop all war in your region in its tracks.


Only by decision, our friends, are you well able to do that. And we know you will.

Now, before we close off we must first present to you all a short rundown of Hellion maneuvers in THEIR age of war which has been activated by themselves since the very inception of their landing upon this once newly seeded earth, Angorius.


There are certain stratagems which you must all be aware of and we hope some, if not many of you, are.


The first of these is set to gain your trust. That is why religions were set up. The second reason religions were set up were to recruit “volunteers” for the wars of the banking establishments and conglomerates of corporate industries. Each of you already know this, we are sure.


Secondly, the Hellion expression of pure hatred toward the seeds of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds, the good people, were to lock them into a “banking” of their possessions in the Hellions’ care giving the good people “notes” on their deposit during the first range or initial stratagem of their Hellion agenda.


Thirdly, the Hellions gave to the people a measurement of “observation” which they called “time.” This stratagem was to further lock the people into the Hellion control of their activities in that the Hellion “time coordination” would “ensure” that the people in their activities such as “work for pay” could also be well controlled. The stratagem of employing “time” was another “control” feature and the first “tracking” device ever created. Let us now go on.


Fourthly come the range of stratagem of outright war through blood sacrifice based solely upon the Hellion principle of


a) control over the good people


b) population control of the good seeds or people and


c) a continuation of war manufacturing devices for monopolizing profit for themselves and those who wish to assist (and not those whom are forced to assist. There is a “slight” difference here, you understand).


Fifthly is the Hellion stratagem of shaping several sides to run at odds with one another, whether they be individuals of nations, leaders of nations in group sessions, or entire nations.


This act or stratagem is one of the “most relied upon” activities of the “underground,” shall we call it for lack of a better word, or “black marketing” of initiating confusion, chaos, fragmentation, and hatred beyond any man or woman’s control.”


With these extreme adverse “feelings” it takes little more for volunteers from the religious establishments to join against “the enemy” of whom were no enemies at all but were, rather, the seed children of the Federation of Unified and Free Planetary Worlds whom had gone astray by listening to the Hellions in the first place.


In other worlds, the “good” people had forgotten their heritage and concerted project of why they were even brought to this earthen world, which our star map calls Angorius, for all worlds have a name.


And because the good people forgot their love for one another and their equalness with one another, they became changelings whose main motivation and task were to be the new robots of the Hellion races to the finish of this world in “consecutive Order.”


We will now wrap this up with a few more insights into the devious stratagems of these Hellions, against you, the leaders and citizens of this world, Angorius.


In all things, look to see who is the benefactor, who profits, who gains and who benefits.

The Treaty of Versailles is a standing Treaty of Nonsense as it was broken more than once by the ones in question. The Treaty of Versailles is a standard treaty which has more often than not been the standard for every treaty (adjusted a little) which had a certain legal contract in it and this was to foment the adjectives within the treaty in words to fall within the limits of no return to the bargaining table not once nor twice nor thrice, but rather the Treaty of the Standard became the standard of all rationality thrown out the window when it came down to the fixation of any problem matter to be exhumed from the world ‘stage.’


As we have so stated before, Syria is sitting on a land with a valuable water resource; so valuable in fact, that to gain such a water resource would ensure Israel would gain full control over the northern regions down to the central regions of the entire Middle Eastern nations. Now this would not be an equitable help-meet to those nations, as we all know, and here we realize that in order to procure a defense shield status in such a location, it also benefits the United States of America as well.

Wishing to take over the waterways of Syria will not bring about any type of unity but rather would continue in fostering war and resentment.


When China is seen as “the protector” of its brother and sister surrounding ASEAN nations, China is not going to monopolize the entire region and take over all of its gas and oil reserves without FIRST ENSURING THAT THE SMALLER ASEAN STATES OR NATIONS’ NEEDS ARE WELL MET FIRST.


What China is doing in not taking all the resources of its surrounding nations for the purpose of CONTROLLING THEM. Israel and the United States should follow such wisdom of action, and such lead.


Israel, is laying low for good reason, but with ISIS full blown around places in the world, not all is as inactive as it might seem.




But the “wise” will, in this case, be proven to be anything “BUT.”


If everybody does not work together, everybody will end up with NOTHING!


The Hellions are the puppet masters and you are their playthings, their pawns on their stage.


You must all, worldwide, get off that stage.


Now you are all sitting in a very uncomely situation which those who have learned well from the Hellion stratagem have implemented upon the world scene. It is called “scene” because you are all merely players upon the stage of world politics. Politics, our friends, are not statesman nor stateswomen policies. They are Hellion stratagems.


The “same” method or stratagem is being employed here with your ISIS situation. You have gone through the fear and demonization of communism in the sixties of the 20th century. Slightly before that was a fear and demonization of socialism under the Hellion policy due to the German tie-off with the main central banking establishment otherwise known as the Hellion Central World Bank.


We have much to say on this, but later, for the event of this day grows short.


Whenever a diversion is needed because a situation is growing too hot, somewhere in the world there will be an act of “terrorism.”


When France and the European Union backed out of alliance with the United States of America, there needed to be an action taken which would infuriate and sicken the people of that nation and nations in order that unwittingly they would be drawn back into the “war on terror,” which of course, serves only to rid the world of Israel’s perceived enemies. Remember, the Hebrews and the Arabs are cousins, and under Turkish rule in what was then known as Palestine, both peoples lived peaceably together.


So before the Hellion agenda hit the Middle East in full force, the two, the Hebrews and the Arabs lived in peace.


Let that be well understood.


So what changed? Why the hatred? Why the wars? It was all because of the stratagem of the Hellions.


There is and has always been employed by the Hellions and their followers of unethical and immoral treatment of other races of peoples, SUBVERSION of peoples, individuals, and nations.


Subversion is one of the most effective tools in bringing down nations through undermining the people and leaderships of nations.


SUBVERSION, the deadly tool.


Whenever a stratagem resulting in complete chaos, for even chaos has levels or degrees, is failing, there will distinctly result an act of “terrorism” of degree somewhere else in the world.


The method used will be determined by which peoples, which religions, or which cultures the Hellions and their followers wish to demonize. They will set it up and instigate it and any followers of theirs are usually found in the school of the SOA taken from many nations’ federal penitentiaries, and when their faces are covered with a hood or a scarf one can scarcely tell they are not Arab people, Lebanese people, Palestinian people, Iranian people and so on, and most persons definitely are unable to tell which religion they are, for many, many brown-skinned people are of diverse religious teachings, so that will not do it either.


Do you see what we mean?


The method of execution by these “terrorists” is usually beheading. This is because the act of beheading is so adverse to the world population in the West and Europe due to their own back-Hellion history of churches beheading and burning at the stake, the “Initiates,” though they do not know that true history, that fury is temporarily incited, and yes, you are correct, our friends, the incitement is specifically directed toward war.


And when this incitement occurs the heads of people begin to roll in a direction where the mind no longer is able to determine rationalism and the people become a mob as they do in India. All determined. All planned. All stratagem.


ISIS is such a group set up by ISIS-A for such a purpose with many “back supporters” working behind the scenes in the fringe. Think of all the perks when this debut of the real pirates is over.


We leave you with a thought to further ponder.


Is the act of beheading worse than the act of bombing with sorties with blue and yellow tiny bombs which children pick up before detonation, or the white phosphorous dropped upon the unsuspecting peoples of nations burning them alive slowly where they stand? Is it worse that atomic bombs dropped upon Hiroshima halfway through the forties of your twentieth century to continue with the stratagem that Communism cannot be allowed to survive because it will invade the West and Europe?


Think about this.


Mr. President of the United States of America, we are pleased at your willing attendance and understand all too well the situation you are in, for when the chair was sold for Presidency, little did you understand the desire for statehood in all good acclaim was one which could not, under the Hellion dictate of nations, be claimed.


To the “good man,” Pope Francis, the war, Sir, will be won but not upon the basis of upholding any religion, for banking the monies of the peoples after initiating their trust in a “GO-D of religion-makers was the peoples’ downfall in the first place. Thank you for your attendance, Sir.


To the President of China, Mr. President, Sir, relax not your morals and ethics for to whom much is given much is expected and not so on the basis alone of “much to be received.” Thank you, Sir, also for your attendance as we thank all others upon this council today.


Mr. President of the Philippine Islands, thank you, summarily, Sir, for granting your attention in such fullness to that of our dialogue.


If there are any groups which are groups discontented, it is wise to address their concerns, for we see, Mr. President, you have neglected to invite them.


People are never discontented unless it is for the result they live in poverty and without respect given to their reason for being, as you would all say, “on the other or wrong end of the stick.”


Where there is unrest, there will also result chaos. And where there is chaos the chaos will evolve until the peace and the effort put into the rationality of becoming one again with each other on a much higher evolved personal and community basis will once again fall apart and you as a nation and a peoples will be rendered nil and void. Thank you, Mr. President, Aquino, Sir, for your ear.


Granted we speak. Granted you all listen. But we learn from each other every step of the way.


Learn quickly, our friends, for your “event” is almost upon you. Salu.


- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez a Representative of the Federation of Free Planetary worlds and the union of creation